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Occult Science


Foreword: Occult Just Means Screen

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Happy Belated 9/11!

Our world is one based on a Solar, Lunar & Stellar Cult Like Obsession


Wanna join a cult?

For Some Festive Fun Please Click Here: President Donald Trump's 9/11 Demolitions Guide 

Please note the Twin Towers history video, History Channel's "The History of World Trade Center - Documentary" has been reconnected so the video plays again.

Ours is an artificially constructed world of layers and layers of virtual reality lies. Never believe what you see on a screen without a lot of critical thinking.

9/11 Was The Ultimate Inside Job,  Publicity Stunt & An Example of "Occult" Science

The Twin Fat Ladies Sang A Funeral Tune For The 20th Century

The construction of the towers themselves reveal why aluminum and fiber glass jets could never penetrate the perimeter of the towers any more so than you would expect an egg traveling at 700 mph to be able to penetrate a plaster wall. Relative mass matters, the towers were some 500,000 tons compared to 200 tons for each jet. Computer cartoon jets can't harm anyone or anything.  The towers were made of steel and the jets of aluminum and fiber glass. Another interesting idea the above article gets into is that the huge plume of steamy white smoke might be best explained as just steam pumped from the larger than aircraft carrier sized basement plumbing that was connected to the Hudson River. I recommend watching the documentary or otherwise learning about how the Twin Towers were constructed. The construction itself indicates how they might have gone about pulling off one of the real impressive engineering feats of the 20th century, the demolition of the Twin Towers. The construction also shows us why passenger jets could never do what governmental and media story claims. It is simply impossible.

Occult Really Means Cartoon: Much of What is Offered as Mainstream Science is Best Described as Occult

The events of 9/11 can be nothing but an incredible feat of very real human engineering. In this case the controlled demolition of those towers are an example of a real achievement of human ingenuity and teamwork, just like the building of the towers themselves was. The construction and deconstruction of the Twin Towers is not best explained with cartoon reasoning like mini-nukes, Judy Wood tabloid style Tesla weaponry or the like. The official governmental approved explanation is an obvious physical impossibility as well. The fact that more people do not realize that things like passenger jet graveyard video clearly show us that backhoes can easily dismantle passenger jets, is the result of the effect of mass media promoted crowd psychology more than anything else.

People really buy into the idea that the fuel on those jets would be more than just a slight splash of nothing compared to the massive towers. The idea that jet fuel could weaken the steel in under two hours as described is silly. In fact the God Apollo would have had to put all of lower Manhattan into Holy Hephaestus furnace in order to achieve such a feat. There was nowhere near enough jet fuel to do the job. In fact jet fuel is not what is used to demolish skyscrapers. It would never work. Does your metal barbecue melt when you light a charcoal fire in it? If it were that easy, highly trained demolitions teams would be out of work and kerosene would need to be banned as a weapon of mass destruction. But the News and government and university text book agree that none of this is a problem, so what do I know? Down is up and up down and 2 + 2 = 5 by peer reviewed decree. See the heliocentric pattern?

How computer cartoon passenger jets can actually kill anyone is beyond me. We can really only speculate as to what really happened to the victims, and we can only guess as to how many were even real people in the first place. Witness protection and college level CIA type recruiting programs would seem to explain things. I am pretty sure some of them were real people, but now we have a problem where we have claims of someone dying in a plane crash that is just a cartoon. What I want to know is how can someone enter a two dimensional cartoon reality and get killed there? What kind of super top secret technology allows for that? We also know that the News media 'is in on it' , as they say. We have plenty of video of obviously coached victim families and friends to look at to see the smirking and contrived, duping delightful truth. I do not claim to have all the answers. All I know is that passenger jets cannot physically demolish huge steel towers. I know that the official story is nothing but an official cartoon product.  AA Morris

I highly recommend the work of the Youtube 'podcaster' who goes by the name schism206.

occult science.jpg

image source: schism206

All The World's a Scripted Gilded Royal Shakespeare Global Stage:

Want to take a real peak behind the scenes to see what has been screened?

Occult Science 0.0 - Introduction & the Flat Earth Debate

Flat Earth vs Heliocentric Theory

Ptolemy wants to know why his model gets no attention or love. Tycho Brahe gets more shout outs. I'm not trying to criticize those who think the world better described as flat. It just seems odd to me that the obvious gets overlooked.

Occult Science 0.0 - Introduction & the Flat Earth Debate  source:  schism206

Every Cult Needs A Great Mystery & Astronomers Need To Eat

Nobody ever seems to stop and think for a moment about motive. The early astronomers were men who would figure out things like horoscopes and engage in all sorts of alchemical and mystical religious speculation, Some of it would become demonstrable chemistry and some would become foundation for NASA based silliness. These men, like the cosmologists of today, need to get paid and need to eat. I think they made much bigger deals out of minute problems with celestial modeling than need be. I think they had obvious motive to keep mysteries going in order to keep getting paid. The motionless globe model of Ptolemy works just fine. None of the models human beings construct can ever be as precise or as perfect as claimed. Modern science promotes the nonsensical and unprovable idea that people can measure and cut objects with the precision on the level of atoms. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's s shame, and I wish this weren't the case, but "science" is filled with a lot of propaganda nonsense.

The Impressive Modeling of Relative Motion Is An Achievement of Human Ingenuity, whether it actually represents reality or not.


image source: File:Kepler Mars retrograde.jpg - Wikimedia Commons  •  Apparent retrograde motion - Wikipedia

Planetary Retrograde Motion is Not What It Seems

Much ado is made over imagined anomalies like supposed planetary retrograde motion which is not as it seems. The spirograph like patterns we see in illustrations of this imagined phenomena is not at all like what we can actually witness for ourselves. If the Sun were to be magcially extinguished, the idea is that we'd be able to witness Mars, move like all other celestial bodies; it would be seen to simply rise in the north east part of the sky and set in the north west after reaching a southern sky, noon height, like all other celestial phenomena does. I am not making this up as this is what people have observed for centuries, and still do to this day. The apparent retrograde motion is not much different from the solar analemma. The planet Mars, like all other celestial bodies, is actually observed from the point of view of a motionless Earth. The illustrations and simulations of this phenomena tend to obscure this fact. More about retrograde motion to come, a future article will get into this subject further, but from our point of view the planet Mars, like the Sun and Moon, looks like it speeds up and slows down and otherwise alters its position in the sky as it appears to circle our world in Saturn ring like fashion. All anyone can truly demonstrate is that the lights in the sky move around us. Not around the Sun. That latter idea is only the result of imaginative and fallacious modeling and this is how Copernicus started people down the wrong allegorical path. Problems began to quickly arise, but humanity seems to love the art of ad hoc apologetics, and Kepler would soon sweep in to save the day! With time and effort, the Sun blinded cultists eventually got their way and as if by magic, "everyone" then believed the Earth went around the Sun. 

see: U.S. Naval Data Rise/Set/Transit Times for Major Solar System Bodies and Bright Stars  and Analemma - Wikipedia

Superman Mimics The Motions of The Sun Moon and Planets Around The Earth

Superman, a modern Apollo like Hercules figure makes a Ptolemaic planetary path around the world, creating the image of Saturn, the allegorical lord of time.

Superman Turning Back Time  source: BattleOfShadows


This Occult Science series is excellent. The host of it discusses the esoteric freemasonic origins of heliocentric theory and NASA. Here's the link to the playlist:

Occult Science Series: The Hidden Deity of the Cosmos

This work seems to provide excellent insight into the belief system of those who founded modern cosmological thought.

"Look up in the sky!" said the wise traveling pickpocket.

This Youtube playlist is an excellent resource. schism206 breaks down the masonic and esoteric origins of heliocentric theory & NASA. schism206 gets into the esoteric and condescending idea that there is the profane flat plane on one hand, which is for the ignorant to consider, and the moving globe Earth on the other, which is a sacred "truth" for those "in the know". These two secret society and masonic-like choices, overlook the model of Ptolemy. Why no love for the basic globe shaped motionless model? What would seem to be ignored and overlooked by esoteric sources like Madame Blavatsky is the obvious world we actually experience and witness which is not best described as in motion whether flat or not. The ptolemaic model replicates reality just fine; all hype to the contrary is nonsense and takes us into realms of fantasy that becomes ever more divorced from the Natural world. Occult means screen and what the occult world of fantasy and augmented reality screens from human minds is the Natural real world and in its place we end up with very artificial constructs that are based on nothing but fallacious reasoning. As it turns out, it seems that the minds that have always run global culture from top down, have always embraced childish and superstitious ideas and have always been obsessed with promoting Platonic stellar Sun and Moon plays that go on above our heads instead of getting us to focus what is right under our collective noses and feet. The mundane get shafted in favor of the fantastic. This heliocentric based, star glazed reasoning becomes incorporated into the foundation of all subsequent university educational systematic thought. All observations then must be made to conform with the model not the model to observation.

"Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."  •  Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was wrong, the tradition of the "scientists" he refers to goes back to the founding of the modern university system in the first place.

For more please click here: Astronomy is a Religion: Kepler Thought He Was A Prophet of God •  Kepler's Wild Elliptical Ride  •  Kepler's First Law Is A Lie  •  The Copernican Model (a.k.a Sun Centered)

Flat vs Moving

The false choice of masonic esoteric origins revealed. The motionless globe, the model of Ptolemy gets ignored in favor of two opposing choices.

"As an indication of exactly how good the Ptolemaic model is, modern planetariums are built using gears and motors that essentially reproduce the Ptolemaic model for the appearance of the sky as viewed from a stationary Earth. In the planetarium projector, motors and gears provide uniform motion of the heavenly bodies. One motor moves the planet projector around in a big circle, which in this case is the deferent, and another gear or motor takes the place of the epicycle."

source: http://www.polaris.iastate.edu/EveningStar/Unit2/unit2_sub1.htm

Flat Earth vs Globe In Motion

Occult just means screen, What seems to be screened from view is the motionless globe based ptolemaic model.

A third option goes overlooked. The motionless globe model. One of the next articles in this series will focus on why I think that the Flat Earth model fails to accurately replicate the world we naturally witness and experience. After that the focus will change. I'd rather spend my time showing the failures of mainstream university reasoning, rather than endlessly explaining why I do not think the world is best modeled flat and why I think the spherical shaped based model works best. I do not think the flat earth model replicates reality, but I do not want to dwell too much on what is a somewhat divisive topic anymore than I feel I have to. If you believe the Earth best described as flat, please excuse my bias and please try to keep an open mind. If you happen to think that outer space is a place people actually go visit, please try to do the same. Perhaps you will  find some useful information here. It's not that I haven't looked into the claims of both heliocentric and flat earth theories, I have. I do not agree with the notion that either set of ideas best represent reality. In any case I think when one actually reads the material put forth that is meant to support heliocentric based reasoning, one begins to see the clear pattern of a history of needless ad hoc apologetics. No real experiments tend to get sited and when they do, the devil is in the details and is usually quickly revealed. What becomes obvious is that all observation is forced to conform to the university promoted and peer reviewed and revered model of reality over what we Naturally witness and experience.

See: The Copernican Model (a.k.a Sun Centered) and There is No Evidence The Earth Spins Part One: Michelson Gale Make Fudge for more.

I am going to make an effort to come across as less of a curmudgeon. I will try not to come across as such a "Negative Nancy".

I would spend forever editing older content so please excuse any curmudgeonly bias you may come across. I will make an endeavor  to temper such attitude.

The fact is that I agree a whole lot more with my fellow fakeologist and hoax busting minded clues forum seeking minds than not and we all seem to be in a very small minority.

The ideas we bounce around the internet are more interesting to me than a lot of what is available in the mainstream media and a lot of the work that like-minded "alternative thinkers" have produced has helped me find a saner route through this life we share.

Human Beings Are Special Creatures

And our role in this Natural, Divine "play" would seem to be to witness and record the experience of it all. We are all artists by Divine Natural inclination, whether we recognize this or not. Anything and everything we do is artificial by definition, some of us are trained in various sets of skills and some are not; but all are equally expressive and creative minds in this very real mystery play. Some simply have spent more time learning the fine art of communication in one of its many hydra like and highly profiled forms. Former nameless artistic traveling masons have evolved to become pop cultural touring rock and roll hall of fame musicians, Hollywood actresses, actors and all sorts of other commercially viable producers of content.

The global culture we all share is one based on an obsession with the Sun.

While it's understandable that the Sun is considered to be as God, our shared culture is too obsessed with pondering Platonic Heavenly display to pay much attention to what is under our collective feet and under our collective noses. Time is money and money is time and the real holy solar symbol of our very artificial world is the dollar $ign. Apollo the Sun God and Lord of the Arts and Museums is the appropriate allegorical World Emperor in Chief of the world as we know it.

I am more interested taking the mainstream heliocentric based theory apart, one part at a time, showing how it is not real science at all, but in fact is and was always a form of virtual reality supported by fallaciously premised mathematical model and ad hoc patchwork. People like Sir Isaac Newton were not scientists but were mystical minded men who backed their musings with no real empirical reality or demonstrable experiment. There are many obvious problems and ad hoc guess work that act as stinky glue, holding together a very shoddy patchwork of fantastic ideas, that most take too seriously For example, the experiments that are supposed to show that the Earth rotates on its axis are not as they seem. In fact many of the experiments are little more than ad hoc patched propaganda artifacts. Foucault's pendulum and Michelson Gale interferometers and all the rest are not as reported. Foucault's pendulum experiment would only work at the poles, if at all, and the Michelson Gale Pearson interferometer experiment that was supposed to show that a light path could measure Earth's supposed daily rotation was mathematically designed with the result in mind. There was no control group nor any way to really measure any motion or lack of motion. This is but the obelisk tip of proverbial iceberg. James Bradley, Lorentz, Poincare, Einstein and all the rest are also supported with similar ad hoc reasoning and fallaciously interpreted experiment. In this manner one fallacious assumption is built on another and a sky high towering babel of outer space bull shat is born.

Heliocentric theory can replicate the natural phenomena of the celestial bodies we can actually observe. We've been historically sold on the idea that the heliocentric theory was the more elegant and simpler solution, and that the model of Ptolemy was the more complicated one. As it turns out nothing could be further from the truth as the history of astrophysics clearly shows. We would never have heard of Kepler were the musings of Copernicus correct. Newton's musings are all predicated on one assumption after another. The criticism of the use of epicycles was not as it seems and the reality was that heliocentric theory is a lot more complicated than the basic geocentric theory and was not adopted overnight, nor did the educated class think the world flat.

I have no magic rocket nor can I claim to have God like view. What I do know is that the celestial phenomena look like they rise and set as we'd expect on a globe shaped world. I know that high flying passenger jets look like they arc overhead in a manner consistent with us existing on a globe shaped world. I know that perspective would mean that the Sun and Moon and even clouds would look different on a flat world. Some of the next articles will get into all of that. I also know that the mainstream cosmology that mutated from the ideas of men like Newton is a religious belief system and not real science at all. There was never any reason to think anyone could get into rockets and fly into outer space in the first place. NASA and other international space fakery is obvious. There was never any actual reason to believe that humans could put artificial objects into orbit. The imagined speeds that the international space agencies claim to need to achieve their feats surely seem to be impossible for humans to actually achieve. We are talking something on the order of 25,000 mph to leave the Earth, if I recall correctly. There are other explanations for satellite communication that make a lot more sense.

There are many reasons to doubt obvious international space lies and deception. The fact that the scam is international in scope is a clue to how the world is really run and how Nation states are more like fake identity products used to keep us the vast human resource of global empire in our divided and conquered, duck and cowering places, having faith in the need for endless laws, fees fines, taxes and jail time that we must all have in order to stay safe from an endless cycle of government promoted existential threat. 

Ptolemy Projector.jpg

Blavatsky & Heliocentrism: Why No Love for The Motionless Globe of Ptolemy?

Why the false choice between Flat Earth & Heliocentric Theory? What about the motionless globe model? Why is that left out?

The Ptolemaic Planetary Model

"As an indication of exactly how good the Ptolemaic model is, modern planetariums are built using gears and motors that essentially reproduce the Ptolemaic model for the appearance of the sky as viewed from a stationary Earth. In the planetarium projector, motors and gears provide uniform motion of the heavenly bodies. One motor moves the planet projector around in a big circle, which in this case is the deferent, and another gear or motor takes the place of the epicycle."

"Ptolemy’s major contribution, however, was that his model could so accurately explain the motions of heavenly bodies, it became the model for understanding the structure of the solar system. It is beyond the scope of this course to discuss all the complex social and historical implications of an Earth-centered versus a Sun-centered model of the solar system. But nearly all the early models, including Ptolemy’s version of the solar system, assumed that the Earth was the center of not only the solar system, but the entire universe. The Ptolemaic model accounted for the apparent motions of the planets in a very direct way, by assuming that each planet moved on a small sphere or circle, called an epicycle, that moved on a larger sphere or circle, called a deferent. The stars, it was assumed, moved on a celestial sphere around the outside of the planetary spheres."

source: http://www.polaris.iastate.edu/EveningStar/Unit2/unit2_sub1.htm

Why did Blavastsky seem to ignore real history in favor of myth? Why ignore the real model in favor of the Flat Earth when this was not the case?

The Ptolemaic model posited a spherical shaped motionless world not a flat one. This was the model of the Vatican and the educated minds of the Renaissance, this was the logically accepted view back before Newton's ideas were adopted during the so-called age of enlightenment. Check this video out and you will hear how Blavatsky class that the educated minds of the past thought the world motionless and flat. She was either very uneducated or attempting to revise history.

Occult Science 7.0 - Blavatsky & Heliocentrism   source:  schism206

Flashback 1492: The Age of Great Exploration

(If memory serves I believe John Adams from Hoax Busters Call mentioned this interesting tidbit a while ago.)

"The issue in the 1490s was not the shape of the Earth, but its size, and the position of the east coast of Asia, as Irving in fact points out. Historical estimates from Ptolemy onwards placed the coast of Asia about 180° east of the Canary Islands."

"In 1828, Washington Irving's highly romanticised biography, A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus, was published and mistaken by many for a scholarly work. In Book II, Chapter IV of this biography, Irving gave a largely fictional account of the meetings of a commission established by the Spanish sovereigns to examine Columbus's proposals. One of his more fanciful embellishments was a highly unlikely tale that the more ignorant and bigoted members on the commission had raised scriptural objections to Columbus's assertions that the Earth was spherical. The issue in the 1490s was not the shape of the Earth, but its size, and the position of the east coast of Asia, as Irving in fact points out."

"The disputed point was not the shape of the Earth, nor the idea that going west would eventually lead to Japan and China, but the ability of European ships to sail that far across open seas."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myth_of_the_flat_Earth#Irving.27s_biography_of_Columbus

Flashback 1492: The History of The Globe

"The earliest extant terrestrial globe was made in 1492 by Martin Behaim (1459–1537) with help from the painter Georg Glockendon. Behaim was a German mapmaker, navigator, and merchant. Working in Nuremberg, Germany, he called his globe the "Nürnberg Terrestrial Globe." It is now known as the Erdapfel. Before constructing the globe, Behaim had traveled extensively. He sojourned in Lisbon from 1480, developing commercial interests and mingling with explorers and scientists. In 1485–1486, he sailed with Portuguese explorer Diogo Cão to the coast of West Africa. He began to construct his globe after his return to Nürnberg in 1490."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Globe#History

Heliocentric Theory Would Not Be Adopted By The Mainstream Until The 18th Century or so.

Heliocentrism - Wikipedia  •  Age of Reason  •  17th-century philosophy  •  Scientific revolution.

The blue marble Earth is a Saturnian Symbol of Fear, War and Nuclear Annihilation

The NASA globe does not represent the real world, whether or not one wishes to describe the world as a globe is irrelevant to the allegorical usage of this symbol. This is meant as a symbol of one United Empire and also at the same time it is a symbol of nuclear annihilation, by association with imagined powerful Saturn rockets that could take men's shoes to the Moon, and that could just as easily rain atomic death down on all. What a small, small, Donald Duck and cowering Disney-world, indeed.

This is a symbol of imagined governmental super power.


Space Race = Endless Nuclear War Fear Porn

The space race really exists to act as medium for eternally promised nuclear annihilation. The end of the world is always around the corner as the chicken little press constantly claims. Lucky for us nukes appear to be as fake as huge rockets and outer space. In fact, Oz like governmental power is more Hollywood smoke and mirror than most realize. History and wars are more fake than most know. Yet too many of us buy into ideas like floating space stations, Moon walks and relatively tiny aluminum and fiberglass passenger jets being able to magically demolish huge masses of steel towers in less than two hours like an impressive demolitions job would. People have long been conditioned to buy into the impossible if the mainstream media and government echo the same parroted propaganda song. People do not understand that a lot of what they see on screens, sold to them as real, is not. The footage from 9/11 is a great example of the MATRIX-like, fear porn, virtual reality nature of the mainstream media. Obvious cartoon passenger jets are no threat to life or steel structure. The 9/11 tall tale and official story has numerous logical problems that clearly reveal the nature of the government and News media's relationship. The mainstream media is the real source of terrorism and is the real weapon of mass mental destruction. It is not some impartial witness of events as it claims. The News media is clearly state run and is clearly, like Hollywood, part of a long standing governmental propaganda operation. Government as we understand it today would not exist without the long term investment it made in communications technology. This real technology is the medium for government.


Cracking The Cosmic Egg Con-Job Conspiracy:

Never Forget 9/11 Was An Impossible Event! High speed flying eggs can't penetrate walls and steel need not fear passenger jet.

The Medium Is The Mass Age

The original international banking manager caste scheme simply involved word of mouth. This was the original medium for government. Lies and hearsay make for great story telling. People love a good narrative. Word of mouth becomes visual art, architecture and every other media form including the one you are staring at now.

Imagined Outer Space Makes For A Fine 20th Century Platonically Creative Con-Cave

Apollo program - Wikipedia  •  Artemis Project - Wikipedia  •  Con job - definition of con job by The Free Dictionary

It's Only A Model


image source: What Was the Saturn V? | NASA  •  Lilliput and Blefuscu - Wikipedia

Fear Means We Need Big Brother's Big Government Protection

Government would not exist as we know it today without having the power of television on its side. Imagine what kind of even more immersive future potentially awaits. Microchipped brains might never get a chance to awake as they wait on virtual lines they truly believe to be real, for the rocket ride to the orbiting Hilton in the sky. One day the promised dystopia of the film the MATRIX might be realized. If such things are possible, then they will more than likely happen. People have enough trouble now distinguishing the real from unreal, just imagine the potential future. One thing we know we can show is that government and international banking managers of Royal enterprise, have long been obsessed with creating and managing mass global transportation and mass global communication systems. The government was more interested in getting a global Hollywood scheme up and running than in conducting any real war or doing any real exploration of so-called outer space. The Nation-states of the world are more fake than most realize. We are not supposed to see past obvious and endless world staged political theater.

The shape of our world matters little in this context. In fact the shape of the world is one of the least important subjects we can argue over.

We can spend the rest of our lives dividing and conquering ourselves over subjects that have little actual importance. It is unlikely that the shape of the world can ever be known with 100% certainty. And it's hard to see how the shape of the world would actually effect our individual lives. Human beings would seem to be a lot more limited in technological capability than governments want us to consider and need us to know. What really matters is not proving the shape of the world as much as sharing ideas and information with each other. What matters more is that each of us has the potential to change our own lives for the better and to perhaps even have some small positive effect on our local environments. This is not to say that understanding the flaws in heliocentric theory is not important. These ideas are not only foundational to mainstream science, they are important as medium for the ever imminent nuclear annihilation we are supposed to all live in fear of. We are supposed to buy into the need for Big Brother protection we must foot the bill for. Moving images of powerful rocketry that can fly at superhuman speeds is the medium for terrifying nightmare level destruction of Biblical proportion.

Men Like Newton Never Did Real Experiments To Prove Their Ideas

There is no reason to believe a falling apple is like the orbiting Moon; despite all the peer reviewed history and a few centuries of university support, Newton's musings were and are demonstrably not based in reality, no matter what his illogically premised mathematical equation claims to the contrary. Math is not magic. Math that does not model reality is useless as proof of physical principle. Making use of the term and the value for the so-called "gravitational constant" and placing that "Big G" on the other side of an equal sign is not a magic mantra that will turn illogical fantasy into reality. The falling apple is accelerated and the fixed velocity of imagined orbiting rocks is just that, fixed. Demonstrable ballistic physics shows us that a bullet hits the ground at the same time whether fired from the barrel or just dropped from the barrel of a gun. The forward fixed velocity of a cannonball, like the one from Newton's famous thought experiment, is independent from the accelerated pull of gravity. The apple always falls back to the Earth and the Moon never does.

Newton's Cannonball Thought Experiment Relies On Gravity To Act As Metaphorical Glue For Imagined Orbits

Gravity is kind of like a string. But the problem is this string keeps getting pulled faster and faster...

For example if Newton could magically fire his cannon so it matched the fantastic speed of some 18,000 mph that the space station needs to supposedly maintain orbit, the cannon ball would travel some 8 kilometers a second. During the first second the cannonball would travel a distance of 8 km and would fall a distance of about 5 meters, towards Earth's center. The next second would see the cannonball travel another 8 kilometers but now it would have dropped about 20 meters (towards Earth's center) during that time. The third second means that the cannonball moves forward another 8 kilometers but now it falls a distance of 45 meters, and so on. This is just how gravity and ballistics work. Newton's thought experiment allows him to control all the parameters. Not all thought experiments are created equal. Ones based in reality make sense, some like Newton's, that lack such foundation, do not.

If we assume the Earth a globe then the demonstrable phenomena of gravitation or gravity means the proverbial apple falls towards Earth's center.

Modern Cosmology is A Clockwork Orange Style Merry Go Round of Circular Reasoning Fun in The Sun

Newton would have us believe that objects can magically fall around each other and that God will keep adding an infinite amount of energy to the production to keep it all going. In other words, he cannot explain the natural phenomena of the orbiting Moon. There is no experiment anyone could do to show that gravity can do anything but make objects fall, towards assumed Earth center, with accelerated velocity. Gravity (or gravitation) cannot be used to explain the apparent motions of the celestial bodies.

Newton's work requires that you accept one assumption after another with none of these assumptions being based in reality or in logically reasoned mathematics. The man was not a scientist, he was a mystic who backed up his ideas with fallaciously reasoned equation and he seemed to have used his celebrity to get himself a lifetime appointed gig at the Royal mint where he apparently played detective.

Isaac Newton's occult studies - Wikipedia  •  The Strange, Secret History of Isaac Newton's Papers | WIRED  •  Isaac Newton Was the World's Original Counterfeiter Cop   • William Chaloner - Wikipedia  • No. 2380: Newton and the Mint  •  Later life of Isaac Newton - Wikipedia  •  Isaac Newton - Wikipedia

The real impressive achievement of men like Newton was how they cleverly used mathematics to convince seemingly "everyone" that the Sun was the center of the Universe, and that the Earth rotated and orbited around this important body like a servant around Royal throne.

The Ptolemaic Model Could Calculate Eclipses Just Fine

"Calculating a solar eclipse occurs in the Almagest in three steps. At first, Ptolemy calculates the angular distance from the Moon to one of its nodes. These are also not fixed: it was recognized early enough that they moved on the ecliptic, and the observation identified their average period of revolution. All calculations were facilitated by tables, so that it was quite easy to predict from one year to the other, dates where eclipse was possible. They knew that the eclipses occurred every six months, when the Sun crosses a node of the lunar orbit (draconitic year). Secondly, Ptolemy determined near the date where the eclipse is possible, the time of the conjunction Moon-Sun, ie the time of the New Moon. He has for that a good value of the synodic month (mean interval between two New Moons) which gives him the moment of the average conjunction, and after correction of some inequalities, the time of the true conjunction. At this step of the calculation, it is already possible to say whether or not the eclipse will be visible: a conjunction taking place at night for example is obviously invisible.  From antiquity to the XVII th century, astronomers searched the conditions of eclipse where is the observer and not for the Earth in general, as it is done today in modern astronomy. It is thus calculated, for a certain area in latitude, the conditions of occurrence of the eclipse. This problem, one of the more complex developed in the Almagest is processed using the parallax effects on the ecliptic coordinates of the Moon. Not only the Almagest shows whether the eclipse is partial or total in a some place (the magnitude is expressed in fingers), but also makes it possible to calculate its duration and the moment the first and the last contact. 


The method outlined in the Almagest will suffer almost no change until the seventeenth century. Nevertheless, the famous Arab astronomer Al- Battani (middle of the IXth -929) concludes to the variation of the apparent diameter of the Sun, and therefore to the possibility of annular eclipse of the Sun. Copernicus (1473-1543), in his De revolutionibus orbium Coelestium published in 1543, will take almost point by point the method of Ptolemy, without improvements made. A comprehensive study showed that this method was able to detect virtually all solar eclipses, only the eclipses of faint magnitude affecting polar regions, escaped the investigation of the Ancients. From the XVIth century, there has been an increase in the publications of ephemerides in Europe, all providing very properly solar eclipses and their visibility. There are also, since the Middle Ages, special tables that predict eclipses very long in advance. The work of Tycho Brahe (1546-1601), and of Kepler (1571-1630), will only increase the accuracy of the theories of the Sun and the Moon; this quest for precision will only grow after Newton and the birth of celestial mechanics."

Astronomers Got To Eat! Minutia Means Money.

Time and space mean having enough space and time, for clever minds, to make money. Rich patrons still seem to be governmentally and religiously  obsessed with a zodiac based economical astronomical/astrological mess. Scripting the great sky concave Platonic play pays.

$ makes the world spin on imagined axis like the arms of a clock on an old style clock face.

source: Understanding - History of eclipses - IMCCE  •  Babylonian eclipse: Ptolemy, Babylon and the rotation of the Earth

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The Apocalypse of The "Total Solar" Obsessed Celestial Platonic Concave Shadow Play

The Celestial sphere as seen from the Earth can be described as a concave sphere. The Earth is not best described as concave; but the celestial sphere that seems to surround the Earth is best described as a concave sphere. That's how we view it. That is what we can demonstrate. This video also gets into the Twin Towers destruction in terms of freemason allegory. Never forget: Freemasons work for British Royalty and The United States is not quite as free from the Crown as advertised. 

Rorschach test - Wikipedia  •  Allegory of the Cave - Wikipedia  •  Freemasons Work For British Royalty  •  September 11th is New Years Day!

Occult Science 6.1 - The Concave Celestial Sphere  source:  schism206


We experience and witness the celestial sphere moving around us. There is no evidence the Earth spins or orbits.

As you can see the celestial sphere looks concave when viewed from the Earth.

The Fixed Stars of the celestial sphere, unlike the other celestial bodies, including Sun and Moon, move around us at a rate of 23 hours and 56 minutes a day like perfect clockwork. This is what the Ptolemaic model emulates.

"In astronomy and navigation, the celestial sphere is an abstract sphere, with an arbitrarily large radius, that is concentric to Earth. All objects in the observer's sky can be conceived as projected upon the inner surface of the celestial sphere, as if it were the underside of a dome or a hemispherical screen. The celestial sphere is a practical tool for spherical astronomy, allowing observers to plot positions of objects in the sky when their distances are unknown or trivial."

image and quote source: Celestial sphere - Wikipedia  •  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fixed_stars

The Revelation of Jacob's Amusing Ladder:

"God is an intelligible sphere—a sphere known to mind, not to the senses—whose center is everywhere and whose circumference nowhere.” Joseph Campbell

Can you locate the Universe itself, on a map? Perhaps who, what, where, when, how and why, do not (all) always apply. Modern science tends to confuse metaphysical speculation with Natural fact. Metaphysics, when properly labeled as such, is one thing; and confused and irrationally based metaphysics offered as physical truth is another. A lot of so-called settled science, is not as factually based like most of us think. Origins of things like Universes and species are more suspect and speculative than most understand. Governments, religious organizations, and the university system rely on us needing them for protection and answers. These institutions need us to buy into their advertised mythology of omnipotence and omniscience. These systems need us to believe in the magical power of Oz.


image source: Joseph Campbell's Creative Mythology print edition

Of Apollo's Musical Museum Musings

"This ladder of the planetary shells, presented by a fifteenth century Italian music master to demonstrate, as he declares, “that the Muses, Planets, Modes, and strings correspond with one another,” actually is an idea of the greatest age. It was known already to the Stoics and is developed in Cicero’s “Dream of Scipio” (cited in Occidental Mythology ), where the spheres are named in this same order and said to produce a loud agreeable sound by the motion of their revolutions."

"But the earthly sphere, the ninth, “remains ever motionless and stationary in its position in the center of the universe”

 "In a properly Christian art the forms do not seduce the senses to this world, but are allegorical of spiritual themes and of the legends of the Savior and his saints, by which the mind and spirit are exalted beyond this world to God, who is transcendent and apart. Whereas in Gafurius’s design — as in general in classical art— the Muses represent and are addressed to the spheres of their respective stations, all of which pertain to the body and field of power of the serpent itself. And the serpent, in turn, is not opposed to the Lord of Life and Light, but a manifestation of his creative force and harmony. To realize this, and to rise then along the mounting scale from one glory to the next, one has only to face and dare to enter the lion’s mouth: the flaming sun door of the present, absorbed totally in the living here-and-now, without hope, without fear. Whereupon the rapture of the Muses — the arts — will begin to be experienced in the body of this world itself, transporting our spirit from glory to glory, to that summit of joy in consciousness where the world eye — beyond hope, beyond fear surveys the universe in its coming, going, and being. For, just as the serpent is not opposed to the Lord, but the vehicle of his down-going grace, so are the Muses — clothed in the garments of this world — not opposed to the unclothed Graces, but in triple rhythm (3 times 3) the earthly heralds of their paradisial dance. And they are nine because (as Dante tells of his own Muse, Beatrice) their root (the square root of nine being three) is in the trinity above."

"Beyond the frightening visage of all-consuming time, the arts — the Muses — initiate us to the enduring harmony of the universe, the planes or aspects of which are controlled by the planets and their spheres. Gafurius shows the signs and deities of these at the right of his design, matching the Muses at the left. As Thalia, below, is of the earth, so Clio (lower left), the Muse of History, presides on the plane of the moon, controller of the tides of time, while Calliope, Heroic Poetry, matches Mercury (Hermes), the guide of souls beyond the temporal sphere. Next come Terpsichore, Muse of the Dance and Choral Song, in the sphere of Venus and Cupid; Melpomene, Tragedy, who purges and illuminates with the fire and light of the Sun; and Erato, Lyric and Erotic Poetry, on the plane of Mars, god of war. Beyond this central, tragic triad, then, we are released by the power of music from all visible forms whatsoever.* Euterpe, the Muse of Flute Music, elevates the mind to the plane of Jupiter, where the soul, as the child to its father in the confirmation scene at the right, is turned to the protecting as- pect of the Lord. Polyhymnia, the Muse of Sacred Song, celebrates the aspect of the Father in Saturn, wielding the scythe that cuts us free from this world controlled by the planetary spheres, after which, in the sphere of the fixed stars, the Muse Urania, Astronomy, transports us from the body of the serpent altogether (the loop of whose tail suggests the sun door), to the very feet of the highest transformation of the Father, sheer light. 

This ladder of the planetary shells, presented by a fifteenth- century Italian music master to demonstrate, as he declares, “that the Muses, Planets, Modes, and strings correspond with one another,” actually is an idea of the greatest age. It was known al- ready to the Stoics and is developed in Cicero’s “Dream of Scipio” (cited in Occidental Mythology ), where the spheres are named in this same order and said to produce a loud agreeable sound by the motion of their revolutions. But the earthly sphere, the ninth, “remains ever motionless and stationary in its position in the center of the universe”: hence Gafurius’s surda Thalia. “Learned men, by imitating this harmony on stringed instruments and in song,” Cicero states, “have gained for themselves a return to the supernal heights.” 

And Gafurius, in accord, has allotted to each step both a note of the scale and the title of a Greek musical mode. The names of the notes are at the left; they are of the Classical conjoint Dorian-Phrygian tetrachord (our A-minor scale), as follows: Proslambanomenos (A), Hypate hypaton (B), Parhypate hypaton (C), Lichanos hypaton (D), Hypate meson (E), Parhy- pate meson (F), Lichanos meson (G), and Mese (the octave). At the right are the matching modes: Hypodorian, Hypophrygian, Hypolydian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, and Hypo-mixolydian. Assigned, furthermore, to each sphere is a metal whose symbol is that of its planet: to the moon silver, quicksilver to Mercury, copper to Venus, gold to the sun, iron to Mars, tin to Jupiter, and lead to Saturn.

The soul, descending from its heavenly home, takes on the matter and weight of these metals and, ascending, casts them off, to arrive naked again above. Hence the symbolism of nakedness — the naked soul — before God: the naked Graces before Apollo and the figures in the mystery-cult bowl. Hence, too, the “dance of the seven veils” performed by Salome before Herod, the earliest extant version of which symbolic “stripping of the self” is the Old Sumerian “Descent of Inanna to the Underworld” of about 2500 b.c ."

pages 103 - 104 Creative Mythology • Joseph Campbell

The Mythology of Holy Roman Enterprise

12 Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology - Twelve Oylmpians  source: Myth Geek

"In ancient Greek religion and mythology, the Twelve Olympians are the major deities of the Greek pantheon, commonly considered to be Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes, and either Hestia or Dionysus. Hades and Persephone were sometimes included as part of the twelve Olympians (primarily due to the influence of the Eleusinian Mysteries), although in general Hades was excluded because he resided permanently in the underworld and never visited Olympus."

source: Twelve Olympians - Wikipedia

A Song I Recall From Childhood

"But the stars we could reach were just starfish on the beach."

Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun  source: TerryJacksVEVO

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