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Liberal Imperium: Quigley’s Anglo-American Establishment -Pt 1 – Jay Dyer (half)

Anglo-American Establishment.jpg

Anglo-America Analysed

This is well worth watching. Mr. Dyer is a smart man with a fine sense of humor and intellect that I honestly do appreciate.

Liberal Imperium: Quigley’s Anglo-American Establishment -Pt 1 – Jay Dyer (half)  source: Jay Dyer

The Queen of England is Supposed to Be Descended From Biblical King David

I am not of the opinion that the bankers control Royalty. The paperwork trail of treaties, constitutions, contracts, laws and all the rest lead up the pyramid scheme and past layers and layers of scapegoated managers to reach a summit of Royal control by legal means. At least on paper and in terms of very real law, the Queen of the British Empire is free from all human law and possesses more political power, globally, than most know. The Royal monarch is supposed to be the descendant of the original chief investor in global commercial enterprise. These economic ties bind a global system. The prime ministers of Australia and Canada swear loyalty oath to the Queen. The Royal Monarch owns the lands under her control and owns all mineral rights. We should not confuse noble peer level managers with the true owners of the world. The very real power that the Monarch of British Empire has is something even powerful old school banker families cannot claim to have. The Divine Right of Kings is a very real thing, as it is really how the world of human creation is actually put together and run. To blame one part of pyramid scam structure is a mistake. We are all part of it whether we know it or not. We are all born into this world not of our creating and all of us are initiated into very unnatural cult like behavior we all tend to take for granted. This includes those of us at the bottom and those of us at the top. All of us play our parts. Divide and conquer can take many forms and I do not believe we should even divide ourselves from those that control society; the fact is we are all in this together and we would all be better off working together to reduce governmental power to human limits that make sense and actually serve us all. It would be wise and moral to end the war on drugs, we need to stop treating all sins as crime, complete with monetized value,  and we need to completely overhaul how government deals with criminals and prisons. But hey, why bother when we can get caught up in all the endless News spin cycles of global political, tabloid, soap opera drama instead?

link: https://jaysanalysis.com

The Queen and the Church of England

"The Sovereign holds the title 'Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England'. These titles date back to the reign of King Henry VIII, who was initially granted the title 'Defender of the Faith' in 1521 by Pope Leo X. When Henry VIII renounced the spiritual authority of the Papacy in 1534 he was proclaimed 'supreme head on earth' of the Church of England. This was repealed by Queen Mary I but reinstated during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, who was proclaimed 'Supreme Governor' of the Church of England."


source: The Queen, the Church and other faiths | The Royal Family

Supreme Governor of the Church of England - Wikipedia

Peerages in the United Kingdom   •   Peerage - Wikipedia

"Queen Elizabeth II owns every dolphin in Britain and doesn't need a driving license — here are the incredible powers you didn't know the monarchy has"

"Did you know she is immune from prosecution? That she has her own personal poet, paid in Sherry wine? Or that she holds dominion over British swans and can fire the entire Australian government?"

"Unlike other members of the Royal family, the Queen does not require a passport, as they are issued in her name. Despite this lack of travel documents, she has been abroad many times."

"The Queen's consent is necessary to turn any bill into an actual law. Once a proposed law has passed both houses of Parliament, it makes its way to the Palace for approval, which is called "Royal Assent." The most recent British Monarch to refuse to provide Royal Assent was Queen Anne, back in 1708."

"Royal Assent is different than "Queen's consent," in which the Queen must consent to any law being debated in Parliament that affects the Monarchy's interests (such as reforming the prerogative or tax laws that might affect the Duchy of Cornwall, for example). Without consent, the bill cannot be debated in Parliament.

"Queen's consent is exercised only on the advice of ministers, but its existence provides the government with a tool for blocking debate on certain subjects if bills are tabled by backbench rebels or the opposition. It has been exercised at least 39 times, according to documents released under the Freedom of Information act, including "one instance [in which] the Queen completely vetoed the Military Actions Against Iraq Bill in 1999, a private member's bill that sought to transfer the power to authorise military strikes against Iraq from the monarch to parliament," The Guardian reported in 2013."

"She can create Lords."

"The Queen has the power to appoint Lords, who can then sit in Parliament, the upper house in Britain's legislative system. Like many other powers, this is exercised only "on the advice of" elected government ministers."

"She doesn't have to pay tax (but she does anyway)."

The Queen does not have to pay tax, but she has been voluntarily paying income tax and capital gains tax since 1992.

"The Queen has the power to form governments."

source: The weirdest powers of Queen Elizabeth II - Business Insider