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This website exists to serve as public resource for reverse imagineering world-wide culture, one that takes a critical look at the numerous artifacts and other types of relics that represent our shared collective international heritage. This blog is dedicated to examining social engineering and the use of tax funded governmental propaganda, and the mainstream media, as international human resource management tools.

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Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power - Part 1


Propaganda: The Art of Direct Control

When Woodrow Wilson was President, Washington D.C. was filed with grass fields; just farmland filled with sheep. When Trump was sworn in one hundred years later, farmland and sheep had become steel sky scraping towers filled with a different kind of flock. Contrived warfare sold to the public creates the idea that government is needed. Government backed apocalyptic artists and authors have always 'sculpted' human personas. Existential threats and identity products are artifacts of the bread and circus culture offered to most minds. Government is a racket. It is the real mafia and it is a corporate con job. Government means we are not free.

We are all wage slaves tied to an inhuman system of governance. From the lowest to the highest. Wage slave, old time banker family or queen.

Mental slavery has many forms.

Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power - Part 1  source: StormCloudsGathering