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Addicted To The Power of Art


The Medium of the Mass Age: Confusing Paint for People


Art & Idolatry:

The Powerful Feeling of Getting Drunk on Cultural Constructs

"In order for art to exist, or indeed for any aesthetic doing or seeing whatsoever to exist [Nietzsche wrote in one of his last works, The Twilight of the Idols (1888)], “there is a physiological prerequisite that is not to be avoided: intoxication. Intoxication must first have heightened the sensibility of the whole machine, before it can come to any art. And all kinds of special varieties of intoxication have the power to work in this way: above all, that of sexual excitement, which is the first and oldest form of intoxication. And then, too, the intoxication that comes with any great desire, any great emotion: the intoxication of the festival, of a combat, bravado, victory, or of any extreme movement; the intoxication of ferocity; the intoxication of destruction; intoxication under various sorts of meteorological influence, that of spring for example; or under the influence of narcotics; or finally the intoxication sheerly of the will, of an over- charged, inflated will. — The essential thing in all intoxication is the feeling of heightened power and a fullness. With this feeling one addresses oneself to things, compels them to receive what one has to give, one overpowers them: and this procedure is called idealization. But let us, right here, get rid of a prepossession: idealization does not, as is generally thought, consist in a leaving out, a subtraction of the insignificant, the incidental. What is decisive, rather, is a tremendous exaggeration of the main features, before which those others disappear."

source: page 655 Creative Mythology by Joseph Campbell


This is Your Brain On Mainstream Media...

"In a brain that people love to describe as “awash with chemicals,” one chemical always seems to stand out. Dopamine: the molecule behind all our most sinful behaviors and secret cravings. Dopamine is love. Dopamine is lust. Dopamine is adultery. Dopamine is motivation. Dopamine is attention. Dopamine is feminism. Dopamine is addiction.

My, dopamine’s been busy.

Dopamine is the one neurotransmitter that everyone seems to know about. Vaughn Bell once called it the Kim Kardashian of molecules, but I don’t think that’s fair to dopamine. Suffice it to say, dopamine’s big. And every week or so, you’ll see a new article come out all about dopamine.

So is dopamine your cupcake addiction? Your gambling? Your alcoholism? Your sex life? The reality is dopamine has something to do with all of these. But it is none of them. Dopamine is a chemical in your body. That’s all. But that doesn’t make it simple."

source: What is dopamine? Love, lust, sex, addiction, gambling, motivation ...


Self Identifying As The Dopey Dwarf

"The Social Media Dopamine Hit

When Joe and millions of other Americans wake up and tweet about the weather, Instagram their breakfast or send a Snapchat, they’re getting one undeniable benefit: brain candy.

In 2010, researchers found that 80% of social media posts were announcements about people’s immediate experience -- Facebook status updates like Joe’s “OMG that is A LOT of snow” are the norm in social feeds. So in 2012, two researchers at Harvard were curious about this and decided to see how self-disclosure affects the brain.

It turns out that talking about our own thoughts and experiences activates the rewards system of the brain, providing that same shot of dopamine we get from sex, food and exercise. The reward activity in the brain is also much greater when people get to share their thoughts with others.

Simply put, Joe’s wake-up tweet gave his brain pleasure."

source: Dopamine and the Other Levers of Social Marketing - Innovation Insights


Into Bondage?

Government & Hollywood have a social system of officially sanctioned ironically iconic self identifying idols for you to emulate.

"In new research published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they found, for the first time, that the neurotransmitter dopamine is involved in human bonding, bringing the brain’s reward system into our understanding of how we form human attachments. The results, based on a study with 19 mother-infant pairs, have important implications for therapies addressing postpartum depression as well as disorders of the dopamine system such as Parkinson’s disease, addiction, and social dysfunction."

source: How humans bond: the brain chemistry revealed - College of Science

Dopamine - Wikipedia

Celebrity and Entertainment Obsession: Understanding Our Addiction

Social Psychology: Psychology, Social psychology


A Gnostic Post Script: UnSpun 079 - Gavan Kearney: "Content Vs Context & Imitations Of Christ"

What is art good for?

Manipulating the pleasure centers of youthful and highly impressionable neurology in order to program mass produced social role playing identity products.

Pop Art Provides Many With An Intense and Decades Long Lasting Cultural High

1960's Pop Hippie Culture Shall Never Die!

UnSpun 079 - Gavan Kearney: "Content Vs Context & Imitations Of Christ" source: GnosticMedia

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