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This website exists to serve as public resource for reverse imagineering world-wide culture, one that takes a critical look at the numerous artifacts and other types of relics that represent our shared collective international heritage. This blog is dedicated to examining social engineering and the use of tax funded governmental propaganda, and the mainstream media, as international human resource management tools.

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Occult Science 29.5 - Transhumanism, National Geographic & the Arts



An Occult Science Interlude

(Mature Language Warning)

Occult Science 29.5 - Transhumanism, National Geographic & the Arts  source: schism206

The Imagined Coming Age of The Supposed Superman:

Mind Becomes One With Machine: If They Can Do It, They Will

"According to Nick Bostrom, transcendentalist impulses have been expressed at least as far back as in the quest for immortality in the Epic of Gilgamesh, as well as in historical quests for the Fountain of Youth, the Elixir of Life, and other efforts to stave off aging and death.  There is debate about whether the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche can be considered an influence on transhumanism despite its exaltation of the "Übermensch" (overman or superman), due to its emphasis on self-actualization, rather than technological transformation  The transhumanist philosophies of Max More and Stefan Lorenz Sorgner have been influenced strongly by Nietzschean thinking.  By way of contrast, The Transhumanist Declaration "...advocates the well-being of all sentience (whether in artificial intellects, humans, posthumans, or non-human animals)"."

Transhumanism - Wikipedia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Maureen Ponderosa, the Cat Part 1/2  source:  Frank Reynolds (Best of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Perhaps One Day When Everyone Has Chipped Brains, "We" Will All Be Able To Visit The Lunar Surface & Walk In Armstrong's Impossible Footsteps!

"Tyson’s Space Odyssey VR Experience will make its debut at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Described in an official statement as both “an educational and entertaining interactive exhibition that will highlight some of the upcoming advances in virtual reality, as well as showcase the forthcoming Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Space Odyssey multi-platform franchise.”

source:  Neil deGrasse Tyson To Make Virtual Reality Debut At Comic-Con  •  Neil deGrasse Tyson Voyages Into Gaming With Space Odyssey ...

If Everyone Is Merged With Technology Then A Multiverse of Augmented Reality is On The Way: A Real Flat Earth Visit To The Great Ice Rink Wall Becomes A Possibility!

Two false virtual reality choices are offered to avoid people considering the motionless globe model. The one that best describes what we actually experience.

Red Cross Shielded Banking Boundaries


image source: Dragon boundary mark - Wikipedia

British Dinosaur or Dragon?

"Sir Richard Owen KCB FRMS FRS (20 July 1804 – 18 December 1892) was an English biologist, comparative anatomist and paleontologist. Despite being a controversial figure, Owen is generally considered to have been an outstanding naturalist with a remarkable gift for interpreting fossils.

Owen produced a vast array of scientific work, but is probably best remembered today for coining the word Dinosauria (meaning "Terrible Reptile" or "Fearfully Great Reptile"). An outspoken critic of Charles Darwin's theory of evolutionby natural selection, Owen agreed with Darwin that evolution occurred, but thought it was more complex than outlined in Darwin's On the Origin of Species.Owen's approach to evolution can be seen as having anticipated the issues that have gained greater attention with the recent emergence of evolutionary developmental biology. Owen also campaigned for the natural specimens in the British Museum to be given a new home. This resulted in the establishment, in 1881, of the now world-famous Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London. Bill Brysonargues that, "by making the Natural History Museum an institution for everyone, Owen transformed our expectations of what museums are for".

His contributions to science and public learning notwithstanding, Owen's driving ambition, occasionally vicious temperament, and determination to succeed meant that he was not always popular with his fellow scientists. Owen was feared and even hated by some contemporaries such as Thomas Henry Huxley. His later career was tainted by controversies, many of which involved accusations that he took credit for other people's work."

Dragon Marks

"The dragon boundary marks are cast iron statues of dragons on metal or stone plinths that mark the boundaries of the City of London. The dragons are painted silver, with details of their wings and tongue picked out in red. The dragon stands on one rear leg, the other lifted against a shield, with the right foreleg raised and the left foreleg holding a shield which bears the City of London's coat of arms, painted in red and white. This stance is the equivalent of the rampant heraldic 'attitude' of the supporters of the City's arms."

sources: Richard Owen - Wikipedia  •  Dragon boundary mark - Wikipedia  •  saurian - Online Etymology Dictionary

Occult Science 26.0 - Evolution & Darwinism in the Qabalah of Genesis  source: schism206