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Mama Always Told Me Not To Look Into The Eyes of The Sun: Part 1


Observable natural astronomical phenomena like the rising and setting of the Sun or Moon show us we live on a globe and not on a flat disk world.

This is what an unfiltered eclipse would look like to the naked human eye.

This natural phenomena would seem to be inspiration for alchemical marriage. The Sun is allegorically considered male and the Moon metaphorically female in nature and power. The Eclipse is when the two become momentarily as one. Alchemical hermaphrodite-like marriage seems to me to be inspired by poetic description of the solar eclipse.

Don't tell anyone but I did look up at the eclipse with no eye protection, I did also use sunglasses and that seemed to work well. In any case, when one dares to look at the Sun, one needs to let one's eye adjust to the brightness and glare and when this happens one can make out the flat disk shape of the white circle that is the Sun. I would not suggest anyone do this. It is like being snow-blind and it takes a while for your eye to get back to normal. I also wouldn't recommend that anyone stare at it for long period of time, or at all, better safe than sorry. In fact I would say if you stare at it for too long there is good chance you will regret it. There is no reason to look at it anyway as the photographs found online, although filtered so the sky looks black, do otherwise accurately represent the phenomena. 

The Sun is a a white vibrating disk and the eclipse reveals a moving vesica pisces kind of shape. The above image is a photoshopped construct that emulates what one sees when they look up at a partial solar eclipse. Where I am we had some 70% coverage and the sky stayed blue, the shadows didn't seem to look odd and the temperature seemed the same. The Sun looks like a flat white disk and there is no Moon to be seen. There is just sky colored flat circle that seems to pass in front of the Sun, and this apparent overlapping causes the Sun to look like a waning and then waxing Moon. The Sun itself whether eclipsed or not, does have a slight red halo around it, (it's exaggerated in the above piece of art). There are no sunspots and no arcing streams of lava like sun-stuff to see. At least as far as I could tell with naked eye, the Sun looks like a perfect circular flat white disk.

Vesica piscis - Wikipedia

Tutanchamon_(js)_3detalle copy.jpg


"The first known reference to Aten the sun-disk as a deity is in The Story of Sinuhe from the 12th dynasty, in which the deceased king is described as rising as god to the heavens and uniting with the sun-disk, the divine body merging with its maker. By analogy, the term "silver aten" was sometimes used to refer to the moon.[3] The solar Aten was extensively worshipped as a god in the reign of Amenhotep III, when it was depicted as a falcon-headed man much like Ra. In the reign of Amenhotep III's successor, Amenhotep IV, the Aten became the central god of Egyptian state religion, and Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaten to reflect his close link with the new supreme deity. 

The full title of Akhenaten's god was "Ra-Horakhty who rejoices in the horizon, in his Name as the Light which is in the sun disc." (This is the title of the god as it appears on the numerous stelae which were placed to mark the boundaries of Akhenaten's new capital at Akhetaten, modern Amarna.) This lengthy name was often shortened to Ra-Horus-Aten or just Aten in many texts, but the god of Akhenaten raised to supremacy is considered a synthesis of very ancient gods viewed in a new and different way. The god is also considered to be both masculine and feminine simultaneously. All creation was thought to emanate from the god and to exist within the god. In particular, the god was not depicted in anthropomorphic (human) form, but as rays of light extending from the sun's disk."

images and quote source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aten

Total Solar Eclipse Proves Globe.jpg

The west to east path of the total solar eclipse works on an Earth that is globe shaped.

The northwest to southeast path of the total solar eclipse is easily demonstrated and explained with a globe based model of the Earth.

It is simpler to illustrate the total solar eclipse based on what we would observe rather from the point of view of the solar system model. Planetarium's use Ptolemaic based projectors and the eclipses were figured out before anyone ever even considered claiming the Earth moved and orbited a single Sun that sat at the center of the Universe.

Based on observation and not the model: as you can see the idea is that the Moon would be rising sooner than the Sun. The Sun catches up and overtakes the Moon. Observation shows us that the Moon and Sun appear to slow down and speed up during the course of their cycles. The northwest to southeast total solar eclipse path is easily demonstrated as the result of us existing on a globe shaped world. This animation is not to scale or proportion of course.

Below is something I put together to explain the west to east solar eclipse viewing path.

EAST                                                                                             WEST

music: Brother Sun, Sister Moon by John Rutter, The Cambridge Singers song: Into Thy Hands, O Lord - Plainchant    1:13    The Cambridge Singers, John Rutter    Brother Sun, Sister Moon

Obviously The Heliocentric Model is Not Needed

"Ptolemy presented a useful tool for astronomical calculations in his Handy Tables, which tabulated all the data needed to compute the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets, the rising and setting of the stars, and eclipses of the Sun and Moon. Ptolemy's Handy Tables provided the model for later astronomical tables or zījes. In the Phaseis (Risings of the Fixed Stars), Ptolemy gave a parapegma, a star calendar or almanac, based on the hands and disappearances of stars over the course of the solar year."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ptolemy

"As an indication of exactly how good the Ptolemaic model is, modern planetariums are built using gears and motors that essentially reproduce the Ptolemaic model for the appearance of the sky as viewed from a stationary Earth. In the planetarium projector, motors and gears provide uniform motion of the heavenly bodies. One motor moves the planet projector around in a big circle, which in this case is the deferent, and another gear or motor takes the place of the epicycle."

source: The Ptolemaic Model

The Myth of The Complicated Ptolemaic Model Revealed: Recycling Heliocentric Promoted Epicycle Lies

"According to one school of thought in the history of astronomy, minor imperfections in the original Ptolemaic system were discovered through observations accumulated over time. It was mistakenly believed that more levels of epicycles (circles within circles) were added to the models to match more accurately the observed planetary motions. The multiplication of epicycles is believed to have led to a nearly unworkable system by the 16th century, and that Copernicus created his heliocentric system in order to simplify the Ptolemaic astronomy of his day, thus succeeding in drastically reducing the number of circles.

As it turns out, a major difficulty with this epicycles-on-epicycles theory is that historians examining books on Ptolemaic astronomy from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance have found absolutely no trace of multiple epicycles being used for each planet. The Alfonsine Tables, for instance, were apparently computed using Ptolemy's original unadorned methods.  Another problem is that the models themselves discouraged tinkering. In a deferent-and-epicycle model, the parts of the whole are interrelated. A change in a parameter to improve the fit in one place would throw off the fit somewhere else. Ptolemy's model is probably optimal in this regard. On the whole it gave good results but missed a little here and there. Experienced astronomers would have recognized these shortcomings and allowed for them."

A Re-analysis of the Eclipse Observations in Ptolemy's Almagest

The World Is Best Described As Globe Shaped

The northwest to southeast total eclipse path is explained by the timing of the eclipse. When first observed on the west coast, the eclipse was occurring in the morning sky, so it was lower on the eastern horizon. As the path progresses west to east the day also progresses and the Sun and Moon are seen to be higher in the sky as they approach noon. After that these bodies begin to arc back down to set in the west. This explains why the path  of the total solar eclipse looks the way it does and a globe like shape explains this most easily. A flat world cannot replicate this naturally occurring phenomena. 

The Sun or Moon starts off low on the eastern horizon then arcs up overhead and sets in the west after arcing back down. The Flat Earth model attempts to replicate this observable fact with a merry go round record player model that cannot correctly emulate the natural world.


source: Astronomy. - ppt download

Flat Earth Doesn't Work

This is a problem for the flat earth model as we can easily observe the motions of the celestial objects that show the Earth is a globe. Altitude and azimuth correctly model the heavenly motions. Things like sunrises and moonsets would look different if the Earth were flat and unless these celestial objects were magical spotlights of some kind, that could seemingly defy reason, moonrises and sunsets would be impossible on a flat world. In any event on a flat world we would not witness phenomena like sunrises and moonsets. Altitude and azimuth correctly model how the Sun appears to rise to noon day height and then set. On a flat world the Sun would circle overhead at this noon altitude. It would not look like it is setting. It would not look like a real life rising and setting Sun actually looks. I hope this is point is clear. The Sun and Moon on a flat world have to go on a merry go round ride above our heads and that as a model does not look like what we see when we go outside and watch these natural occurrences.

"The angle of a celestial object measured upwards from the observer's horizon. Thus, an object on the horizon has an altitude of 0° and one directly overhead has an altitude of 90°. Negative values for the altitude mean that the object is below the horizon. Altitude is usually used together with azimuth to give the direction of an object in the topocentric coordinate system.Altitude is also frequently referred to as "elevation", and this term was used until recently by Heavens-Above. We now use the term "altitude" to be in line with most other astronomy publications, and reserve "elevation" to indicate the height of the observer above sea-level."

source: http://www.heavens-above.com/glossary.aspx?term=altitude

Superman would appear to be rising and setting like the Sun to those of us on the ground.

I think the Saturn and Sun references to time excellent allegory, This movie is an example of modern myth making done right, in my (biased) opinion. Superman's celestial god like father played by Godfather actor Marlon Brando is of the House of El and sometimes in comic form wore Saturn itself as symbol.

El (deity) - Wikipedia  •  Jor-El - Wikipedia  •  Superman (1978 film) - Wikipedia

Superman Turning Back Time  source: BattleOfShadows

"If I could turn back time..."

You can if you are a character in a scripted film. Just play the sequence backward and presto, Superman can save Lois Lane. In the comics of the time period the film was made, Superman could time travel but he did so by breaking Einstein's speed limit law. He did not do it by flying in circles around the Earth and causing the Earth itself to rewind time like a film reel. This would seem to be a meta type of reference along the line's of the 2001 Space Odyssey monolith as film screen and the wheel shaped space ship as the film reel itself with the astronauts being celluloid characters projected from a turning wheel of sequential images by electric light onto neo-Platonic temple based screen.

Printed comic book Jor-el on our left, live action cartoon version from 1978, on our right.


images sources: DC Comics/Warner Entertainment

It makes sense that the west coast could observe the solar eclipse first. It is also easier to demonstrate these motions with a geocentric based model.

Total Solar Eclipse.jpg

"Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the Sun, But Mama, THAT'S WHERE THE FUN IS!"

Manfred Mann - Blinded by the Light  source: Mark Graham


How the Sun & Moon would work on flat worlds and why the flat earth model fails to explain the Sun and Moon's apparent motions.

A separate article will focus on eclipse shadows to see if they do make sense in the context of mainstream cosmology. I think the difference between lunar and solar eclispe shadow, might possibly reveal another flaw in the heliocentric based model of the Universe. The mainstream model's claims will also be examined in more detail.

I intend to create a few more animations to illustrate the globe and flat Earth based models.