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President Donald Trump's 9/11 Demolitions Guide


"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." • Arthur Conan Doyle

Preface: This article starts off with a look at some very basic mythological themes that are foundational to our shared global culture, before proceeding to getting into how the towers actually came down on 9/11. These so-called "occult" and "esoteric" ideas are not so mysterious after all. In fact a good encyclopedia set and thorough dictionary are great and easily accessible cultural decoding tools. I am not presenting this allegorical information to promote any kind of tabloid based, arcane kind of notion. I seek to demystify what is simply basic mythology.  Please excuse the inevitable typo. AA Morris

This article is dedicated to all the Columbo-like clues seeking, hoax busting, fake-ologists everywhere, throughout all eternity.

Trump Twin Towers.jpg

(The above image is not photoshopped, at least as far as I know.)

Systematic Thinking is Contagious:

It is a very real social mental disease. All of us are effected by it; from wage slave to World Queen. No occulted conspiracy needed to explain basic human nature. 

It's best to try to avoid confusing models with reality and the servants of the system with the source of our collective problems, the inhuman system itself.

image source: Trump offers plan to rebuild twin towers - World - smh.com.au

With President Donald Trump's Help We Will Look For Some Steaming 9/11 Style Truth & Clues

President Donald Trump will be our yellow journal guide as we navigate through 9/11 lies.

The Recent Totally Solar-Televised Eclipse Revealed The Logo Of One of The Credit Masters of The Global Gated Banking Show

This article will take us from the steaming smoke of imagined Twin Towering inferno flame to a master banking project that seeks to mass produce National Identity cards.

(You'll have to scroll to the end of this lengthy article to find out which global banking card company seeks to craft master 21st century National identity products. Perhaps it will be a Brave New World indeed! Talk about Biblical census taking, scapegoating sheared sheep and numbering beasts...Geesh...)

Edward Bernays, History As A Weapon:


"THE conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet. They govern us by their qualities of natural leadership, their ability to supply needed ideas and by their key position in the social structure. Whatever attitude one chooses to take toward this condition, it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons—a trifling fraction of our hundred and twenty million—who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world."

source: Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928) - History Is A Weapon

An Allegorical Alchemical Marriage

Solar eclipses are when Apollo, the god of the Sun, becomes allegorically as one with his sister Artemis, the goddess of the Moon. All poetry and allegorical fun aside, this is article is really about global banking practices and how deceptive events are used by governments and their propaganda minions, the News and related Hollywood media,  to bring about cultural changes that create new worlds of commercial civilization and all sorts of brand new identity products for humanity to buy into. But before we get to that, this article looks into the impressive feat what was the demolitions job done on 9/11.

Despite official claims to the contrary, cartoon physics are not real. Passenger jets are obviously no threat to massive steel structure. This article looks into the only plausible way the Twin Towers could have been taken down. We might not ever know exactly how this incredible feat was actually accomplished, but what we do know for sure, is that it had to be an inside governmental and News media (con) job that involved some kind of careful rigging and planning that would have had to have been begun some time prior, perhaps years before, maybe as early as 1993, when the first supposed attack against these towering symbols of world trade was claimed to have occurred. The building of the Twin Towers was an impressive feat of late 20th century human engineering and its demolition was an impressive feat of early 21st century engineering.

The actual events of 9/11/2001 would have to be an engineering feat of true historical proportion and a real achievement of human collective effort. 

Ours is a world of ever evolving and constantly changing, globally engineered commerce.

The world of human enterprise is one that is stuck in an eternal age of endless transition.

Beware The Forked Tongue of Uncle Samantha The Alchemical Transgendered One:

What is so special about the numbers 9 • 1 • 1 anyway?

The Coptic New Year falls on the 11th of September.  2001 was a millennial style holiday for some.

A tip of Uncle Samantha's elite top hat goes out to Ab from Fakeologist for recently mentioning this interesting fact.

"The epagomenal days, five or six extra days at the end of the year, is a week of preparations for Ethiopians who celebrate the Ethiopian New Year (Enkutatash). According to Ethiopian calendar, which derived from the Alexandrian or Coptic calendar, New Year falls on the 11th of September or on the 12th during a leap year. "

source: http://www.ena.gov.et/en/index.php/component/k2/item/1932-ethiopian-new-year-enkutatash    •    see September 11th is New Years Day! for more.

Contrived events are works of art. It should come as no surprise when these events have seeming allegorical meaning.

9/11: A Steaming Pile of Governmental Bull

All that smoke and yet no real fire. It looks like steam to me. Read on further to find out why I'd claim such a thing.


image source: 9/11: Twin Towers 'Could Have Been Destroyed by Controlled ...

The Twin Pillars From Freemasonic Mythology: Boaz & Joachim

Which group of historical traveling "free" mason artists crafted the foundations of religion and cultural mythology in the first place? Yellow journalism is the blueprint for all culture. No tabloid conspiracy theory needed to explain the art of lying. Word of mouth tall tales become full blown live action cartoon productions. Religions become comic book theatrical film releases and get turned into Hollywood products like Star Wars. All religion is fake and artificial and the product of humanity not Divine Natural Principle.

All culture is concocted by artists of one kind or another.


         Artist's impression.

        Artist's impression.

Welcome To Solomon's Front Porch

"The pillars did not survive the destruction of the First Temple; Jeremiah 52:17 reports: “The Chaldeans broke up the bronze columns of the House of the Lord”. II Kings 25:13 has a similar account. The pillars were carried away in pieces for ease of transportation. When the Second Temple was built, they were not returned and we have no record of new pillars being constructed to replace them."  •   "In popular media Some variants of the Tarot card The High Priestess depict Boaz and Jachin. The card appears in the deck of a traveling Mexican showman in Cormac McCarthy's novel, Blood Meridian: "The woman sat like that blind interlocutrix between Boaz and Jachin inscribed upon the one card in the juggler's deck that they would not see come to light, true pillars and true card, false prophetess for all." "

image and quote source: Boaz and Jachin - Wikipedia

High Priestess.jpg

see: Tarot cards - Wikipedia

Tora, Tarot, O Art!

All punny plays on words. Art is the tool of Apollo the Unconquered Sun. Art cloaks the real Natural world with layers of deception. Art is the Law.

"In the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck, upon which many modern decks are based, The High Priestess is identified with the Shekhinah, the female indwelling presence of the divine. She wears plain blue robes and sits with her hands in her lap. She has a lunar crescent at her feet, "a horned diadem on her head, with a globe in the middle place" similar to the crown of the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, but with the horns having a shape more like half-crescents, and a large cross on her breast. The scroll in her hands, partly covered by her mantle, bears the letters TORA (meaning "divine law"). She is seated between the white and black pillars—'J' and 'B' for Jachin and Boaz—of the mystic Temple of Solomon. The veil of the Temple is behind her: it is embroidered with palm leaves and pomegranates."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_High_Priestess#Symbolism  •  Tora! Tora! Tora! - Wikipedia  •  Tora Tora - Wikipedia  •  Torah - Online Etymology Dictionary  •

Apollo - Wikipedia  •  Sol Invictus - Wikipedia  •  Artemis - Wikipedia   •   Bullfighting - Wikipedia


Zapping The Royal Corona

Corona means crown: "1650s, from Latin corona "crown, garland," from suffixed form of PIE root *sker- (2) "to turn, bend."

source: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=corona

XVI or 16 Years Ago The World Was Claimed To Have Changed


The Card Shows Divine Natural Principle Striking The Towering Crown & The Nobility Falling: Something That Never Really Happened

Fake crisis, reaction, distraction, with more laws, fees, fines and taxation, is the way of our age.

"The Tower is commonly interpreted as meaning danger, crisis, sudden change, destruction, higher learning, and liberation.  In the Rider-Waite deck, the top of The Tower is a crown, which symbolizes materialistic thought being brought low."

quote & image source: The Tower (Tarot card) - Wikipedia

The Power of Imaginatively Leaping Mythic Tall Buildings:

"...you can tell what’s informed the society by the size of the what the building is that’s the tallest building in the place."

JOSEPH CAMPBELL: Well, first thing it says is, it takes me back to a time when these principles informed the society. I mean, you can tell what’s informed the society by the size of the what the building is that’s the tallest building in the place. When you approach a medieval town, the cathedral’s the tallest thing in the place. When you approach a 17th century city, it’s the political palace that’s the tallest thing in the place. And when you approach a modern city, it’s office buildings and dwellings that are the tallest things in the place.

And if you go to Salt Lake City, you’ll see the whole thing illustrated right in front of your face. First, the temple was built. The temple was built right in the center of the city. I mean, this was the proper organization, that’s the spiritual center from which all flows in all directions. And then the capitol was built right beside the temple, and it’s bigger than the temple. And now the biggest thing is the office building that takes care of the affairs of both the temple and the political building. That’s the history of Western civilization, from the Gothic through the princely periods of the 16th, 17th, 18th centuries, to this economic world that we’re in now.

BILL MOYERS: In New York now the debate is over who can build the tallest building, not to praise but to build the tallest building.

JOSEPH CAMPBELL: Yes, and they are magnificent. I mean, some of the things that are going up in New York now really are, and this is a kind of architectural triumph. And what it is, is the statement of the city; we are a financial power center and look what we can do."

source: http://billmoyers.com/content/ep-1-joseph-campbell-and-the-power-of-myth-the-hero’s-adventure-audio/

Look Up In The Sky: Instead of Under Your Feet

The Western Culture That Dominates The Globe Is A Sun Worshipping One

The fantastic vs the mundane. Existing only in the imagination vs of this world.

Fantastic - Online Etymology Dictionary  •  Mundane - Online Etymology Dictionary

Skyscraping Obelisk Towers Are Sun Dial Like Symbols of Osiris The Mythic Ancient Egyptian Sun God

Our shared global cultural has long been obsessed with Sun worship, since at least the so-called age of enlightenment.

Enough with the poetic license. We can get lost in artistic metaphor after all.

Obelisk - Wikipedia

One Tower Replaces Two

Now there's something like half the real estate space to worry about leasing.

Trump Walks On Water.jpg

Business & Politics Do Mix

"The successful business man to-day apes the politician. He has adopted the glitter and the ballyhoo of the campaign. He has set up all the side shows. He has annual dinners that are a compendium of speeches, flags, bombast, stateliness, pseudo-democracy slightly tinged with paternalism. On occasion he doles out honors to employees, much as the republic of classic times rewarded its worthy citizens. But these are merely the side shows, the drums, of big business, by which it builds up an image of public service, and of honorary service. This is but one of the methods by which business stimulates loyal enthusiasms on the part of directors, the workers, the stockholders and the consumer public. It is one of the methods by which big business performs its function of making and selling products to the public. The real work and campaign of business consists of intensive study of the public, the manufacture of products based on this study, and exhaustive use of every means of reaching the public. Political campaigns to-day are all side shows, all honors, all bombast, glitter, and speeches. These are for the most part unrelated to the main business of studying the public scientifically, of supplying the public with party, candidate, platform, and performance, and selling the public these ideas and products. Politics was the first big business in America. Therefore there is a good deal of irony in the fact that business has learned everything that politics has had to teach, but that politics has failed to learn very much from business methods of mass distribution of ideas and products."

source: Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928) - History Is A Weapon

Passenger jets are mostly made of aluminum and fiberglass.

Donald Trump appears to try to make sense of the senseless. Whether he knew it, knows it now, or not, his explanation is ridiculous. 

If you watch a documentary about how the towers were constructed, you will see that  they were put together with prefabricated steel sections. These sections were massive and clearly would have destroyed aluminum and fiberglass passenger jet. The fact that the twin buildings involved such sectional construction suggests how the demolitions were conducted. Trump is correct about the impressive, external steel structure that supported the towers. (see 9/11 interview below)

The weight of the towers were supported by the outer walls and the inner elevator column area. In between was an awful lot of steel-less space that very carefully rigged demolitions work could make use of to perform an incredible feat of stage illusion like engineering. This is speculative, of course, but the Towers had to be demolished in some logical and rationale manner that does nor involve absurd cartoon physics or magical comic book based weaponry. Long standing global governmental military propaganda programs have continuously put forth the idea that comic book based technology is real. People believe a great number of things they really should not. Governmental claims are uncritically broadcast by a News media that exists to serve the purpose of growing more government. A tabloid based mainstream media exits to promote ideas like UFOs and top secret weaponry. None of this is backed by any demonstrable principles, of course. Most people seem to really accept speculation as demonstration. I am not claiming to have figured out exactly how they did it. All I know is that it had to be a inside job of truly Biblical scale. Once we eliminate the cartoonishly absurd we are still left with quite an incredible, seemingly near impossible feat that would have involved a certain amount of long term planning beyond most people's conception of such things. This really has to be a very real engineering feat. 9/11 as a demolitions jobs is not some simple exercise. It is an impressive achievement of human ingenuity and cooperation.

Welcome To Life In The Big Multimedia Broadcasting City

Urbanization means less self reliance and more reliance on government, of course. Urbanization is the tool of government. Government relies on urbanization and mass communication systems enable even country mice minds to be urbanized. Country mice with no access to the television screen, radio or mass communicated print product,  would be more likely to realize that the official 9/11 account is an absurd lie. As communications technology progresses many of us have the impression that we individually posses more intelligence than our ancestors. This more than likely, for most of us, couldn't be further from the truth; in fact the more self reliant the human mind, the more likely that mind could see past obvious lies. Most people today seem to be extremely reliant on technology to deliver them prefabricated answers they will never bother to truly understand.

Trump knew on 9/11 2001 bombs were used in WTC  source: EnslightenedNeanderthal

The Twin Towers Were Built To Withstand Aluminum & Fiberglass Tubes Filled With Air

"Sightseers at the towers over the past few years would have seen a reassuring information panel at the top floor visitors' centre, explaining how they should not worry about plane crashes as the building was made to withstand them."

source: Twin towers 'built to withstand plane crash' - Telegraph

Aircraft Impact!

"The structural engineers on the project also considered the possibility that an aircraft could crash into the building. In July 1945, a B-25 bomber that was lost in the fog had crashed into and damaged the 78th and 79th floors of the Empire State Building. A year later, another light millitary airplane nearly crashed into the 40 Wall Street building, and there was another close call at the Empire State Building. In designing the World Trade Center, Leslie Robertson considered the scenario of the impact of a jet airliner, spesificly a Boeing 707 pasinger jet, which might be lost in the fog, seeking to land at JFK or at Newark airports. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) found a three-page white paper that mentioned another aircraft impact analysis, involving impact of a jet at 600 mph (970 km/h), was indeed considered, but NIST could not locate the documentary evidence of the aircraft impact analysis."

source: http://1991-new-world-order.wikia.com/wiki/World_Trade_Center_(1973–2001),_a_ledger_of_building_statistics

The Twin Tower's Design

"The tube-frame design, earlier introduced by Fazlur Khan, was a new approach that allowed more open floor plans than the traditional design that distributed columns throughout the interior to support building loads. The World Trade Center towers used high-strength, load-bearing perimeter steel columns called Vierendeel trusses that were spaced closely together to form a strong, rigid wall structure, supporting virtually all lateral loads such as wind loads, and sharing the gravity load with the core columns. The perimeter structure containing 59 columns per side was constructed with extensive use of prefabricated modular pieces, each consisting of three columns, three stories tall, connected by spandrel plates. The spandrel plates were welded to the columns to create the modular pieces off-site at the fabrication shop.[46] Adjacent modules were bolted together with the splices occurring at mid-span of the columns and spandrels. The spandrel plates were located at each floor, transmitting shear stress between columns, allowing them to work together in resisting lateral loads. The joints between modules were staggered vertically, so that the column splices between adjacent modules were not at the same floor."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Trade_Center_(1973–2001)#Design

"By 1963, a new structural system of framed tubes had appeared in skyscraper design and construction. Fazlur Rahman Khandefined the framed tube structure as "a three dimensional space structure composed of three, four, or possibly more frames, braced frames, or shear walls, joined at or near their edges to form a vertical tube-like structural system capable of resisting lateral forces in any direction by cantilevering from the foundation." Closely spaced interconnected exterior columns form the tube. Lateral or horizontal loads (wind, seismic, impact) are supported by the structure as a whole. About half the exterior surface is available for windows. Framed tubes allow fewer interior columns, and so allow more usable floor space. Where larger openings like garage doors are needed, the tube frame must be interrupted, with transfer girders used to maintain structural integrity.

The first building to apply the tube-frame construction was the DeWitt-Chestnut Apartment Building which Khan designed and which was finished in Chicago by 1963.[5] This laid the foundations for the tube structural design of many later skyscrapers, including his own John Hancock Center and Willis Tower, and the construction of the World Trade Center, Petronas Towers, Jin Mao Building, and most other supertall skyscrapers since the 1960s, including the world's tallest building as of 2017, the Burj Khalifa."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tube_(structure)

"Fazlur Rahman Khan ...was a Bangladeshi-American structural engineer and architect, who initiated important structural systems for skyscrapers. Considered the "father of tubular designs" for high-rises,[6] Khan was also a pioneer in computer-aided design (CAD). He was the designer of the Sears Tower, since renamed Willis Tower, the tallest building in the world from 1973 until 1998, and the 100-story John Hancock Center."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fazlur_Rahman_Khan

"CRISIS AT THE TWIN TOWERS: Repairs; Damage to the World Trade Center Is Called Limited"

By MATTHEW L. WALD Published: March 2, 1993

"Sub-surface damage to the World Trade Center will be tricky to fix but represents only "limited, local damage" from a structural standpoint, the Port Authority's chief engineer, Eugene J. Fasullo, said yesterday. But the authority said it would not know for a couple of days when the towers could be reopened, a problem not related to the structural damage. Working with a three-dimensional puzzle, engineers at the Trade Center are trying to brace subterranean columns to make up for the lateral support once provided by the floors. But they cannot work from the bottom because it is covered with debris, some of which still serves to stabilize the building. Instead, they are cutting 4-foot-by-4-foot holes in the floor of the ballroom of the New York Vista Hotel and lowering steel braces, which they will fasten to run diagonally or horizontally from one column to another. But the work has been slow because some holes have turned out to be right over major pipes and have been useless and because sometimes workers have been told to stop by crime investigators who are looking for clues. "It's going to be an engineering marvel when it's done," said Thomas J. O'Connor, manager of construction for the Trade Center. Only when it is finished can investigators remove all the debris to look for clues to the explosion. Emphasizing the extent of overall damage to the Trade Center, the Port Authority said a cinder-block portion of a wall damaged in the blast fell down yesterday. "The area's unstable; that's why we haven't been allowing people in there," said William Cahill, a spokesman for the authority, who said the collapse "wasn't significant" and no one was injured. 

"It was understood that we have twisted, mangled concrete and steel and hanging wires and duct, and it's not in a stable condition," he said. "Everybody knew what the danger was and this was one of the dangers." 

The column-bracing operation is considered crucial to the blast investigation because the F.B.I. cannot take samples in some areas until the work is done, and it is central to reopening the Vista Hotel. But it is not required for reopening the towers. That depends on restoring fire control systems and emergency power systems, cleaning, and repairing structural damage to the towers, which was only superficial. When the first round of bracing is done -- probably six columns, according to Leslie E. Robertson, whose Manhattan firm, Leslie E. Robertson Associates, did the design engineering for the Trade Center when it was built -- the F.B.I. will remove cars, plaster, concrete and other material that might yield clues. Then some of the bulk debris will be removed, and more columns will be braced, Mr. Robertson said. The work must proceed in phases because the floors, though heavily damaged, are helping hold the columns in place, he said. Praise for Design

Mr. Fasullo, speaking of whoever planted the bomb, said, "this guy was completely unsuccessful in creating any real damage." It is possible to bring down a concrete-and-steel building with explosives, he said -- as demolition companies do. But, he added, "we really did a pretty good job" in the design of the building. Among the progress to report, the water in the basement, 18 inches deep on the center's B-6 level on Saturday, was down to an inch by yesterday, thanks to the creativity of engineers who converted the PATH tubes to drainage canals, among other methods. With the basement essentially dry, Port Authority officials said they would soon be able to reopen the two mains that provide steam from Con Edison to heat the building. 

Electric power throughout the Trade Center was restored over the weekend for lighting and elevators, although all the cooling systems have been knocked out, said John Castaldo, the chief of electrical maintenance. The building's air-conditioning system is usually turned on in the middle of this month, he said. Because of structural problems, Mr. Castaldo said, workers have been unable to determine how much damage had been done to the cooling equipment. Yesterday, workers were checking the fire-alarm system, circuit by circuit, to find how many circuits were damaged. 

Pumping out the basement took between 10 and 15 pumps, said Mr. O'Connor, the construction manager. Working before elevators were restored, workers carried pumps down six flights of stairs on their backs. Because most of the water had to be pumped up six floors, ordinary hoses were not strong enough. In many cases, workers installed three-inch pipes, bracing them to stairwell supports and railings, to dump the water into city streets; in other cases, they used high-pressure hoses. Some water was dumped into PATH tubes, from which it drained toward the Hudson River, where it was ejected by regular pumps intended to deal with rainwater. Water From Ruptured Pipes The water, more than a million gallons, came from ruptured pipes and firefighters' hoses. Most of the water was fresh, but some was Hudson River water that normally flows through the air-conditioning system to carry off heat. 

"The columns themselves," Mr. Fasullo said, "don't seem to have suffered." But they were formerly braced by four levels of concrete floor and now they are unbraced. "In a column, the strength is determined by their length," he said. "Like spaghetti, the longer you make a column, eventually it starts to deflect or bend. As you make them longer, you can put less load on them." The bracing, he said, will restore the columns to their original amount of bracing, even with floors missing. 

Diagram: "Aftermath of the Explosion: Shoring Up a Weakened Foundation" Vertical columns are braced laterally by floors. The shorter the distance between braces, the more weight a column can bear. Because floors were destroyed or damaged in Friday's explosion, the distance between horizontal braces was lengthened, weakening the columns. Structural steel beams will be lowered through holes 4 feet in diamater and fastened horizontally or diagonally. These braces will restore the columns to their original strength."

source: http://www.nytimes.com/1993/03/02/nyregion/crisis-twin-towers-repairs-damage-world-trade-center-called-limited.html

September 11 Attacks Caused An Amazing Amount of Magically Echoed Demolitions

This was a huge endeavor and when we say the Twin Towers fell in their footprints we do not need to mean that the towers did not wreck the local buildings at the World Trade Center site. In fact the surrounding  buildings would more than likely have to get trashed in the process of taking down such huge structures. The  Twin Towers were colossal artifacts and real engineering achievements. These massive buildings would have to cause a lot of damage to the surrounding area, despite all human precaution. In fact the idea that real people like fire and police personal died that day is not a crazy one. Real people might have got caught up in the very real demolition work being done that day.

"Within an hour and 42 minutes, both 110-story towers collapsed, with debris and the resulting fires causing partial or complete collapse of all other buildings in the World Trade Center complex, including the 47-story 7 World Trade Center tower, as well as significant damage to ten other large surrounding structures."

source: September 11 attacks - Wikipedia

Kajima Corporation

"...the Japanese construction company Kajima Corporation developed a building demolitions technique that involves using hydraulic jacks to demolish a billing from bottom up, one floor at a time. As tall buildings are often located in dense urban areas, blowing up a structure with explosives, or using a wrecking ball are often not an option."

source: http://global.ctbuh.org/resources/papers/download/302-a-new-demolition-method-for-tall-buildings-kajima-cut-take-down-method.pdf

Kajima Corporation:

This company would produce quite a work of bull shit art (excuse my pig latin please). The Kajima Corporation would produce a report that would validate absurd governmental claims that passenger jets can cause magical demolitions. Some people and even some of the mainstream media seem to like to push the idea that the educational system is responsible for dumbing down America, yet the truth we can easily demonstrate is that government employed propagandists are who are responsible. The News media and official sounding reports are given too much credibility when it is painfully obvious that they are lying. Cartoon physics are not real.

The Kajima Corporation would go on to publicly reveal an interesting new way to demolish buildings in 2006, some five years after 9/11. Here we have a company that claims the impossible not only possible, but the logical result of what would happen, and this same company also happens to be involved with developing a seemingly better way to demolish twenty story buildings that can be applied to larger structures, or so they claim. The fact that this engineering company is pushing obviously fraudulent "science" as reality is a huge "September Clue". Could the technique this company unveiled in 2006 have been used (at least in some capacity) five years earlier? What sounds more plausible to you? What better fits reality that we can actually demonstrate and what is just utter bullshit nonsensical political apologetics? I'd guess multiple techniques would have been used, but that's obvious speculation. The events of 9/11/2001 were incredibly impressive. As live performance art, it is a true master piece.

Most people seem happy to stop thinking when government reports and echo chamber responses agree. Most are fine with the News media doing their thinking for them and only questioning that which the News media questions. Most people follow right along with the News journalist led mental parade of obviously problematic narratives with barely 30 second attention spans. Mainstream News media junkies seem to have long term memory problems and do not seem capable of putting subjects into proper context. These people also do not seem to have the ability to hold what seems to be contradictory ideas at once. They also seem to lack the skill to understand how to logically put things into proper context in the first place. Most people do not know how to think or how to really learn and most seem to think learning stops once one achieves high enough, officially sanctioned, degree. People who self educate and who become their own authorities outside of the official educational systems are considered looney tunes, despite any actual and demonstrable knowledge derived from mainstream university and News media sources themselves.

The Kajima Corporation's "Structural Responses of World Trade Center under Aircraft Attacks"

"The Japanese Kajima Corporation produced a paper called "Structural Responses of World Trade Center under Aircraft Attacks" in January 2005. All that's available online, unless you pay for the document, is this abstract: At the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the New York World Trade Center (WTC) Towers, extensive structural damage, including localized collapse, occurred at several floor levels directly impacted by the aircraft. Despite this massive localized damage, each structure remained standing for approximately 1 h or 1 h 30 min. Although the damage to the beams and columns in the perimeter tube of each tower were clarified in the published ASCE/FEMA report, the damage to the floor system and inner core columns were not estimated. The purpose of this study is to determine why the towers remained standing after impact through several analytical studies, including impact analyses using a simplified model to estimate the overall damage, a rigorous finite element model to estimate the local damage, and stress analyses after some structural members are lost. The results of the stress analyses show why both buildings did not collapse immediately after impact, and WTC2 collapsed sooner than WTC1."

source: http://www.911myths.com/html/view_from_abroad.html

"Structural Responses of World Trade Center under Aircraft Attacks"

Original Abstract:

"At the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the New York World Trade Center (WTC) Towers, extensive structural damage, including localized collapse, occurred at several floor levels directly impacted by the aircraft. Despite this massive localized damage, each structure remained standing for approximately 1 h or 1 h 30 min. Although the damage to the beams and columns in the perimeter tube of each tower were clarified in the published ASCE/FEMA report, the damage to the floor system and inner core columns were not estimated. The purpose of this study is to determine why the towers remained standing after impact through several analytical studies, including impact analyses using a simplified model to estimate the overall damage, a rigorous finite element model to estimate the local damage, and stress analyses after some structural members are lost. The results of the stress analyses show why both buildings did not collapse immediately after impact, and WTC2 collapsed sooner than WTC1."

original abstract link: http://ascelibrary.org/doi/full/10.1061/%28ASCE%290733-9445%282005%29131%3A1%286%29

The Kajima employed authors:

"Authors Yukihiro Omika;  Senior Managing Director, Kajima Corporation, KI Building, 6-5-30 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8502, Japan. Eiji Fukuzawa;  Architectural Design Division, Kajima Corporation, KI Building, 6-5-30 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8502, Japan. Norihide Koshika; Kobori Research Complex, Kajima Corporation, KI Building, 6-5-30 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8502, Japan. Hiroshi Morikawa; and I.T. Solutions Dept., Kajima Corporation, KI Building, 6-5-30 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8502, Japan.Ryusuke FukudaI.T. Solutions Dept., Kajima Corporation, KI Building, 6-5-30 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8502, Japan."

source: Structural Responses of World Trade Center under Aircraft Attacks ...

The Kajima Cut and Take Down Method

"Buildings are usually demolished by placing heavy equipment and workers on the top floor of a building, and lowering dismantled material to ground level.
Kajima, however, demolished its former head office buildings using a world-first technique called the Kajima Cut and Take Down Method, which enables demolition work to be carried out on the ground floor. By starting at the bottom, gutting one floor, and then lowering the entire building down on jacks, one floor at a time, all the work can be performed safely at ground level. The Kajima Cut and Take Down Method affords a building being dismantled the same level of seismic and wind resistance throughout demolition.We install a Core Wall System and Load Transferring Frame into a building's structure to maintain the same level of seismic resistance during the demolition work. Although our method could be applied to almost any type of building, there are some conditions that may limit the use of this method."

source: The Kajima Cut and Take Down Method | Technology & Services ...

"Demolition planning as part of construction - reuse and recycling of parts improves the eco-efficiency of buildings"

"With good planning, it is possible to promote the reuse of construction and demolition waste and thereby both conserve the environment and save on material costs. In the future, it will be even more important to assess how buildings can reasonably be repaired or demolished into parts, together with how the remaining service life of the parts can be utilized in new applications. The best method is to implement demolition planning already as a component of construction design."

"In practical construction, planning for the purpose of reuse and recycling is seen in accordance with the requirements in configurable or modular solutions in which the structures and materials are long-lasting and easily reclaimed. With good planning, the maintainability and repair potential of buildings and building service technology can be facilitated and the expenses incurred reduced."

"The best way to promote the reuse and recycling of salvaged building parts is to introduce a demolition plan already into the further planning associated with the project. It should be an essential component in the design concerning the management of the life cycle of buildings and structures. In the demolition plan, it is important to assess the material quantities that can be utilized in various ways, as well as the demolition methods available. These are currently presented only when applying for a permit to demolish a building."

source: Demolition planning as part of construction - reuse and recycling of ...

The "Kajima Corporation Buildings – Demolition Method"


Could the Twin Towers Have Really (and secretly) Been Built To Be Demolished?

This would be a huge stage illusionist style trick. Could the real top secret NASA technology have to do with demolitions and building design?

This is speculative of course, but considering the fact NASA and the rest of the space programs of the world are just the result of Hollywood special effect style studio work, I think we might want to consider that not all of the tax money goes for things like research and development for the internet , computer graphics, video games and Hollywood special effects research. If our taxes aren't going paying for unneeded comic book inspired cartoon weaponry and the like, perhaps some of it goes towards funding research that is kept top secret that involves much more practical and mundane areas of study like steel skyscraper construction and demolition?

Buildings are dynamic,” Guy says. “Parts wear out, technology changes, aesthetic fashion [evolves].” Most buildings eventually meet their end, and when they do, he says, we ought to be able to recover that building’s component parts and repurpose them.

The idea isn’t completely new. In 1851, the Brits built a 990,000-square-foot exhibition hall called the Crystal Palace. It was designed for deconstruction, its assemblies were simple and easy to access, and after the exhibition, the iron-and-plate-glass structure was taken apart piece by piece and reassembled on Penge Peak south of London. Today, the philosophy can be seen in the design of disaster housing and temporary military structures."

"But according to Guy, most buildings are temporary. And rather than the reactivity of adaptive reuse—in which only a fraction of a building’s materials may be usable—he suggests a more proactive approach: understanding at the outset how a building will be dismantled and making that process as efficient as possible.There is no one-size-fits-all approach to designing for deconstruction, but Guy says there are some obvious things architects should keep in mind: “Don’t glue everything; don’t use toxic materials.” Also, avoid composite materials and concealed connections. Keep assemblies simple and separable. Dimensions are also important, he says, and recommends designers use steel and timber at standard lengths whenever possible. In his classes, Guy pushes his students even further, asking them to design a building’s second life in addition to its first: “What is this going to be after you take it apart? Can you plan even that?” Many see the approach as an environmental imperative. Guy has the stats memorized: “The renovation and demolition of buildings produces 91 percent of all construction and demolition waste in the United States every year.” Proponents see design for deconstruction as part of the answer. The approach is catching on. Over the past 10 years, designers of everything from products to buildings have begun to consider end of life. In 2002, architectural thought leader William McDonough helped popularize some of these ideas with his book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things (a book that itself could be broken down and recycled nearly ad infinitum), and McDonough + Partners’ NASA Sustainability Base was designed with these principles in mind."

"Another challenge is cost. Demolition is far cheaper than taking a building apart by hand, even when considering the money generated by the sale of the recovered materials. And then there’s the labor and skills training. “You need to know how to take it apart, and you should know what the materials are,” Guy says. “A big issue is the long life of a building and the difficulty in maintaining information about material properties.” Those materials may not be desirable 50 years from now. Many existing buildings use materials now known to be hazardous. Will this still be true in another 50 years? There’s also a lack of research on the topic, in part because buildings designed for deconstruction can’t be studied until they reach their end of life. Guy is one of the few building scientists who has looked at deconstruction from an academic perspective, studying how much time it takes to deconstruct older buildings with today’s methods.

“It can get very specific, such as how many tasks are required to recover a material and make it acceptable for reuse,” he says. With any luck, it will be decades before NASA’s Sustainability Base reaches the end of its life; when it does, Guy hopes someone will be there to study it."

source: https://www.autodesk.com/redshift/recycled-buildings/

Tenants of One World Trade Center Before 9/11 Included The News Media Itself:

(this leaves aside all the governmental and governmental subcontracted offices in the two skyscrapers)

"Floor #110: Channel 2 (WCBS), Channel 4 (WNBC), Channel 5 (WNYW), Channel 7 (WABC), Channel 9 (WWOR), Channel 11 (WPIX), Channel 13 (WNET), Channel 31 (WPXN), Channel 47 (WNJU), WKCR-FM, WPAT-FM, WNYC-FM, WKTU-FM, Genuity, CNN"

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tenants_in_One_World_Trade_Center

The Art of Ignorant Apologetics:

Honest minds buy into obvious New and Government propaganda without thought.

"Only THREE 9/11 airplane videos are confirmed to have been shown LIVE. - From 07 The Key (at 3:30). FALSE. In fact, this claim is simply an absolute lie. There were at least seven national and/or local (or locally affiliated) news stations broadcasting LIVE coverage on the morning of 9/11/2001, including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, WB11, and local NY1. six of those stations captured the second plane while broadcasting live that morning. and one of those networks, CBS captured the plane with two different live cameras while switching. "

source: http://debunkingnoplanes.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-lies-of-ace-baker.html

Twin 110 Story Skyscrapers

Consider how minute and fragile an aluminum passenger jet is compared to huge towers of massive steel. Even if it could travel at some 500mph in the thick lower atmosphere, the passenger jets would have ended up as debris spread all over lower Manhattan. Bodies and luggage would rained down onto the streets of lower Manhattan. There would have been plenty of reports of all the debris and also of bystanders being killed and traffic accidents and all the would actually occur. With no passenger jets and no magical jet fuel we can also eliminate the idea of massive fires that magically burned for a long time beneath Ground Zero. The explanation for all the apparent smoke would be simple hot air, or steam.

[Vintage] World Trade Center Construction Promo (1968-1972) source: itwontcomeout5678

Only carefully rigged controlled demolitions can explain what happened on 9/11/2001.

This itself is an incredibly impressive feat of human ingenuity. This an example of the real technological achievement of the 21st century.

"...the Japanese construction company Kajima Corporation developed a building demolitions technique that involves using hydraulic jacks to demolish a billing from bottom up, one floor at a time. As tall buildings are often located in dense urban areas, blowing up a structure with explosives, or using a wrecking ball are often not an option."

source: http://global.ctbuh.org/resources/papers/download/302-a-new-demolition-method-for-tall-buildings-kajima-cut-take-down-method.pdf

The Kajima “Cut and Take Down Method"

"A high-rise construction boom in Japan during the 1960s and 1970s has resulted in a large amount of aging towers. Building owners have an interest in demolishing the old structures to replace them with more modern, safe, and work-friendly buildings, but there are several issues to address in this process. The Kajima “Cut and Take Down Method” was developed to satisfy both safety and environmental concerns. In April 2007, Kajima started to develop this new demolition method to demolish its aging office headquarters buildings, which were 76 meters tall and 65 meters tall. Buildings are usually demolished by placing heavy equipment and workers on the top floor and then lowering the waste material down to ground level. The “Cut and Take Down Method” alternatively allows the workers to start at the base and work their way up. By starting at the bottom, gutting one floor, and then lowering the entire building on jacks one floor at a time, all work can be performed safely at ground level."

"On the 85 by 60 meter site, the two towers were situated quite close to another office building and a residential building, emphasizing the need for a clean, quiet demolition process. To accomplish this, temporary columns are used around the structural column grid, the existing columns are replaced, and then hydraulic jacks are placed where the existing columns were and the building can be lowered to the next floor plate where the process is repeated. The hydraulic jacks each had a capacity of 1,200 tons, and supported the structure through each cycle of lowering. A cycle would lower the whole building by 675 mm, which meant that five cycles were required for each floor (total of 3.375 meters). The total time to demolish a whole floor was six days: 2.5 days for lowering and the remaining time to demolish the rest of the structure."

"A “core wall and load transferring frame” system are utilized to temporarily reinforce the structure to prevent any lateral movements due to wind or earthquake forces. The core wall was 400–900 mm thick reinforced concrete and was placed in the center of the floor plates up to the third level to take any lateral forces of the superstructure. To ensure the transfer of lateral loads, the load transferring frame was installed in steel and connected to the existing structure. It was then tied into the core wall with a track-like system, which would lock in place in the event of an earthquake.

The new method allows the dismantled building to keep the same level of seismic and wind resistance capability as its original design. It also reduces the amount of noise as compared with typical top-down approaches, because all the work is being completed at the ground level. Safety of workers is increased as well, due to the location of all the work being at ground level as opposed to the building top."

source with illustrations: Kajima Corporation Buildings – Demolition Method

How large of a structure can this technique be applied to and how much earlier was this technique developed?

"Although this method was developed for a building with steel frame structure up to 20 stories high, it can be applied to larger-scale buildings as well. Furthermore, this process is especially useful in densely built areas where typical demolition may impact neighboring buildings. The demolition of the two Kajima Towers was completed in nine months for the 20- and 17-story buildings. Though the costs of this method may be 5–10% higher than traditional methods, the total time of demolition can be decreased by 15%, increasing the turnover rate of the site."

source with illustrations: Kajima Corporation Buildings – Demolition Method

What Goes Up Must Come Down:

Got to keep the wheel of industry spinning.

Can an egg thrown at a brick or even plaster wall do anything but crack, no matter how fast it is thrown?

Even if the egg could go 600 mph would you expect it to penetrate the wall?

Trump Egg Fart.jpg

image source (sans face): Broken Eggs: A Memoir

Why are the obviously ignorant so sure about their irrelevant opinions?

Answer: Crowd Psych 101

(otherwise known as peer pressure)

Obviously passenger jets cannot take down huge towers of steel, certainly not under an hour and under two hours time of official record. In fact no matter how long we gave it, the passenger jets cannot do what official record claimed, it is simply absurd. Common sense should tell you that an aluminum jet cannot penetrate steel structure and that there would be debris from two passenger jets and bodies, strewn all over lower Manhattan. Consider how large passenger jet crash sites are supposed to be. The person who repeats official narrative without thought, is more than likely just an honest dupe who equates parroting of obvious cartoon physics with intellectual wisdom and education. This kind of mind might be so poisoned by mainstream media that they will never see how obviously and childishly wrong they are. Impossible explanations are not the most rational choice when the obvious is simply overlooked. Opinions like these represent the views of people who have religious faith in governmental and other forms of external authority, but who have no actual understanding about real world physics at all. There's footage of passenger jet  graveyards online that show a backhoe easily demolishing a passenger jet. These apologists have to ignore demonstrable reality and common sense. The real twin pillars of human reason. Instead official and obvious fallaciously and circularly sourced material is offered as "proof". This mere appeal to empty authority is no substitute for common sense. If passenger jet fuel and impact could demolish huge 110 story buildings of steel in around an hour and an hour and half, into essentially their own footprints, then all those expert demolitions teams best look for other work. Keep in mind if somehow God sent magic planes to destroy the Twin Towers, we'd expect there to be debris all over lower Manhattan. Why would the towers magically fall like controlled demolition? I am of the opinion that the televised footage from that day is more than likely not at all reflective of what actually occurred. I do not need to see real footage of the Twin Tower's demolition to know that it had to be carefully rigged and controlled and that to me is an impressive feat of human engineering that is somewhat mind boggling, once one considers the scale of it all and how long it would take to carefully set it all up. This had to be a large, inside job that many people were in on.

The passenger jets simply cannot achieve the feat claimed by official reports and this is obvious. No amount of damage control should be able to cover this huge lie and yet most people think those of us who even remotely question such things nuts, as they have been long programmed to think. The powers that be invented terms like "conspiracy theorist" and "tin foil hat" and promote these ideas for good reason: the many lies about governmental power and achievement become obvious to those who have some common sense and have bothered to actually look it into these claims for themselves. Parroting back governmental claims is no substitute for doing real research into a subject, which involves spending a lot of time learning about many different areas of knowledge. Real self education requires a lot of real hard work that never ends. By the way, each steel tower weighed something like 500,000 tons as opposed to the 200 ton weight for each fully fueled aluminum and fiberglass passenger jet. Relative mass and material durability matter.

An Example of Very Fallacious Apologetics:

Parroting governmental claims is not a sign of intelligent life. Down is now up because 4 out of 5 scientists say so. Nothing like having the crowd do your thinking for you.

"All of the research is in 100% agreement that what is seen in the video footage of the WTC attacks is not only possible, but expected according to the laws of physics. Question: Do you know how much scientific research exists that supports the "impossible physics" claim? Answer: ZERO."

source: http://debunkingnoplanes.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-lies-of-ace-baker.html

All The Peer Reviewed Cartoon Apologetics Can't Replace Common Sense

Crowd psychology seems to work doesn't it? Edward Bernays was right about human nature.

Most people seek leaders to follow. Most people are too lazy to actually learn how to think and to learn how to self educate. Most people are very stubborn when it comes to their opinions and truly believe in concepts that they really shouldn't. These minds cannot see what is right under their noses and might get angry with you when you point out obvious flaws in their thinking. They will then resort to a fallacious appeal to officially sanctioned majority mob mentality. As long as peer review says so, it must be so, because everybody couldn't possibly be wrong or under the same misguided mentality, reinforced with endlessly echoed media parrot choral song. These people would believe that an egg thrown fast enough should easily penetrate a brick wall. These people believe obviously impossible things because the News media and government and "everybody else" believes in the fantastic. Ever notice how superstitious most people actually are? People really seem to love yellow journal tabloid fare over mundane, demonstrable explanation.

"The impact and penetration of the 2nd plane into the South Tower as seen in video footage exhibits IMPOSSIBLE or "CARTOON" PHYSICS, and violates Newton's laws of motion. - From 06 What Planes? (at 2:25) FALSE—at least according to the numerous independent teams of research physicists and engineers who have actually studied the impacts, including researchers from MIT's Crashworthiness Laboratory, The University of Akron, Purdue University, Kajima Corp., etc. Detailed research using various approaches and methods has been published by these researchers in various peer-reviewed, professional and scientific journals. All of the research is in 100% agreement that what is seen in the video footage of the WTC attacks is not only possible, but expected according to the laws of physics. Question: Do you know how much scientific research exists that supports the "impossible physics" claim? Answer: ZERO."

source: http://debunkingnoplanes.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-lies-of-ace-baker.html

Passenger Jets & High Rise Skyscrapers: Two Crowning Achievements of 20th Century Engineering

What could cause the steam-like 9/11 style smoke?

What a wonderful long trail of what appears to be white steam.

Could it be just steam? An awful lot of what many of us take to be true turns out to be nothing more than a whole lot of hot air.

9/11 as it happened  source: George D


Big Factory Chimneys Produce Clouds of Water Vapor

"Flue-gas emissions from fossil-fuel combustion refers to the combustion-product gas resulting from the burning of fossil fuels.[1] Most fossil fuels are combusted with ambient air (as differentiated from combustion with pure oxygen). Since ambient air contains about 79 volume percent gaseous nitrogen (N2),[2] which is essentially non-combustible, the largest part of the flue gas from most fossil-fuel combustion is uncombusted nitrogen. Carbon dioxide (CO2), the next largest part of flue gas, can be as much as 10−25 volume percent or more of the flue gas. This is closely followed in volume by water vapor (H2O) created by the combustion of the hydrogen in the fuel with atmospheric oxygen. Much of the 'smoke' seen pouring from flue gas stacks is this water vapor forming a cloud as it contacts cool air."

image and quote source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flue-gas_emissions_from_fossil-fuel_combustion

The above clip is set to play from the part of the video that discusses the air conditioning system of the World Trade Center. The video clip below discusses the construction of the structure of the Towers and explains why the passenger jets would fail to penetrate into the tower's interior spaces. I recommend watching the entire documentary.

The History of World Trade Center - Documentary  source: History Documentary



"Engineers have found welding defects in the pipes of the high-pressure steam system that heats the World Trade Center, raising concern about a ''potential hazard'' in the busy Manhattan complex, according to an engineer's memorandum.  A leak in one of the pipes was found early this year and repaired. To find out whether the problem might be widespread, engineers then tested that weld and 12 others in different places. Ten of the 13 welds were defective, according to test reports. The welds were described as butt joints, in which the end of one pipe is joined to another.  Asked about the findings, Peter C. Goldmark Jr., executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns and operates the Trade Center, confirmed them and said the authority was concerned.  'It's a problem they've got to watch carefully,'' he said. ''They are testing it and watching it. It's a problem they're watching very closely.'' Test Results Awaited.

Mr. Goldmark said it was too early to say whether there might be any danger to those in the buildings or whether expensive repairs would be necessary. ''I hope to know something after the tests,'' he said. The tests are expected to cost $39,000.  The pipes, which are behind the walls of both twin towers and other office buildings, carry steam under a pressure of 150 pounds a square inch. A rupture could send steam into work or concourse areas, Mr. Goldmark said. About 50,000 people work in offices in the Trade Center, and 80,000 more pass through it daily. The center was officially opened in April 1973, but engineers said the heating system began operating three years earlier."

source: world trade center testing steam pipes after finding defective welds


Slate: "What’s That Thing? City Steam Edition" By Mark Vanhoenacker

"It’s back to Gotham for the latest in our quest to dispel the mysteries of the modern visual landscape. For previous columns, click here; to submit your own suggestions, e-mail us. This series started with a look at mysterious wires that run mostly unnoticed over many city streets, especially in New York. Now it’s time to examine a more visible feature of street life in America’s dirtiest city. No, not the city’s residents—who, though they may be America’s most stylish and diverse, are only the 15th most attractive (or 11th most attractive, when invited to rate themselves). I’m talking instead about the steam that, like Brigitte Bardot clutching a Gauloises, alluringly puffs from the streets of planet Earth’s second-tallest (or sixth-tallest?) metropolis.

New York’s photogenic vapors are at once mysterious and commonplace. Unless you grew up below 96th Street in Manhattan, you probably first saw this iconic steam on TV or in a movie. (It’s especially prominent in Scorsese’s Taxi Driver.) But whether you’re a visitor, a resident, or a long-distance admirer, this Manhattan spectacle is one of the many small sensory effects that make New York streetscapes so distinctive. The plumes are the perfect visual shorthand for Gotham’s underworld machinations—sandhogs and subways, schist and sewers.And steam. Something down there is causing steam to pour out from under the streets. So much steam, in fact, that these strange striped pipes are placed to channel it skywards. What’s up with the steam?"

"The answer is… a). Con Edison, New York City’s venerable power company, pipes steam to customers in Manhattan just like any other utility product (such as gas, water, or electricity). The steam—some purposely created, some a ‘waste’ byproduct of electricity generation—comes from power plants. Commercial, urban steam systems of this size are rare, and New York’s is the world’s largest. (Lockport, N.Y., had the world’s first urban steam system, in 1877, and Denver’s is the world’s oldest in continuous operation.) NYC’s system has 105 miles of main pipes, 3,000 manholes, and reaches around 1,800 buildings—everything from the Empire State Building to United Nations Headquarters. Steam connections run from the southern tip of Manhattan to 96th Street on the West Side and 89th Street on the East Side. 

What’s the steam used for? A little bit of it is used as, well, steam—to operate laundries and even to sterilize hospital equipment. But a lot of it is used to heat buildings and their water supplies. Surprisingly, given that the steam’s temperature is around 350 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s also used to cool buildings, via the dark magic of absorption refrigerators. According to Michael Clendenin, director of media relations for Con Edison, the use of steam to cool buildings results in a big reduction in summer demand on the electricity grid. Urban steam systems offer significant advantages, because a large power plant is generally much more efficient than individual boilers in buildings. Measures to reduce air pollution can be centralized, too.  But given the significant cost in infrastructure—a whole set of pipes under a city doesn’t come cheap—urban steam makes most sense in densely populated areas. Manhattan, say. If the steam is so useful, why is so much of it wafting up into New York’s streets? Much of the steam drifting atmospherically toward the stars isn’t steam from the steam system—rather, it’s produced when water (at least, let’s hope it’s water) from other sources comes into contact with the steam system and is heated into steam itself. Safety valves may also release steam, as do leaks.When ongoing repairs are required, it’s time to put in one of the striped “steam stacks” that are commonly seen in New York. Why? To protect people from burns, and to ensure that the steam doesn’t disrupt traffic.

Occasionally the steam system causes more serious mayhem. Three people were killed in a steam system explosion near Gramercy Park in 1989. In 2007, a spectacular explosion killed one person and “propelled a giant scalding jet of brownish steam” 40 stories above East 41st Street and Lexington Avenue. (You can see dramatic pictures of this second event online.) Asbestos, used to insulate old pipes, is an additional concern when such explosions occur."

article & image source: http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2012/11/23/what_is_the_steam_rising_from_below_new_york_city_streets_our_latest_what.html

New York City Steam System

"The New York City steam system is a district heating system which takes steam produced by steam generating stations and carries it under the streets of Manhattan to heat and cool high rise buildings and businesses. Some New York businesses and facilities also use the steam for cleaning and disinfection.

The New York Steam Company began providing service in lower Manhattan on March 3, 1882. Today, Consolidated Edison operates the largest commercial steam system in the world. The organization within Con Edison that is responsible for the system's operation is known as Steam Operations, providing steam service to over 1,700 customers and serving commercial and residential establishments in Manhattan from Battery Park to 96th Street uptown on the West side and 89th Street on the East side of Manhattan. Roughly 24 billion pounds (11,000,000 t) of steam flow through the system every year."

source: New York City steam system - Wikipedia

Giant Weather Modification Cloud Machine via Hoax Busters Call

Me, I'm skeptical of all NASA claims, especially in light of all the Hollywood mythologically based ones, like outer space bound rocketry, other kinds of spacecraft and Austin Powers satellite style weather control. NASA and the rest of the space agencies are as obviously fake and contrived as nation state borders. The space race was really used to promote atomic age terror and still is used in this manner to this day. That aside, I do think more mundane and down to Earth explanations worth speculating and pondering. I don't know about 9/11 super top secret weather control programs or other NASA like claims, what I do know is that human beings know how to produce an awful lot of hot air. This particular NASA, BBC News production might be selling NASA sized tall tales of weather manipulation when the fact is all they are doing is  generating huge clouds of steam that would more than likely expand and eventually evaporate like the water vapor contrails that high flying passenger jets leave arcing across the sky (weather conditions permitting). NASA making a big steam machine makes sense to me. A lot of hot air and noise is needed to cover a lot of governmental bullshit. (pardon my NASA)

Governmental weather radar systems like NEXRAD would seem to embody the promised technology of people like Nikola Tesla, who also did mention weather manipulation. Whether (pun intended) such ideas are anything but governmental Platonic smoke screen or not, is another matter. Water does get electrically polarized and one is wise to not attempt to use a hairdryer in the bath tub; so there's something to the idea of controlling the weather with radio, or radar (i.e. electrical) based technology. I think speculating about this kind of technology reasonable but still somewhat questionable, as we have to rely on things we cannot confirm and examine for ourselves. There's also the all too human tendency to go and run hog wild with fantastic and imaginative speculation and government has means, motive and opportunity to encourage fanciful speculation that reinforces the myth of governmental power. I haven't done extensive research into this subject yet and I am very open to the possibility that there is something to what would otherwise seem to be quite fantastic claims. The tabloid noise machine source of many of these claims gives me pause, which is deserved of course. 

see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NEXRAD

GIANT Weather Modification Cloud Machine From NASA~BBC News  source: TheKimrob

Coptic New Years Eve 2000: September 10th, 2001

A New Millennium is About To Dawn!

Never Forget that 9/11 "wiped everyone's memory clean." I believe that's a quote from someone in this video, below:

9/10: The Final Hours HD  source: Дејан ЦзБг

What's in charge?

"Corporate branding of all Nigerian ID Cards"

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MasterCard#Corporate_branding_of_all_Nigerian_ID_Cards

Who is in charge might just be the wrong question. I'm not referring to science fiction ideas like digital artificial intelligence, I am referring to the system itself that we end up enslaved to, in one way or another. There are many types of chains and many ways to be enslaved,  From coronated World Queen with a lavish chain made of golden Sun corona crowns, and cross topped world orbs, to the bottom News media fed wage slave, or even lower down the global food chain, all are very real slaves to a system that does not serve humanity. The road to Hell is paved with best intent and we do not need tabloid conspiracy based bogeymen to explain crowd psychology and basic human behavior that effects all social classes, from tippy top to the very foundational serf-like bottom. What is really in charge of our collective global world of commercial product and fake National identity divides? There are plenty of families and old world nobility and plenty of blame to go around. Perhaps instead of playing blame games our time would be better spent figuring out ways to escape the slavery of government. 

Is everyone about to be branded?

master card.jpg

Working 24/7 For The Rest Of Your Life: What A Way To Make A Living!


Images of the Sun have long been associated with money. Here the coronated crowned Sun King Sol Invictus is depicted on one side of the coin and on the other side is the mythic chariot of the sun god drawn by magical sky horses. This is obviously an example early yellow journalistic thinking. Magical Sun men would evolve into modern day super heroes.

source: Sol Invictus - Wikipedia  •  Yellow journalism - Wikipedia

Banks mean urbanization. Urbanization means guards and gates of one type or another. Beware cool solar cult based, corporate logos.

Calendars and time keeping maintain the wheels of industrialization. City walls are physical borders. Today airports with post 9/11 Patriot Act enhanced security inspections act in the same manner as medieval style city-gate warden guards would, national identities and passports, paperwork and fees, fines, threats of deportation and jail tine make up the modern world of globalized commerce. The Royalty at the top of global social pyramid have always controlled the means of mass transportation. Today an entire massive industrialized system exists to manage this very important resource. No matter how many newer layers of government and international business that have grown over the centuries, the paperwork trail still leads back to old European crowned heads. Today supposed "democratic" governmental bodies restrict Natural travel. We can't simply pick up and move to where we want and the truth about immigration is that governments and banking interests have always been in the business of moving massive amounts of human resource around this fine globe of ours.

The free masonic pilgrimage system and the old slavery business have evolved into the global post World War Two, massive travel and hotel industry of today.

Robert Plant Band Of Joy - 12 Gates To The City  source: HoneyboyWalter

How do they build gates into city walls?

"An arch is a structure that spans an opening and supports weight. Arches have been around for thousands of years, and were originally constructed out of stone. During the Roman Empire the engineering of the masonry arch was perfected and its structural element defined."

Oh, so that's what the twin pillars are for. It's a literal stonemason reference. Imagine that.

source: Circular-Based Arches – Part 1: One-Centered and Two-Centered ...

"In 2014, pursuant to an agreement between MasterCard and the Nigerian Government, acting through the National Identity Management Commission, the new Nigerian ID cards will bear MasterCard logo, contain personal database data and double as payment cards, irrevocably linking such payments to the individuals, sparking criticism by the Civil Rights Congressalleging that it "represents a stamped ownership of a Nigerian by an American company ... "

"...reminiscent of the logo pasted on the bodies of African slaves transported across the Atlantic."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MasterCard#Corporate_branding_of_all_Nigerian_ID_Cards

The Not So Free Federal Republic of Nigeria

"Press Releases: MasterCard to Power Nigerian Identity Card Program"

"13 Million Cards to be issued first, in largest card rollout of its kind in Africa"

"Cape Town, South Africa – May 8, 2013 – The Nigerian National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and MasterCard today announced at the World Economic Forum on Africa the roll-out of 13 million MasterCard-branded National Identity Smart Cards with electronic payment capability as a pilot program. The National Identity Smart Card is the Card Scheme under the recently deployed National Identity Management System (NIMS). This program is the largest roll-out of a formal electronic payment solution in the country and the broadest financial inclusion initiative of its kind on the African continent.

As part of the program, in its first phase, Nigerians 16 years and older, and all residents in the country for more than two years, will get the new multipurpose identity card which has 13 applications including MasterCard’s prepaid payment technology that will provide cardholders with the safety, convenience and reliability of electronic payments. This will have a significant and positive impact on the lives of these Nigerians who have not previously had access to financial services.

The Project will have Access Bank Plc as the pilot issuer bank for the cards and Unified Payment Services Limited (Unified Payments) as the payment processor. Other issuing banks will include United Bank for Africa, Union Bank, Zenith, Skye Bank, Unity Bank, Stanbic, and First Bank."

quote and image source: MasterCard to Power Nigerian Identity Card Program | Global Hub • https://newsroom.mastercard.com/press-releases/mastercard-to-power-nigerian-identity-card-program/

President Trump: The King of All Media Cards

King Trump Hasve A Heart.jpg

The Master Card Calls: Banknet The World With Cards

"MasterCard operates Banknet, a global telecommunications network linking all MasterCard card issuers, acquirers, and data processing centers into a single financial network. The operations hub is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Banknet uses the ISO 8583 protocol.

MasterCard's network differs significantly from Visa's. Visa's is a star-based system where all endpoints terminate at one of several main data centers, where all transactions are processed centrally. MasterCard's network is an edge-based, peer-to-peer network where transactions travel a meshed network directly to other endpoints, without the need to travel to a single point. This allows MasterCard's network to be much more resilient, in that a single failure cannot isolate a large number of endpoints."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MasterCard#Banknet

The Steam Parts To Reveal A Possible Future of National Identity Branded Smart Card Products

"The new National Identity Smart Card will incorporate the unique National Identification Numbers (NIN) of duly registered persons in the country. The enrollment process involves the recording of an individual’s demographic data and biometric data (capture of 10 fingerprints, facial picture and digital signature) that are used to authenticate the cardholder and eliminate fraud and embezzlement. The resultant National Identity Database will provide the platform for several other value propositions of the NIMC including identity authentication and verification."

"Upon completion of the National ID registration process, NIMC aims to introduce more than 100 million cards to Nigeria’s 167 million citizens."

source: MasterCard to Power Nigerian Identity Card Program | Global Hub • https://newsroom.mastercard.com/press-releases/mastercard-to-power-nigerian-identity-card-program/

"CNN Marketplace Africa is a weekly show offering a unique window into African business on and off the continent."

"(CNN) -- What does it mean to be Nigerian? That's the question on the lips of many in Africa's most populous country as new national identity cards are being rolled out. But this is an I.D. with a difference. The card, which fits into a wallet and comes with a credit-card style chip, can also be used to make electronic payments. Nigerians can use it to deposit funds, receive social benefits, pay for goods and withdraw cash at ATMs across the country, according to MasterCard, which provides the card's prepaid payment technology. The company also claims that by providing proof of identity, the card solves one of the biggest problems people face when trying to open a bank account. "To all Nigerians, I say, remember the National Identification Number, is your identity," Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan said at the launch of the National Identity Smart Card, or NeID, at the end of August. "The card is not only a means of certifying your identity, but also a personal database repository and payment card, all in your pocket."

source: Why Mastercard is establishing a Nigerian Identity - CNN.com

Pakistan: "MasterCard collaborates with NADRA to optimise national ID cards..."

"KARACHI: MasterCard, a leading technology company in the global payments industry, has announced a strategic collaboration with Pakistan’s NADRA Technologies to optimise national ID cards with electronic payments functionality. The move will allow Pakistani citizens to carry out financial transactions and receive government disbursements by utilising the unique 13-digit identification number of their identity card. Citizens will also be able to use their national ID to send and receive domestic and international remittances, eliminating the requirement to physically visit a bank branch or currency exchange house to meet their money transfer needs."

source: https://tribune.com.pk/story/1299500/mastercard-collaborates-nadra-optimise-national-id-cards-e-payment-functionality/

see also: List of national identity card policies by country - Wikipedia

"To all Nigerians, I say, remember the National Identification Number, is your identity," Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan said..."

source: Why Mastercard is establishing a Nigerian Identity - CNN.com

A Company of Royal Adventurers Trading to Africa, Presents:

What was the Royal African Company? 


"Thousands of slaves arrived in the New World with the company’s initials branded on their chests."

"In 1619, some 20 Africans arrived at Jamestown, Virginia, where they were purchased from Dutch privateers to aid in the English colony’s lucrative, labor-intensive cultivation of tobacco. As profits piled up and slavery spread through the American colonies, the British crown decided to exert control over the slave trade to the colonies (and the wealth it generated). According to the Navigation Act of 1660, only English-owned ships could enter colonial ports. That same year, King Charles II granted a charter to the Company of Royal Adventurers Trading to Africa. Led by the king’s younger brother James, the Duke of York (later King James II), this group had a monopoly on British trade with West Africa, including gold, silver and slaves. Thanks to England’s war with the Netherlands, the original company collapsed under mounting debts in 1667, reemerging in 1672 with a new royal charter and a new name: the Royal African Company (RAC).

RAC ships sailed from Bristol, Liverpool and London to West Africa, operating from military forts based along some 5,000 miles of coastline from Cape Sallee (in present-day Morocco) to Cape of Good Hope (in what is now South Africa). From 1680-86, the company transported an average of 5,000 slaves per year, most of which were shipped to colonies in the Caribbean and Virginia. Thousands of slaves arrived in the New World with the company’s initials branded on their chests. Demand for slaves was still too high for one company to meet, however, and the RAC effectively lost its monopoly in 1689, after the Glorious Revolution toppled King James II in favor of William and Mary. By the end of the 17th century, England led the world in slave trading, and would continue to do so throughout the 18th century. The RAC continued to engage in slave trading until 1731, when it switched to trafficking in gold dust and ivory. In 1752, Parliament dissolved the RAC and transferred all of its assets to the Company of Merchants Trading to Africa."

source: http://www.history.com/news/ask-history/what-was-the-royal-african-company

The Trade Mark of The Beast: Branded Like An Animal

Future Fashion & Commerce Based National Identity Technology?

Aye Corona! What a 'crowning' achievement!

Laura-Wright-Back-Tattoo copy.jpg

image source: http://cdn.glamcheck.com/fashion/files/2013/10/Laura-Wright-Back-Tattoo.jpg

A Possible Future When Humanity Will Be Even More Enslaved To Consumerism and Commericalism

Where do you think the cultural joy ride brought about by world trade as we know it, leads? If we don't do anything to humanize inhuman systems we will have nobody to blame but ourselves. We can blame the global managerial class, we can blame crowned heads at the top of the pyramid scheme, we can blame every layer in between. We can follow trails of matzo ball crumbs searching for cryptic family ties amidst a whole bunch of what could just be genealogical lies and never fix one problematic societal thing. As long as we collectively allow all sorts of cultural and national identities and even social class based divides to keep us separated into distinct groups with no shared obvious ties, we all risk a very unpleasant collective demise.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia:

It's About Time: Artemis & Apollo's Masterful Artificial Construct

Observation of the motions of the Sun and Moon inspired humanity to come up with the idea of time. Money is time and time is money. Space can magically become time too. It's easy to do when it's all imaginary. We are all supposed to fear the Saturnian Reaper, lord of government, commercial enterprise and time.

Divine Natural Principle transcends our puny idea we call time. Eternity is. Time is not.

Grooving 9 To 5 Space Time

I do not think there's any real incentive to kill off a (slowly) growing global consumer based work force. In fact I'd argue global banking interests have only begun to really get things going. Perhaps the plan was, and is, to slow population growth, but not stop it altogether. I think the argument can be made that this is just the start of an even better brave new world of economic opportunity and all the rest. The system itself provides the incentive for a very real future where the globe itself is like one big office space of sorts. The idea of National Identity cards linked to credit and bank accounts would be but a beginning for so much more. Picture a global internet of human things, always consuming or working in one way or another. There are many creative ways to get people to both earn money and spend it from the convenience of their own homes. Consider how even children's games like Angry Birds are monetized with insidious in-app purchases. If we extrapolate this kind of thinking and very real behavior, and we should considering the basic contagious nature of human beings, we need no great conspiracy to explain the road to hell paved with the best (and most profitable)  intentions that gets the real and future collective "us", there. In other words future generations of humanity could end up even more enslaved to a very inhuman system of commercial based reward and punishment. Our collective future looks like it will be filed with more laws, taxes, fees, fines, needless governmental growth and inevitable jail time.

There is incentive to scare the hell out of people so they fear the little men behind mommy's big curtain.

Keep your eyes 'peeled' for a 5 to 9 clock-face reference at the start of the Dolly Parton 9 to 5 music video, that ties into the subject matter of this particular article.

Happy 'eggcidents' do happen after all.

Dolly Parton - Nine to Five  source: ifonlytheeighties