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The Great Brink's Job of 1981


This guy was involved in a 1981 robbery event and 9-11:

"The gunman had killed Paige less than 40 minutes earlier during the robbery of $1.6 million at the Nanuet Mall, where guard Joseph Trombino was wounded. Trombino would go on to survive the 1993 terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center and die in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks."

"A task force of federal and local law enforcement tracked down dozens of gang members that made up the Black Liberation Army and former violent Weather Underground from the 1960s and 1970s"

"NYACK – Hundreds of people will stand shoulder to shoulder along the entrance to the New York state Thruway at 4 p.m. Monday to remember the two Nyack police officers and a Brinks guard killed 33 years ago.

The annual service surrounds the stone memorial and bronze plaque in a small pocket park honoring Sgt. Edward O'Grady, Officer Waverly "Chipper" Brown and Peter Paige. The officers were killed at a roadblock at 4 p.m Oct. 20, 1981, by a gang of self-proclaimed revolutionaries who jumped from the rear of a U-Haul truck. Nyack police Detective Arthur Keenan and Officer Brian Lennon were hurt. The gunman had killed Paige less than 40 minutes earlier during the robbery of $1.6 million at the Nanuet Mall, where guard Joseph Trombino was wounded. Trombino would go on to survive the 1993 terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center and die in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks."

source: http://www.lohud.com/story/...

see also: Assata Shakur - Wikipedia

Beware The Skeptical One Eye Detective Guy

Columbo was a great show about a tenacious detective who never stopped asking questions, played by the wonderful actor, Peter Falk, who with his one good eye, and one eye of glass, was the guy a studio head legendarily claimed would never make it as an actor in Hollywood.

"The Brink's Job": Out on DVD 07/03/2016 source: Network Distributing

The Brink's job, a film about safe crackers.


The FBI Would Never Be Involved With Staging Fake Crimes Would They?

Layers of lies might just protect the truth that the FBI and controlled opposition type agent provocateurs like Weather Under-grounded-men and other seemingly obvious agents of governmental employ, work together to craft highly contrived crimes sold as real events in order to justify growing more governmental existence. J. Edgar Hoover was always a film making kind of figure who legend has it, enjoyed dressing up in his mom's clothing. This mythic man was supposed to have ruled Washington DC with his cold war era iron fist full of salacious secrets of the rich and powerful. We aren't supposed to suspect that Hoover is just part of the scripted show and another actor on political stage deigned to get us all to truly believe we need all sorts of layers of governmental protection we must foot the bill for. We do want to be safe don't we? We aren't supposed to consider that a whole lot of our hard earned money goes for paying for theatrical productions of all types, with a good number of such productions being sold to us as historical reality in order to justify growing more government and the laws that go along with it; justifying spending more money on all sorts of third party manufactured police equipment and also enabling for industry conventions and all sorts of other economic opportunity paid for with actual tax payer blood, sweat and tears.

FBI stings foil terrorists, but sometimes undercover agents create the ...

Fake terror plots, paid informants: the tactics of FBI 'entrapment ...

Terrorist Plots, Helped Along by the F.B.I. - The New York Times



How the Feds Are Recruiting Spies at Campuses Across the US ...

The NSA's greatest hiring strength is students, but resistance is ...

Student Opportunities — Central Intelligence Agency - CIA


United States Federal Witness Protection Program - Wikipedia

Defense Information School - Wikipedia

The FBI Investigates

We aren't supposed to have any idea that government agencies like the CIA would recruit young people from college campuses who then spend their time living a security clearance, non -disclosure agreement double life of sorts. We aren't supposed to consider other kinds of Military recruitment. The idea would then be that there are people among us who can then be moved into place like live action chess pieces on a life sized Royal chess board. Please notice how both high profile and even low profile people end up in the News over and over again, like actors on a world stage being moved into position based upon current script need. Childishly labelled good and bad guys can change roles in reversal dramas, We've seen Mel Gibson illogically implode only to now start to have his image rehabilitated. To those on the left, Donald Trump makes George W. Bush look like an old friend. Political figures of high profile go from scandal to seemingly scripted scandal and usually get away with it all unless the script needs a new storyline otherwise. Witness protection can make both indicted criminal and innocent victim disappear from media inspired sight.

FBI Investigations: Brink's Robbery (1981)  source: SOF-LAW-INTEL

The Brink's Job 1981: Tales of Weather Underground & Endless Talk of Race War

"The Brink's robbery of 1981 was an armed robbery and three related murders committed on October 20, 1981, which were carried out by six Black Liberation Army members: Jeral Wayne Williams (Mutulu Shakur), Donald Weems (Kuwasi Balagoon), Samuel Brown (Solomon Bouines), Samuel Smith, Edward Joseph, and Cecilio "Chui" Ferguson; and four former members of the Weather Underground, now belonging to the May 19th Communist Organization, consisting of David Gilbert, Judith Alice Clark, Kathy Boudin, and Marilyn Buck. 

They stole $1.6 million in cash from a Brink's armored car at the Nanuet Mall, in Nanuet, New York, killing a Brink's guard, Peter Paige, seriously wounding Brinks guard Joseph Trombino, and subsequently killing two Nyack police officers, Edward O'Grady and Waverly Brown (the first African American member of the Nyack, New York police department). Trombino recovered from the wounds he received in this incident but was killed in 2001 in the September 11 attacks."

"Gilbert, Weems, and Clark were the first of the Brink's robbers to go to trial. Because the BLA was known for attempting to break their members out of prison (as in the case of Assata Shakur), massive security precautions were undertaken, turning the courthouse in Goshen, New York into a heavily armed compound. The job of presiding over what was expected to be an arduous and potentially dangerous trial was assigned to Judge David S. Ritter who tried to balance ensuring the rights of the unpopular defendants with keeping the peace in the courtroom while they used unconventional approaches to making their case. All three defendants declined assistance from defense lawyers and chose to represent themselves. Their contention was that since they did not recognize the authority of the United States, the government had no right to put them on trial. Throughout the trial, they repeatedly disrupted the proceedings by shouting anti-US slogans, proclaiming to be "at war" with the government and refusing to respect any aspect of the US legal system. They called the robbery an "expropriation" of funds that were needed to form a new country in a few select southern states that ideally would be populated only by African Americans."

"When it came time for the defendants to present their case, they called only one witness, Nathaniel Burns (Sekou Odinga), who had already been convicted of multiple bank robberies. He said that his organization was "fighting for the liberation and self-determination of black people in this country." Burns testified that the killings were suitable because the three victims had interfered with the "expropriation." In his view, the theft of money was morally justified because those funds "were robbed through the slave labor that was forced on them and their ancestors." After his testimony, he was praised by the defendants and led out of the courtroom to serve his 40-year federal prison sentence. The jury was not convinced by Burns' reasoning and at the end of the trial, it took the jury only four hours of deliberation to return a verdict convicting all three defendants of armed robbery and three counts of murder. When the verdict was announced, Clark, Gilbert, and Weems refused to appear in court. They remained in the basement holding cells, drinking coffee and railing against, what they perceived to be, a racist court system. "I don't think any interest is served by forcing them to be here," said Judge Ritter."

sources: Brink's robbery (1981) - Wikipedia

The Brink's Job - Wikipedia

The Brink's Job (1978) - IMDb

Bright lights, big gripes as filming comes to Nyack - USA Today

Netflix filming in White Plains, Nyack and Tarrytown - The Journal News

'Billions' to 'Blindspot,' Rockland filming grows - The Journal News

An FYI Aside: The Nation State of Israel Is The Creation of The British Empire Based On What Sure Seems Like A Made Up Place From A Book Some People Wrote

"The Balfour Declaration was a British government public statement made during World War I, to announce their support for the establishment of a "national home" for the Jewish people in Palestine, then part of the Ottoman Empire. The declaration was contained in a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Walter Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. The text of the declaration was published in the press on 9 November 1917."

source: Balfour Declaration - Wikipedia

Peace Fellowships & Race Relations

"The Jewish Peace Fellowship is a nonprofit, nondenominational organization set up to provide a Jewish voice in the peace movement. The organization was founded in 1941 in order to support Jewish conscientious objectors who sought exemption from combatant military service. The JPF is currently headquartered in Nyack, New York. The fellowship is a branch member of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation. The JPF produces literature about peacemaking, nonviolent activism, and registering as a conscientious objector."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_Peace_Fellowship

"When the congregation changed their name to Sons of Israel in 1936, the Jewish community in Rockland County was still so small, congregant Charles Barracks claimed that he knew every member."

"The 1960s’ were a period of social activism around issues of racial justice in America. A bond was built between Congregation Sons of Israel  and the African American community in Nyack during the 19th century. Founding members Abraham Brown and Moses Oppenheimer were active in the underground railroad in the 1860s. One hundred years later, in February 1963, 70 members of St. Philip’s AME Zion Church worshiped at CSI in a race relations sabbath. Rabbi Krantz and his congregation were invited to a service on a following Sunday at St. Philip’s by Reverend McKinney."

source: http://www.nyacknewsandviews.com/2016/04/nyack-sketch-log-congregation-sons-of-israel/

A Nyack New York Construct: What A Masonic Looking Temple. Imagine that!

This is not posted here to push some kind of anti-semitic nonsense. This is posted because this looks like an obvious Freemasonry symbol.

December 7, 1941 Changed Everything!

(By the way my cousin was born on that day and my Aunt, her mother, recently died on the same day.)


"The current building was dedicated with suitable pomp on September 21, 1967. The happiness of that event and the promise of a fresh start were subsequently overshadowed by a decline in membership and financial difficulties, particularly during the early 1970s."

image and quote source: https://www.csinyack.org/our-history/


image source: Freemasonry - Wikipedia

It seems I share a birthday with controlling kahal.

August 22, 1891

"The earliest history of what eventually became today’s Congregation Sons of Israel began in March 1870 when 20 families, mainly German immigrants, established the Jewish Society of Nyack. Perhaps befitting a group whose members were mostly in retail businesses, they met and held services in the back of a tailor shop on Main Street, just west of Franklin. As Nyack grew, so did its Jewish community, and a kahal was incorporated on August 22, 1891, under the name Congregation of Nyack, B’nai Israel. Nine years later, they established a Hebrew school with an initial enrollment of ten students. The congregation rented space, moving from place to place in its early years; in the colder months, they met in members’ homes."

"During World War II, Congregation Sons of Israel provided hospitality to Jewish soldiers stationed nearby. An Army truck ferried soldiers from Camp Shanks, a last stopping-off point in the United States before being shipped to fight overseas, to Nyack for services and Shabbat and holiday dinners in members’ homes. One intrepid family hosted 30 soldiers, in addition to their other family and guests, at a wartime seder.

Nyack—and Rockland County in general—saw great population growth in the postwar years, especially after completion of the Palisades Interstate Parkway and the Tappan Zee Bridge eased the commute to New York City and Westchester. Accordingly, the congregation grew to about 100 families."

source: https://www.csinyack.org/our-history/

Inside Hollywood's Secret Masonic History, From Disney to DeMille ...

Published in English - Freemasonry and Civil Society

Masons of California.jpg


"UCLA’s History Department in collaboration of the Grand Lodge of the State of California and its Masonic Foundation have developed a working relationship that permits a faculty member and an advanced graduate student to develop courses on the history of freemasonry in Europe, America, and Latin America within the context of civil society. A vibrant scholarship exists relating to the traditions of freemasons and their lodges, as well as in their role in the development of community and knowledge in various parts of the world. This website is designed to provide academic resources for those who are interested in the origins and influences of freemasonry within a framework of historical places and periods. Items have been chosen for their inclusion because they have been deemed worthy of academic inquiry."

quote and image source: http://freemasonryandcivilsociety.ucla.edu

Whatever the deal is or isn't, organizations like peace institutes serve propaganda purpose.

Nyack is home to what would seem to be a major peace institute. These groups work to reinforce the idea that all the wars are as real as the governments and the News media and University system wants us to believe. We are not supposed to suspect that war is perhaps a lot more mythological in nature. Nation states and all the rest of overgrown government are illusions and tools used to keep the vast human resource of the world toiling away at global enterprise for what seems to be an etenrity.

Nyack Sketch Log: 100 Years of Fellowship and Reconciliation ...

"The Fellowship of Reconciliation, which operates its national social justice and peace program from this home in Upper Nyack, was founded 100 years ago in Garden City, NY. This Friday, November 6, FOR will celebrate this milestone with the debut of a 25-minute film by award-winning filmmaking couple, Nancy Savoca and Rich Guay."

source: Nyack Sketch Log: 100 Years of Fellowship and Reconciliation ...

October 20th must be a special day.

(Two of my family members share this birthday.)

See Transgender Flashback: August 22, 1972 "A Dog Day Afternoon" for more bank robbing birthday partying fun.

"Credit Taken for Hostages' Release : Mideast: An American peace delegation cites its intervention in Baghdad as laying the groundwork for the expected freeing of four ailing Americans. November 3, 1990 | KATHLEEN HENDRIX, TIMES STAFF WRITER

An American peace delegation that included several Southern Californians asserted Friday that its intervention in Baghdad had resulted in the expected release of four ailing American hostages, announced by Iraq on Thursday. The Fellowship of Reconciliation, a 75-year-old pacifist group based in Nyack, N.Y., led a 21-member delegation into Iraq from Amman, Jordan, on Oct. 20"

source: Articles about Fellowship Of Reconciliation Organization - latimes

"The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FoR or FOR) is the name used by a number of religious nonviolent organizations, particularly in English-speaking countries. They are linked by affiliation to the International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR)."

"The FoR was active in the anti-war movement of the 1930s, and provided considerable practical support for active pacifism during and after the Spanish Civil War. It could be argued that it lost influence when the Second World War came, was won, and was widely perceived as morally justified, especially as the horrors of Nazism became known in the post-war period. Equally, it could be argued that the questionable morality of the Cold War threat of mutually assured nuclear destruction again vindicated the FoR philosophy. The FoR retained considerable strength in post-second world war British Christianity, and many of its members were active in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the 1950s and 1960s. Prominent members included Donald Soper, a high-profile President of the Methodist Conference of the period and later a member of the House of Lords. With the continuing decline of Christianity in Britain, the FoR has lost influence, although active Christians in the UK are now probably further to the left politically, on average, than they were in the 1930s or 1950s."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fellowship_of_Reconciliation


Fellowship of Reconciliation

Global Traveling Ambassadors of Reconciliation

"At the end of the 1930s, given the unstable international situation, IFOR established Embassies of Reconciliation that initiated peace efforts not only in Europe but in Japan and China as well. "Ambassadors of Reconciliation", such as George Lansbury, Muriel Lester and Anne Seesholtz, visited many world leaders, including Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Leon Blum and Franklin D Roosevelt. Muriel Lester, English social worker, served as IFOR travelling secretary throughout the world, helping to establish its work in many countries. She met Mahatma Gandhi, first in London when, in 1931, he spent some time at Kingsley Hall, a community center with educational, social and recreational purposes, run by her and her sister Doris, and then in India when she went with him in Bihar on his anti-untouchability tour during 1934. When World War II broke out, travels and communications became almost impossible. In many countries IFOR members suffered persecution for publicly preaching pacifism. IFOR's members, especially in America tried by inter-church mediation to find ways of ending the war, to help coscientious objectors, and struggled against internment of Japanese Americans.[12]In France, IFOR members André and Magda Trocmé, with the help of the villagers of le Chambon sur Lignon, saved the lives of thousands of Jews escaping the Holocaust. In Belgium, feminist Magda Yoors Peeters defends Jewish refugees and conscientious objectors."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Fellowship_of_Reconciliation

A List of Nyack's Notables:

Nyack wikipedia.jpg

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyack,_New_York#Notable_people

Nyack resident, Rosie O'Donnell sensibly questions offical 9-11 report.

Is she part of the show like Jesse Ventura sure seems to be? She did used to have twitter wars with Trumpetty Trump. Make of this what you will, I have no special knowledge. Rosie O'Donnell is a talented performer, a funny comedian and convincing actress. I think she is more than capable of playing publicity stunt woman for the cameras.

The Donald Trump-Rosie O'Donnell feud: A timeline - CNNPolitics

A Nyack Hero Kind of Wanna Be CIA, FBI and. maybe, or, Fireman Type of Guy: Born in 1977 & Died on 9-11-2001

"Welles Remy Crowther (May 17, 1977 – September 11, 2001) was an American equities trader known for saving at least a dozen lives during the September 11 attacks in New York City, during which he lost his own life.

Welles Remy Crowther was born the first of three children. His parents, Jefferson and Allison, raised him and his two younger sisters, Honor and Paige, in the New York City suburb of Nyack, New York.  As a child, Crowther looked up to his father, and one day, while seeing his father meticulously getting dressed for church, noticed that his father put a white handkerchief in the breast pocket of his suit coat and then wrapped a small comb in a blue or red bandanna and stuck it in his right hip pocket. When Welles was 6 years old, his father gave him a red bandanna that would become a signature trademark and a link between father and son, that he would carry with him everywhere, wearing one under all of his sports uniforms in high school, always as #19. 

Crowther joined his father as a volunteer firefighter at age 16, becoming a junior member of the Empire Hook and Ladder Company. He later attended Boston College, where he played lacrosse, wearing his bandana under his helmet.  In 1999 Crowther graduated with honors with a degree in economics. He subsequently moved to New York City, taking a job as an equities trader  for Sandler O'Neill and Partners, settling into an office on the 104th floor of South Tower of the World Trade Center. Though Crowther had long aspired to be in business, he eventually came to dislike desk work, and entertained dreams of joining the FDNY or the FBI or CIA."

source: Welles Crowther - Wikipedia


FYI: Woody Allen filmed The Purple Rose of Cairo in  Piermont N.Y. which is just a few miles or so down river, south of Nyack.

The Purple Rose of Cairo - Wikipedia

see also: "Pretty Penny: Helen Hayes' former home is on the market again

Lights, Camera, Action in Nyack, Piermont and Rockland • Nyack ...

seeRevolutionary Nyack and the First Salute to a New Nation | Village of ... for about the part Nyack played in the legendary American Revolution.

Nyack, New York - Wikipedia

I don't know about you, but I'd pay a pretty penny for that place.

"Ever since the legendary actress Helen Hayes and her husband, the playwright Charles MacArthur, bought an old wedding cake of a house in Nyack in 1932 and christened it Pretty Penny, the historic home has become one of the best-known properties in Rockland and the rest of the Lower Hudson Valley.

Right from the start, the 1858 Italianate Victorian was a magnet for celebrities. Hayes and MacArthur entertained the likes of Ronald Reagan, Marilyn Monroe, Rosalind Russell, Ed Sullivan, Noel Coward, Laurence Olivier, Katharine Hepburn and Vivien Leigh. Cole Porter played the piano. F. Scott Fitzgerald left a signed copy of one of his books. John Barrymore was said to have once stopped by for a pack of cigarettes and left three days later. Edward Hopper famously painted the house in 1939.

Whenever Pretty Penny comes up for sale, it draws lots of interest. Bill and Hillary Clinton have kicked the tires. So has Ben Stiller. Russell Crowe rented the house for six months while filming "American Gangster" in 2006.

Rosie O'Donnell, who was then the host of a popular television talk show, bought the house in 1996, three years after Hayes' death. It had been listed for $1.9 million, but O'Donnell got it for $770,000. In 2000, she sold Pretty Penny for $2.25 million to Edward and Cindy Kopko."

source: http://www.lohud.com/story/life/home-garden/2014/02/13/pretty-penny-helen-hayes-former-home-is-on-the-market-again/5462043/

Stonewall riots reenacted for film shoot in Nyack - The Journal News

Bright lights, big gripes as filming comes to Nyack - USA Today

Never Forget

"Sep 9, 2016 - At the dedication of the 9/11 museum in May 2014, President Obama recalled the heroism of Welles Crowther, a 24-year-old from Nyack, New ..."

source: 15 Years Later, Parents Grieve 9/11 Hero Welles ... - NBC New York

Obvious Apologetics Cannot Hide The Truth

Please consider the recent Charlottesville incident in the context of this article as you read this bit of what seems to be, bull shit:

(pardon my French)

"How I Became Fake News"

"I witnessed a terrorist attack in Charlottesville. Then the conspiracy theories began. By BRENNAN GILMORE August 21, 2017"

"On Saturday morning, I witnessed James Fields smash his car into a crowd of demonstrators, killing Heather Heyer and wounding 19 others. Although I immediately shared the footage with police on the scene, it took me a half-hour to decide to post it publicly. I was concerned about how the footage might be used by the "alt-right" and felt uncomfortable knowing that I had probably filmed someone’s death. I did not want the attention posting the video was likely to bring. I consulted with friends and family, some of whom were also at the counterprotest and some of whom were watching the coverage from outside Charlottesville. They all urged me to share the video, and when I heard from friends that some media outlets were suggesting that it might have been an accident or that the driver might have been attempting to escape an angry mob, I knew I had to post it. The video I took—and the scene I witnessed with my own two eyes—clearly showed the attack was intentional. Fields drove down two empty blocks and plowed straight into the crowd before fleeing in reverse."

"Desperate to lay blame on anyone besides the alt-right, they seized on these facts to suggest a counter-narrative to the attack, claiming there was no way that someone with my background just happened to be right there to take the video. Even ignoring the fact that someone with my background—raised in Virginia, UVA graduate, lives in Charlottesville, worked to resolve ethnic conflicts overseas, politically progressive—is exactly the kind of person you’d expect to find at a protest against Nazis, their theories were absurd and illogical. They wrote that I was a CIA operative, funded by (choose your own adventure) George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the IMF/World Bank, and/or a global Jewish mafia to orchestrate the Charlottesville attack in order to turn the general public against the alt-right. I had staged the attack and then worked with MSNBC and other outlets controlled by the left to spread propaganda. They claimed my ultimate goal was to start a race war that would undermine and then overthrow Donald Trump on behalf of the “Deep State.” (I’m generalizing here as the theories are widely variant and logically inconsistent, and I’m only aware of the small percentage I could be bothered to read.)"

source: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/08/21/fake-news-charlottesville-215514

(Brennan Gilmore claims he graduated from the University of Virginia.)

I am not part of any alt right group and I lean left, I don't hate the Jews or anyone else, and I think this guy is full of shit.

No conspiracy is needed to explain that this dude looks like a some kind of  sub-contracted government employee. It's not George Soros that pays this dude's salary, we do by way of our tax money.

Please note how this guy makes fallacious appeals to obvious media canards promoted to screen and shield the truth. He also makes the fallacious appeal to group think. This guy brings up the obvious Jewish conspiracy bull shit and then proceeds to shadow box, duck and weave a splendid tale of utter papal level bull shit in defense. He admits that he fits the profile of a governmental contracted employee, complete with non-disclusre agreement contract, threat of National security law, and security clearance. The dude is a propagandist and this should be obvious to any of us who have studied this very fascinating subject. Compare his statement to the contents and context of this article. Consider too how paranoid possible liars would be. Consider how they might go out of their way to over explain something that someone who wasn't lying wouldn't even feel the need to bother to defend. By the way it's not like there aren't seeming problem with the Charlottesville car crash narrative itself. It's also not like this isn't another in a long line of heavily promoted car crowd crashing News stories. This all fits a clear pattern of post World War Two governmental, contrived mockingbird, Operation Gladio-like, media propaganda. This is the sort of thing our taxes really pay for.

Please note this obvious, cliched, typical and some 50 year old race war canard,  Alex Jones like gem: "They claimed my ultimate goal was to start a race war that would undermine and then overthrow Donald Trump on behalf of the “Deep State.” (I’m generalizing here as the theories are widely variant and logically inconsistent, and I’m only aware of the small percentage I could be bothered to read.)" Can we not see the obvious propaganda play at work here? This dude's resume kind of precludes him being a mere innocent bystander. At the very least we have sufficient reason to be suspicious of this man's account. He also admits in the above passage, that he is not very knowledgable about the criticism of the event sand why some of us question its reality. He also admits this one: "Fields drove down two empty blocks and plowed straight into the crowd before fleeing in reverse.". This is another problem with the story. This seems very convenient. And if you check out some of my earlier articles you will see that is are some other problems with the Charlottesville event. The entire thing was promoted by both government and mainstream media for months. This event stinks to high heaven. This propagandist is attempting to use every low hanging republic banana fruit to his advantage.

He was a witness in Charlottesville. Then the death threats and conspiracy theories began.


Fellowship of Reconciliation

"What I Saw in Charlottesville Could Be Just the Beginning"

"How a decade of war zone diplomacy taught me the danger of enabling a cycle of hate. By BRENNAN GILMORE August 14, 2017"

source: What I Saw in Charlottesville Could Be Just the Beginning - POLITICO ...

see: Internship Program — Central Intelligence Agency - CIA

CIA Jobs and Training Requirements for Careers in Virginia | How to ...

"Spy Agencies Are on a Mission to Hire From College Ranks"

"Intelligence: CIA & Co. are on biggest recruiting drive since the early '80s as they seek to reinvigorate themselves."

"CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — University of Virginia senior Amee Arvindi Patel speaks fluent Gujarati and Spanish, has high grades in international politics and finance and longs to travel in exotic lands. Her dream job?"

source: Spy Agencies Are on a Mission to Hire From College Ranks - latimes

We Are On The Wrong Side

Wrong Side Of History (So Cold) - Daryl Hall (LFDH)  source: LLLph