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The Hoax of The Century: The JFK Assassination



Bones of Saints: Every Good Cult Needs Iconic Martyrs To Believe In & Mystery To Ponder

The blueprint for culture has always been based on superstitious unreason.

"Throughout the Middle Ages, Europe hosted a thriving trade in holy relics. But many of the relics, if not almost all of them, were fake. The relics collected and worshipped by medieval Europeans ranged from the mundane to the truly bizarre. Bones or body parts of saints and martyrs were always in high demand. One church proudly displayed the brain of St. Peter until the relic was accidentally moved and revealed to be a piece of pumice stone. Relics of Christ or the Virgin Mary were considered to be extremely valuable and included items such as the milk of the Virgin Mary, the teeth, hair, and blood of Christ, pieces of the Cross, and samples of the linen Christ was wrapped in as an infant. Numerous churches even claimed to possess Christ's foreskin, cut off during his circumcision. The Shroud of Turin, believed to be the funeral shroud in which Christ was buried, is perhaps the most famous medieval relic of all."

source: The Medieval Relic Trade - The Museum of Hoaxes

Robert Plant - Bones of Saints  source: Robert Plant

The Song Remains The Same: The Post Modern Version Of Bones of Saints

Twin Famous 20th Century Head-Shots

Screens occult reality. Augmented and virtual reality are as old as religious superstitious (un)reasoning, government and civilization itself.

Layers of parrot choir song, an onion skinned cacophony, exists to act like a confusing maze to keep us from realizing the very basic and real truth of our existence.

maxresdefault copy.jpg

"We choose to go to the Moon, because it is impossible."

A Trip to the Moon - Wikipedia

Brave New Mysteries To Ponder: Conspiratorial Publishing Gurus and Film Makers Wait To Act As Shepherds For The Conspiratorially Minded

Nothing like getting led on a Pied Piper parade into a merry go round maze of layers of deceptive nonsense and half truths. Every cult needs a mystery for the followers to forever wonder about and a mystery for the guru to use as eternally profitable Platonic Shadow play. How much money do you think the major Hollywood film studios, televisions production companies, publishing houses and all the rest of the commercialized system make from JFK alone? Consider the profit and the cultural effect of all of the myths we are confronted with. The list of political assassinations with conspiratorial publishing support is quite impressive, the tradition goes back to even before Lincoln   exited stage left back in the late 19th century, his final bow being his seeming performance at Ford's Theater. His assassin a fellow actor from Canada, I believe. Old conspiracies never die, Hollywood keeps rebooting all the old numbers over and over on continuous political repeat and spin cycle.  Hitler, JFK, MLK and all the rest will never die and will be recast over and over again, less we be allowed to collectively forget our past. After all "we the people" are somehow to blame for all the world's ills.


The JFK Assassination

Never Forget: The Twin Asses In Nation

The story of the fabled assassination that would go on to create a nation of assuming apocalyptic 'book-ending' asses.

(Please note this is just a play on words on not meant as a reference to the excellent website: http://fourhorsesasses.blogspot.com, which I highly recommend.)


The Zapruder film is clearly a photographic cartoon.

A series of articles to come will break down a lengthy older article I wrote from 2015 about this particular hoax into more internet friendly and easily digestible pieces.

In the meantime here's a link to that article for those with a fast internet connection:

1963: Endings and Beginnings, November 22 & 23.


Not everyone can grow up to be President.

But make no mistake the Presidential gig is only 4 to 8 years and it is not some magical office, and the President is more of a social shepherd idol than real man of the people. The post-Presidential life seems to be the real goal of these people. That seems to be when the real fun begins for many of our term limited 'leaders'. The President and the rest of the high level politicians are more like stage actors than most realize. In fact, they are stage actors, their's really is the world stage, and this is meant literally. These high level people are not who they seem to be. They are fronts with a lot less real power than the government and media wants us to consider. But let's not pretend that these people do not craft real laws that have real effect on our lives. The role of President, for example, requires a candidate who people can either love or hate. This person needs to be a showman with charisma and needs to be a somewhat polarizing figure in order to fulfill the role properly. The President is both scapegoat and hero. The President can also be converted into religious-Jesus like martyr. Ours is an artificial world premised on tabloid, yellow journal noise.

image sources: MAD Remembers JFK, Part 2 | Mad Magazine  •  John F. Kennedy's letter to his alleged mistress is up for auction ...

Or you can click here (hopefully after you finish reading this blog entry)View topic - JFK Zapruder: a proven fake • Cluesforum.info

People seem to really love conspiratorial tabloid nonsense, don't they?

Too many Youtube videos that claim to be valid research are nothing but needless echoes of distracting tabloid speculation.

Photo of George H.W. Bush at Funeral with JFK Proves TREASON  source:  jeranism

UP NEXT: We take a look at NASA and Flat Earth fakery.

Is the YouTube promoted Flat Earth noise designed to create a wall of occulting sound meant to distract from obvious heliocentric and NASA fallacies and illusions?

NASA fakery is the tip of a proverbial iceberg.

Wars, government, super powered military weaponry and history itself are a lot more fake and the result of Hollywood-like magic than most know.

NASA and the international space programs are obviously the result of nothing more than very impressive Hollywood special effects and stage illusion studio work. David Copperfield's flying illusion and all the Hollywood special effects and CGI research and development are huge clues as to how NASA and others fake outer space and even warfare itself. This does not mean the world is flat, of course; but according to the apparent number of both Youtube Flat Earth content providers, commentators, and viewers, there would seem to be a magical Flat Earth awakening happening. The next series of articles will examine this phenomena in the context of the obvious problems with the ad hoc patchwork mutated cosmology that grew hydra like from the seed of heliocentric thought. As it turns out, heliocentric theory and Flat Earth have something in common, both are false choices that require we deny the very real Natural reality we can actually witness and experience. We do not experience a flat world, not by any stretch of the imagination. Nor do we experience a world that moves in any way, that too is an idea with no actual demonstrable basis in reality, despite all historical, university apologetic and ad hoc explanation to the contrary. The Flat Earth would seem to have its historical origins as a deceptive distracting con job and it would seem that it is used in that exact intellectually dishonest manner to this day. The obviously contradictory patchwork cosmology we are offered as a model of reality is absurd. There really is nothing else to say about such metaphysical mumbo jumbo. Flat Earth is an obvious distraction and guilt by association ploy. At least this is exactly how this so-called movement comes across, whether by intentional design or not. The next article is going to get further into this interesting but somewhat needlessly ridiculous subject. If you actually pay enough attention to the real world outside computer monitor, you can tell that we do not live on a flat world. One clue by the way, is the lack of a flat earth map.

"As an indication of exactly how good the Ptolemaic model is, modern planetariums are built using gears and motors that essentially reproduce the Ptolemaic model for the appearance of the sky as viewed from a stationary Earth. In the planetarium projector, motors and gears provide uniform motion of the heavenly bodies. One motor moves the planet projector around in a big circle, which in this case is the deferent, and another gear or motor takes the place of the epicycle."

source: The Ptolemaic Model


Not for nothing, but this man was once governor of California and people talked about changing the Constitution so he could run for President. Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, Jesse Ventura, Al Franken, Fred Thompson, Sonny Bono, and even Gopher from Loveboat, so many obvious clues and yet many of us do not get the joke.


Link to the work of the very funny (and smart) Jay Dyer: https://jaysanalysis.com

Flat Earth Folly.jpg

The Sun Never Sets and The Moon Need Never Rise On An Earth So Flat

The flat earth, like heliocentric theory, is nothing but virtual reality. This model cannot recreate the Natural motions of the Sun or Moon.

There is no real working model, just animated propaganda.

Are apples flat? Do you believe magnetic fields are flat? Are bubbles flat?

Up and down are not Universal truths. Despite (discrediting) stubborn insistence otherwise, the flat earth idea does not work. It cannot be used to replicate reality. The flat earth model cannot properly replicate what we Naturally observe when we watch the Sun rise or the Moon set. It cannot replicate the motion of the heavens nor do flat earth followers actually have a working map. All they have is a repetitive mantra that the Earth is flat because water is level which is meaningless in this context. Water being level on a globe shaped world, means it is actually round and we are too small relative to the Earth's curvature to appreciate that fact. A glass of water contains too little water to notice how it mimics Earth's surface. That is something that goes with the globe based model. Up and down are not universal truth but in and out is. Or perhaps towards and away from center is a better way to put it. The flat land is an old Einstein joke. We live in what we would call a three dimensional world we do not live in a two dimensional space and up and down are not some kind of magical universal property. Gravity is a real demonstrable phenomena, yet many flat earthers keep claiming it does not exist. Yet apples fall with accelerated velocity as advertised and this not only proves flat earther claims of gravity not existing incorrect, the accelerating apple proves Newton's idea that falling apples are like the orbiting Moon invalid as well. An accelerated velocity cannot balance with the fixed velocity of an orbit. Illogically applied mathematics is no substitute for actual experiment. Flat earth and heliocentric based models of reality are virtual worlds and deny Nature. NASA and international space fakery aside, there is no reason to believe the Earth should be modeled as anything but a motionless globe.

Confusing models with reality is what religious, superstitious thinking relies on. In this manner a virtual world is crafted that occults the real one from all human minds who buy into such mystical nonsense; even and perhaps especially, self proclaimed mystical adepts. If these minds do not know that they are playing cartoon inspired roles, they are suffering from some kind of delusion.

Universe means one line of a poem or one verse of a song. The Flat Earth followers have but one verse of one parroted song to sing.

verse | Origin and history of verse by Online Etymology Dictionary  •  The 15 Most Mind-Blowing Thought Experiments Of All Time - TheClever


What we can appreciate is that the globe best models our world and the United Nations style, logo, flat earth map fails to actually work. Gravity or gravitation is real, what is not real is man made orbits. Rocks do not magically go flying about in circles and nobody can do any experiment to show any of those ideas correct. A falling apple is not like a Moon. Newton was wrong but that does not make the Earth flat. There is no reason to keep claiming the Earth is flat. All the evidence put forth to support this idea is based on ignoring our relative size compared to Earth's curvy surface and on ignoring how the heavens actually work and what is correct about mainstream theory. The mainstream cosmology  claims that the sky is blue and grass green too. Does that mean grass is not green? Flat Earth requires one ignore the Natural world outside in favor of some kind of online and on screen community building where one can hear one's own opinion expressed back to them with choir-like precision.

Globe works flat map does not.jpg

The flattened map does not replicate reality. The globe does. Or do you think Greenland is the size of Africa? Last time I checked Greenland was not a continent.

We can keep moving goal posts and we can keep coming up with more mind twisting ad hoc apologetics and we can claim Greenland really is as large as Africa and this is some kind of great conspiracy and we can also put aluminum foil caps on and pretend to be space rabbis and papal alien beasts. I have not been in a magic rocket and have not seen the Earth from God like vantage. What I do know is that the world is best described as a globe. The celestial sphere we observe won't work on the flat earth. The motions of the Sun and the rest of the celestial bodies would not work on a flat world. The circular pizza pie world is a problem. That model cannot replicate reality.

Maybe the Earth is not quite a sphere, maybe its size is not what we think. Maybe it is shaped like a doughnut, maybe the shapes of the land masses are not quite exact, I really don't know about any of that, anything is possible, I suppose. But what I do know is that our world is not best described as flat. There is no reason to keep claiming that the Earth is flat.

You do not understand artistic perspective if you think that clouds (at the horizon) would look like we observe them to on a flat world. The term vanishing point is not some kind of mantra.

Artistic perspective demonstrates how flat earth fails to model reality. The best model is the motionless ball earth. That best models the world we actually experience. That models the world we can demonstrate exists. The Ptolemaic model works really well.

images source File:Globe.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Nobel Prize Winning Heliocentric Obsessed Minds Get Rewarded For (Virtually) Making The Unmovable Move

The work of men like Einstein and many others, is ad hoc patchwork that is fallaciously designed to make the unmoving, spherical shaped Earth move. This absurd idea needlessly lies at the foundation for all modern cosmological speculation and is one of the major sources of true global, demonstrably institutionalized, stupidity. Flat Earth noise was crafted a long time ago to distract human minds from this very basic and real fact. What I find telling about Flat Earth content providers is the simple fact that their time would be much better spent focusing on all the examples of obvious NASA tom-foolery and of course, all the obvious problems with heliocentric based theory in the first place, without coating obvious and valid criticism with a thick layer of fly attracting Flat Earth lies. Despite all hype and steaming, rising hot air to the contrary, mainstream cosmology and Flat Earth are twin fallacies. The world we Naturally experience and witness is best described as a motionless globe, this is what our senses do tell us, despite flat earth and heliocentric stubborn instance otherwise, Those are two false left and right paths that are crowded with like minded folk.

The world we actually and Naturally do experience is best described as a motionless globe.

Anything else is augmented, virtual reality, which is not a new thing by any means, in fact virtual reality is as old as religious superstition, civilization and government itself.

The false choices of a heliocentric based model and a Flat Earth model are just that: twin fallacies. The Flat Earth model cannot correctly reproduce celestial phenomena.

Irving's biography of Columbus

"In 1828, Washington Irving's highly romanticised biography, A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus,[13] was published and mistaken by many for a scholarly work.[14] In Book II, Chapter IV of this biography, Irving gave a largely fictional account of the meetings of a commission established by the Spanish sovereigns to examine Columbus's proposals. One of his more fanciful embellishments was a highly unlikely tale that the more ignorant and bigoted members on the commission had raised scriptural objections to Columbus's assertions that the Earth was spherical. The issue in the 1490s was not the shape of the Earth, but its size, and the position of the east coast of Asia, as Irving in fact points out. Historical estimates from Ptolemy onwards placed the coast of Asia about 180° east of the Canary Islands.[16] Columbus adopted an earlier (and rejected) distance of 225°, added 28° (based on Marco Polo's travels), and then placed Japan another 30° further east. Starting from Cape St. Vincent in Portugal, Columbus made Eurasia stretch 283° to the east, leaving the Atlantic as only 77° wide. Since he planned to leave from the Canaries (9° further west), his trip to Japan would only have to cover 68° of longitude. Columbus mistakenly assumed that the mile referred to in the Arabic estimate of 56⅔ miles for the size of a degree was the same as the actually much shorter Italian mile of 1,480 metres (0.92 mi). His estimate for the size of the degree and for the circumference of the Earth was therefore about 25% too small.[19] The combined effect of these mistakes was that Columbus estimated the distance to Japan to be only about 5,000 km (or only to the eastern edge of the Caribbean) while the true figure is about 20,000 km. The Spanish scholars may not have known the exact distance to the east coast of Asia, but they believed that it was significantly further than Columbus's projection; and this was the basis of the criticism in Spain and Portugal, whether academic or amongst mariners, of the proposed voyage.

The disputed point was not the shape of the Earth, nor the idea that going west would eventually lead to Japan and China, but the ability of European ships to sail that far across open seas. The small ships of the day (Columbus's three ships varied between 20.5 and 23.5 m – or 67 to 77 feet – in length and carried about 90 men) simply could not carry enough food and water to reach Japan. The ships barely reached the eastern Caribbean islands. Already the crews were mutinous, not because of some fear of "sailing off the edge", but because they were running out of food and water with no chance of any new supplies within sailing distance. They were on the edge of starvation.[20] What saved Columbus was the unknown existence of the Americas precisely at the point he thought he would reach Japan. His ability to resupply with food and water from the Caribbean islands allowed him to return safely to Europe. Otherwise his crews would have died, and the ships foundered."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myth_of_the_flat_Earth#Irving.27s_biography_of_Columbus

Is Nature A Construct or Is It Drama?

Is creation as an artifact? Are human beings just robotic commercial product?

Alan Watts ~ We Are Treated Like Robots In This Society  source: TheSpiritualLibrary

Is This The Real World or Is This A Form of Church or Temple?

Haven't you learned not to believe everything you see on screens yet? Augmented reality has been around for a long time.

The film theater is just modern religious parthenon. This theater has evolved and mutated and morphed into hand held hypnotic Youtube containing smart screens.

Robert Plant Band Of Joy - Houses Of The Holy  source:  HoneyboyWalter

"Said there ain't no use in crying 'cause it will only, only drive you mad. Does it hurt to hear them lying? Was this the only world you had?"

Led Zeppelin Lyrics - Houses Of The Holy - AZLyrics


image source: The Emperor's New Clothes - One Universe at a Time  •  The Emperor's New Clothes - Wikipedia

According To Bob Weir Bohemian Grove Was Founded For Artists By Artists

Forget the tabloid noise protecting the obvious Hollywood con artist truth.

The Grove is not about Alex Jones tabloid conspiracy fodder. Pay attention to what Bob Weir explains. I think he is telling it like it is. Pay attention to the language he uses and his choice of words. Keep in mind that war is largely a scripted news reel affair. Please keep in mind too, the history of Lookout Mountain Air Force Film Laboratory where  much of the atom bomb footage was manufactured and where people like Ronald Reagan had security clearance based employment.

By the way E=MC2 is another example of an artifact or symbol of religious faith. That equation models nothing real. Why is the so-called speed of light squared anyway? This equation is foundational to understanding the joke of the atom bomb hoax. A future article will get into that subject. For now consider how fast and with little testing, the Manhattan Project was able to achieve magic success and compare to how long real technology takes to advance and how long real engineering takes. If memory serves there were only the two World War Two bombs produced, there was no room for error. Does that make sense? And one more one eyed detective thing, the Nazi's loved pomp, circumstance, scripted live action science fiction cartoons, television technology and film making too. Hitler comes across like just another black and white newsreel era, crisis actor.

Lookout Mountain Air Force Station - Wikipedia

Never Forget: Freemasons were originally just traveling artists and artisans.

Bohemian Grove Secrets and Stories Told by Bob Weir  source: ruzziduzzi

One of The Four Noble Truths

Alison Krauss and Union Station - Man of Constant Sorrow [ Live ]  source:  AAMorris

"The First Truth is that all life is suffering, pain, and misery."

"The Second Truth is that this suffering is caused by selfish craving and personal desire. The Third Truth is that this selfish craving can be overcome. The Fourth Truth is that the way to overcome this misery is through the Eightfold Path."

source: Four Noble Truths of Buddhism by Ron Kurtus - Succeed in ...

Traveling to the Other Shore: Buddha's Stories on the Six Perfections

Our World Is Best Described As A Motionless Globe

The Immovable Spot

"Mara in Buddhism, is the demon that tempted Gautama Buddha by trying to seduce him with the vision of beautiful women who, in various legends, are often said to be Mara's daughters. In Buddhist cosmology, Mara personifies unwholesome impulses, unskillfulness, the "death" of the spiritual life. He is a tempter, distracting humans from practicing the spiritual life by making mundane things alluring, or the negative seem positive." 

"Thus have I heard: The Exalted One came to Bodh-Gaya and meditated under a tree. The tree was in the center of the world, the axis mundi. The spot was immovable spot because the Exalted One was about to enter the realm without fear and desire, a realm that transcends time and space, a realm that "I", the ego, no longer exists. When Mara recognized that Siddhartha was on the verge of transcending his domain--the realm of fear and desire--the samsara, he took immediate action to prevent this kind of nonsense from happening. He brought his three beautiful daughters (Tanha-craving, Arati-aversion and Raga-passion) to seduce Siddhartha. The Exalted One, without desire, remained in meditation. Mara himself appeared before Siddhartha as a Chakravartin (world ruler), mounted on his elephant, Girimekhala, accompanied by a large army including monstrous demons wielding powerful and deadly weapons. They attacked Siddhartha. The Exalted One, without fear, sat still and unharmed. Mara claimed that according to the Dharma the seat of enlightenment belongs to the greatest and only the greatest. Mara's soldiers cried out, "Mara is the Chakravartin. He is the greatest. I am his witness!". Mara challenged the Exalted One. Then and there the Exalted One reached out his right hand to touch the earth in what is called the Bhumisparsha mudra, and Mae Thorani appeared. The water (representing the good merit accumulated by Buddha) she wrung from her hair caused a flood that drowned Mara's army. The earth-mother herself spoke: "Bless him/her who sits on the axis mundi, for one can only transcend time and space if one is immovable." "

source: Buddha and Mara - mesosyn.com

The Human Mind Needs To Be Freed From All The Multimedia Noise

The (middle) path of self education is the more difficult road to take.

The left and right hand paths are crowded with people of similar psychologies and are well trodden.

"The earliest depiction of the Bodhisattva path in texts such as the Ugraparipṛcchā Sūtra describe it as an arduous, difficult monastic path suited only for the few which is nevertheless the most glorious path one can take. Three kinds of Bodhisattvas are mentioned in the early Mahayana texts: the forest, city, and monastery Bodhisattvas - with forest dwelling being promoted a superior, even necessary path in sutras such as the Ugraparipṛcchā and the Samadhiraja sutras. The early Rastrapalapariprccha sutra also promotes a solitary life of meditation in the forests, far away from the distractions of the householder life. The Rastrapala is also highly critical of monks living in monasteries and in cities who are seen as not practicing meditation and morality.  The Ratnagunasamcayagatha also says the Bodhisattva should undertake ascetic practices (dhutanga), "wander freely without a home", practice the paramitas and train under a guru in order to perfect his meditation practice and realization of prajnaparamita.  These texts seem to indicate the initial Bodhisattva ideal was associated with a strict forest asceticism."

source: Bodhisattva - Wikipedia

"Is this real life?"

No it's reel life.

Hurricane Making Technology Real or Fantasy?

via Hoax Busters Call

"Hurricane Irma: Obvious Man Made Origin"

(video below)

Really? What evidence is there that proves hurricanes can be artificially created?  Nothing like purely speculative tabloid style headlines with no substance. Why don't we also pretend we can prove the Earth is flat? We can play make believe that the Earth is a giant spaceship too!

Youtube Promotes an Augmented Virtual Reality Like Television & Film Do

This is the real (occulted) weapon of mass (mental) destruction. Nothing like dumbing down human minds. By the way, I am not claiming that weather manipulation is impossible or anything like that. I simply am skeptical of claims that government has the power of Biblical God. I am skeptical of claims that humanity has control over Mother Nature. I think we are microscopic compared to our world. I think we have a false impression and believe we have more control over and effect on our environment than we  actually do. I am open minded to other possibilities, of course, and am just expressing my somewhat curmudgeonly opinion. 

Climate Change

Just as I am skeptical of human beings contributing to global scale, long term climate change as the mainstream media enjoys claiming, I am skeptical of large scale weather manipulation that would seem to put the power of Divine Natural Principle into the hands of humanity. I am not saying such things are impossible, I am questioning the evidence for this idea. I don't think humanity possesses the ability to effect the Natural world in the way the media claims and in the way Hollywood films show us over and over. Hollywood product is filled not only with obvious yellow journal super hero imagery, it also produces plenty of product that is supposed to be more down to Earth, but is in fact just as mythically and superstitiously, religious and leaves audiences with the impression that the United States military possesses incredible power that is clearly just the product of Hollywood special effects wizardry and nothing more. The military might of the supposed and self proclaimed super powers of the world is just as fake as Superman. Nikola Tesla's work in this context comes across as mythical and cartoonish, as it should. We should be skeptical off claims that drown out any reality to the idea that we live in a world best described in electrochemical terms, which is itself not a great revelation by any means. This is akin to me stating grass is green or the sky blue. Weather as having electrical character and origin might make sense; but that doesn't mean projects like HAARP aren't anything but communication based. We know that the international banking managers have always been interested in travel and communication. There's good reason to realize the validity of the ionospheric skywave bounce and why satellites are not only impossible, but unnecessary. I am also not claiming government isn't funneling tax money into the area of weather research, if I had to hazard a guess I'd imagine government funnels a lot of money into all sorts of projects that may or may not come to real fruition. Weather control is a very alluring idea and would be a completely logical area of study.

Contrail/Chemtrail: Water Vapor

As far as I can tell, chemtrails are nothing but contrails. Nobody can put forth anything but speculation about the subject. The official explanation in this case, makes more sense to me than the conspiracy and tabloid based, chemtrail meme. Water vapor and weather conditions are the more reasonable explanations for the phenomena of the so-called chemtrail. In fact if you get the right conditions, the high flying contrail leaving passenger jets will show you that they arc over head in a manner consistent with the world being a globe.

Government & The Media Foster Virtual A Distorted Sense of Scale & Proportion

When it suits media and university minds, "we" are tiny and insignificant. When it suits media and university minds, "we" have the power of God.

Hurricane Irma: Obvious Manmade Origin  source: WeatherWar101

Is it really obvious?

I do think steam machines a believable explanation for the huge 9/11/2001 Twin Towering stream of white steam looking smoke.

Please see: President Donald Trump's 9/11 Demolitions Guide

Do you believe in man made climate change?

Hurricanes happen and last time I checked were Natural not artificial. Weather control comes across like atom bomb claims to me.

Do you believe in man made climate change? Do you think we contribute to "global warming"?

Weather control is the other side of that proverbial coin. Wild speculation is the hallmark of the Youtube age of unreason. After all, Youtubers proved the world flat with nothing but empty speculation and stubborn repetitive insistence. Our is truly a dazzling age of spectacular self education, is it not? The proof for the claim of weather control would seem to be NASA and News media videos and similar suspect sources. ....There's a lot of hot air here. A lot of smoke and no fire...Why exactly would anyone trust any form of mainstream media and NASA at all? Have we not learned that NASA is full of shat? Have we not learned to check the sources and to use critical thinking along the lines of the trivium and quadrivium? Flat earthy style Youtube content tends to be proof of nothing. I am including this here because the subject of this article is about how people seem to enjoy speculation and even superstition over the demonstrable and mundane. I think it is very interesting how many Youtube content providers have parroted and echoed the weather manipulation claim, as if on cue. I am claiming no great conspiracy. Human nature is what it is and no conspiracy is needed to explain that. We tend to copy each other's behavior, whether we intend to or not. Weather manipulation is an old conspiracy staple and the recent chicken little News is obvious impetus for online tabloid claims.

It's amazing how many in the so-called alt media echo and copy the worst practices of the tabloid mainstream media, all too often.

Speculation backed with NASA material is proof of nothing. It would make more sense if one bought into climate change and then assumed people can cause hurricanes. That at least seems consistent. Why do people go with the more fantastic explanation over the mundane one of natural weather? Hurricanes are natural and do occur this time of year. I guess we can pretend that the government always had weather control or something. We can assume whatever we like when we make it all up. I have no problem admitting that I have no idea if government can control weather and find the claim to be questionable and fanciful and something that would need to have some real logical support for. It's possible that such a feat could be accomplished, sure, but that is just me speculating. I can speculate about a great number of other things to that have some basis is Hollywood productions too. Perhaps some of my ideas are right, perhaps not. Nothing like shooting in the dark. Maybe the government can control weather and maybe they can also make pigs fly without wings. There is simply no logical reason to buy into claims of weather control, at least not based on this recent slew of Youtube videos.

List of Florida hurricanes - Wikipedia  •  List of Texas hurricanes (1980–present) - Wikipedia  •  List of United States hurricanes - Wikipedia

Oh I see, some YouTube guys make a series of videos that claim that they "prove" hurricanes can be artificially contrived, well there you go, evidence!

Claiming something makes it so. This is how they "proved" the Earth flat, after all.

Anyone and everyone with a Youtube account now is a super citizen scientist who simply needs to make videos to prove that they are right. Science is so much fun, isn't it? Do you think these guy filmed themselves doing real experiments? Do you think they made it rain in their bathrooms? A video showing a weather map with ominous music is now considered to be experimental proof. Welcome to the future! It's one thing to make a video showing that say the planes that hit the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001 were photographic cartoons, or perhaps a video series of lectures about a subject, or something like that; and it's quite another thing to simply post a video that is nothing but fanciful speculation, along the lines of the endlessly fallacious flat earth fare Youtube seems obsessed with offering.

Youtube is obviously helping to save the world by increasing humanity's collective IQ with such well researched educational material.

Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion.

Government wants you to believe it can send men to the Moon, atomically annihilate the world and so much more! There is no logical reason to believe that government can control the weather.

You do not have to agree with me and if your perceptions lead you to different conclusion than I, that's not a bad thing at all. We need not all agree on everything and life would be boring if we did. This is not an argument, or a debate. I am simply stating what I think and why. I am not into speculative style musings, at least not in this context. And the older I get the more skeptical I am of all claims of governmental power. 

All anyone can do is state what they think and why. With weather control, I simply see no evidence and only see speculation. It's one thing to look for flaws and mistakes in mainstream narratives and scientific theories, it's another to simply make claims with little to no support other than  NASA propaganda or speculative musings. I just do not think government has the magical Oz like power it claims to.

However, unlike the flat earth, I do think there's a chance weather can be manipulated. However that claim come across as little more than science fiction to me.

The Government Has Manipulated Our Weather for Decades  source: Truthstream Media Published on Sep 11, 2017

"controlling the weather is a superpower, after all"

"Electric chemist Vincent Schaefer experimented with creating precipitation, using dry ice to form crystals. He then worked with Bernard Vonnegut—yes, Kurt's brother—to develop silver iodide, that compound that increased the size of water droplets and induced rain and snow indoors. They were excited enough at the start: In a 1993 interview with the American Meteorological Society, Schaefer recalled how he felt during his successful dry ice experiment:"

"As research moved forward, however, Schaefer and Vonnegut saw weather modification become less about modifying weather and more about enhancing it. "At first, they thought, 'Ah, we're going to be able to control the weather,'" Boe said. "We've learned since then that, well, it's not as possible as we thought." Even so, because of its science-fiction-like possibilities (controlling the weather is a superpower, after all), weather modification has always led to aspirational inventions and promises of clear skies. Boe cited hail cannons, which claim to stop hailstorms by generating shockwaves. They've been used often throughout Europe since the early 20th century, but have no evidence of actually suppressing hail."

source: The Science Behind Human-Controlled Weather - The Atlantic

"They've been used often throughout Europe since the early 20th century, but have no evidence of actually suppressing hail."

Speculation is scientific, didn't you know?

By the way, evaporation as an explanation is not very plausible in the context of the huge space that is outside. Even the largest human structure is microscopic compared to the size of the Earth and its surrounding atmosphere. Even an experiment in a lab would not be sufficient evidence to show that such a feat could be accomplished at the actual scale of the real world. A lab is an enclosed and very limited environment. The real world might as well be infinite compared to our tiny endeavors. Please keep in mind, I am not claiming human control of weather on a large scale impossible, I am simply stating that I see no evidence that supports the claim and that there is no reason to think the government had anything to do with the origins of the recent hurricanes. Hurricanes occur seasonally and there simply is no reason to buy into obvious yellow journal, tabloid, conspiracy weather manipulation headlines. Youtube is obvious home to a growing tabloid inspired mentality that is based in the virtual world of the computer screen.

Evaporation is a real phenomena but I doubt it can be used by super top secret scientists to create massive hurricanes, this seems to be something ripped out of a comic book script. Where is the real experiment? We aren't taking about simply seeding clouds, are we? I doubt humans can seed clouds to cause hurricanes. Hurricanes are naturally occurring phenomena. Those who control the world rely on the mass public buying into all sorts of fables and myths they really should think twice about. Layers of lies protect the truth that the man behind the curtain is a coward.

Cloud seeding - Wikipedia  • NY Timess: Is It O.K. to Tinker With the Environment to Fight Climate Change ...  •  NY Times August 22, 1975: U.S. and Soviet Offer to Outlaw Military Weather Manipulation - The ...

God made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights.

Weather manipulation is one of the Hollywood crafted pulp fiction inspired artifacts of modern religious mythology and is no different from the printed fictional Biblical cartoon inspiration from which it is derived. Last time I checked, Divine Natural Principle is not at the beck and call of anyone. Divine Natural Principle is not some kind of magic genie. I doubt anyone can really exert much "control" over the weather. I doubt hurricanes can be artificially created, outside of the art of crafting such illusions for screens.

Government wants you to believe it has access to God like power and knowledge. It is desperate for you to buy into this myth, swallowing this load of steaming bull manure, hook, line and sinker.

Never forget the long governmental investment that social media represents. This screen is not meant to educate you as much as it is meant to keep you in a mental maze of  augmented and advertisement based, virtual reality. Government is a religion. All of the audio and visual multimedia noise is what religion sounds and looks like.

Strong's Hebrew: 5797. עֹז (oz) -- strength, might - Bible Hub  • `oz - Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon - King James Version  •  My Stronghold - All the Biblical Names for God


image sources: DC Comics & Weather Conditions" - Dr Evil Austin Powers | Make a Meme

A Weather Wizard Post Script:

I'm very skeptical of these Hollywood, pulp fiction style, tabloid claims. I do not doubt that weather manipulation research is a real area of study. I find the claims of super power governmental entities to be obviously Oz like and very questionable. We are supposed to believe that governments of the world possess all sorts of cartoonish super powered toys that are clearly nothing but special effects miniature work. I'd like to see a real experiment that would show us how top secret government groups could manipulate the weather. People really seem to enjoy entertaining pure speculation and obvious pulp fiction inspired ideas as opposed to down to Earth, demonstrable. Natural reality. These ideas are part of the augmented reality most people mistake for the real world.

Even more tabloid style subject matter is promoted by hydra heads of the mainstream media. Maybe we need less of the going along with mainstream media memes and more critical thinking. The media exists, (in many different forms) to literally blow mole hills up into nuclear explosions. The News media exists to keep you frightened and thinking you need to keep paying taxes for even more government so it can keep protecting you from the ever imminent threat of the four allegorical horseman for all eternity; of course the government itself is the source of these supposed terrifying threats, more so than not, and more so than not, the threats promoted by the News media, (the true terrorists) are just smoke and mirror, cartoon creations and nothing more. Government relies on you believing it is omniscient and omnipotent, in reality it is neither. 

see: 50 Years of Conspiracy Theories - HAARP Weather Modification ...  •  Operation Popeye - Wikipedia  •  No Conspiracy Theory: U.S. Government Engaged in Weather ...  

Magical Tesla Weather Manipulation Technology

Nikola Tesla has been exalted and elevated to online tabloid saint status, drowning out any reality to the work attributed to this man.

This also reminds me of how most people (at least online) seem to view Nikola Tesla as a historical cult of personality type of character. People seem to either be fascinated with speculating about science fiction Tesla technology that would allow for things like weather control, magical particle beams and flying saucers and whatever other magical idea one needs to embody; or people seem more interested in speculating about whether or not he was a real dude, rather than actually learning why the work attributed to this person is relevant to today's world. Nikola Tesla represents an era of research into electricity that is coming to promised fruition today, over a hundred years later. Nikola Tesla predicted much of the technology most seem to take for granted. What is real and demonstrable and the actual result of our parents and grandparents tax investment is the electronic revolution that was the result of all the global, electronic research of the latter 20th century. This is the real technology, not the cartoonish weaponry the military would have us mistake for reality.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program - Wikipedia  •  The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla : Haarp - Chemtrails and Secret of ...  •  Holes In Heaven? HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology - Top ...

Underdog vs The Weather Machine Carrying Case

  Underdog - "Weathering The Storm" - Parts 1 & 2 - 1965  source: ThreeStrikesOut

"1-Simon Barsinister creates a weather machine to take over the world. -2 Simon Barsinister lands on the moon and begins to demonstrate his new weather machine, with Sweet Polly in his evil clutches."

The Yellow Blueprint For Culture

"Frank Luther Mott identifies yellow journalism based on five characteristics: 1. scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news 2. lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings 3. use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts 4.emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips 5. dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system."

Yellow Journalism - Wikipedia  •  Weather modification - Wikipedia  •  HAARP On History Channel - Geoengineering Watch  •  History Channel Documentry On Weather Modification - YouTube

The reality is that the government uses out tax dollars to fund research into things like radio, electronics, color television, CGI, social media networks and all the rest. We can demonstrate this reality. We cannot demonstrate the fantastic claims of those infected with yellow journal fever; a tabloid mental virus that is really hard to cure.

Nikola Tesla: Father of HAARP and Electromagnetic “Climate Change ...  •  Weather Modification

The source of the reports of all the hurricane devastation is the News media and government, both are proven lying organizations with a long and easily researched track record of constant deceptive practices. Neither source can be trusted anymore so than some Youtube content creator.

I am not stating hurricanes are fake, I am stating that the News and related media (essentially) exaggerate everything.

I am also not claiming that obvious hurricane damage is not real.

I think the News is blowing (pun intended) these hurricanes out of proportion like they do with every news story. These hurricanes are reported on in order to promote a sense of National identity. We all should roll up our sleeves and get our credit cards out and donate to the Red Cross, We are not supposed to realize the states can take care of themselves and that we do not need endless layering of more government. While I am sure that real damage is done and real lives are put in harms way and even lost, I am also sure that the News media normal mode of operations involves, at the very least, exaggerated claims.


The News media is best ignored altogether. The News media is the Chicken Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.

The News was never as real as advertised. Don't get me wrong, some News stories are bound to be factually based; but the truth is a lot of what is claimed to be based in reality does not hold up to scrutiny. History turns out to be more mythic than most might be inclined to believe. The News is a lot more scripted and fake than most think. This realization might not be something most people really want to accept as valid, but it is. The fact of the matter is that when you actually examine the claims of News stories like 9/11/2001 and other numerous events, it starts to become clear that there are more questions than answers and that the News media has no interest whatsoever in addressing any logical criticism and questioning of the obvious contradictory narratives they sell to the public. It also becomes clear that governments and the News media lie to the public and even employ actors and other Hollywood production techniques to craft live action publicity stunts designed to alter human behavior. The trusted News journalist is not only the true terrorist, this persona is also the New media rabbi and priest for the post modern religion of nationalistic consumerism. These people define the bounds of reason and the imagination for the masses. The News journalist is the real James Bond style top secret agent and they infiltrate human minds.

Pathé News - Wikipedia

Pathé - Wikipedia

RKO Pictures - Wikipedia  •  British Security Co-ordination - Wikipedia  • Secret Intelligence Service - Wikipedia  • Rockefeller Center - Wikipedia  •  RCA - Wikipedia

The Medium Is the Massage - Wikipedia  •  Yellow journalism - Wikipedia

Mediums Matter

Government needs a medium to exist. Without all the investments in electrical engineering, government as we understand it today, would not exist.

The original medium for banker funded international scheming that would grow into the hydra cancer of international bonded nation states, was simple word of mouth. The art of the forked tongue is the origin of the first taste of an alternate or virtual reality. As new mediums come into existence, the old medium forms becomes content of the new and fundamentally, nothing really changes at all. Religions, governments, and theater are as one in this regard. All are used to lull audiences into a state of suggestible mental slumber that allows otherwise clever minds to accept even ridicules ideas as real and natural. The internet is the latest medium incarnation and it itself contains what's left of all the prior medium forms. Youtube is the new television and in this regard it would be clearly valuable to government. Social media in general is the new media that is obviously all part of the governmental, Darpa funded electronic agenda of the post World War two era. If there is any truth to the concept of micro-chipping human brains and having human minds plugged into the world wide information grid, it will one day happen, and then that new medium will contain what's left of the old. That possible new medium would hold an even more powerful grip over human imagination that would seem to be near impossible to break. If such technology actually comes online and goes live, then cartoon Flat Earths become virtually realized. One can then wait on a line for a rocket ride to an orbiting Hilton Hotel. One would be unable to ever distinguish the real from the virtual and there will be no way for anyone to ever wake up from that collective dream. Of course I am speculating, but there is something to be said for the idea that the brain works in a way best described as electrochemical and government will continue to funnel our tax money into whatever scheme it desires for as long as it desires, no matter what the results are or aren't.

Government Needs You To Believe It Is A Big Bad Brother Out To Protect or Kill You

It's a variation of the good cop/bad cop routine.

Either false choice will do. A common tabloid meme repeated by even those who claim to be "awake" is that the secret societies are out to kill us all. I agree that there are plenty of really unhealthy choices offered by the system, but I do not think this or Georgia Guidestones prove anything at all. It's hearsay speculation. Humanity is kind of stupid in general and we tend to go along with things we probably should not, we are all creatures of habit, all of us are addicted to dopamine. I think the road to hell really is paved with best intent. I do not think we need to resort to scary conspiracy theorizing to explain basic human nature. People really do believe in the need for all the layers of government and all the laws that we really do not need. This itself is a generationally inflicted mind virus. We are educated by the same system that seeks to keep mindlessly expanding itself. The system itself keeps growing. Most of us simply never question if we need all the laws and government in the first place. The systems of international governance are set up to continue growing, its part of the constitutions of these systems in the first place. This is the same old international sea based banking con job all grown up and globally electrified for the 21st century. This beast will only continue to spawn more allegorical hydra heads.

Each actor in the system has only a small and temporary role to play, and each individual human component is not the problem, it's the crowd psychology of unquestioned loyalty to the obviously inhuman, or Satanic (Saturnian) system itself that is the real problem.

I think what is clear and provable is that conditions have been manipulated to get us all to have less children. That is clear. What also is clear is Big Pharma sells a lot of poison and that the commercial healthcare system and the for profit hospital scheme is truly evil. The prison industry is another very real and very problematic example of the system itself, being in control. That's the problem, the system itself is the true evil. Money makes the world seem to truly spin at light speed. Woman's Liberation, for example, didn't lead to a world made more fair in logical manner. It actually and demonstrably led to a world where both parents had to work longer hours. People financially cannot afford to have the number of children their grandparents could, at the very least this is the impression most people seem to have. People used to have larger families and were encouraged by the system to do so. Technological advances simply mean there is less need for more people. I do not happen to agree with this direction and I think the working middle class is being slowly squeezed out of existence, at least in the form that we would understand it.

Is Life Just About Working 9 to 5?

'Today freedom fighters are considered terrorists, and terrorists are considered peacemakers. The capitalists have always created instruments to make people believe their lies. This is globalization, a new invention.'  —Leila Khaled

source: Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928) - History Is A Weapon

Life is NOT a Journey - Alan Watts  source:  After Skool

Government itself is the problem not the people who play roles in it. Systematic thinking is a form of crowd psychology.

There is no one person to blame for it all. We all have to work to change the system so it serves humanity. Right now, we all serve it, from wage slave to Queen; whether we think we are in control or not. We need to cross all the false divides and not allow ourselves to be divided and conquered into any kind of communities. Rich or poor, royal to slave, we are all children of "Mother Earth and Father Sky". All of us are children of Divine Natural Principle. Most of us have been conditioned to go along with the way things are.

None of us created the artificial world we are all born into. Kings and queens and you and me, and everyone in between, have been conditioned by a world none of us can claim to have created. What we do with our time here is what matters. Some of us might in position to attempt to change things on a larger scale than others. Each of us should start with what we see in the mirror and work out from there. The News and alternative media noise machine is designed to keep us thinking in National terms when we should think locally. We can verify local events more easily and we have more control over local politics. If you want to effect change, it is wise to start with yourself.

Of course if you happen to be someone with real power and you happen to be reading this, then I'd ask you do wave your "magic wand" and get the system working for all of us and not just the few. We need less of the hyped quasi-reality governmental News noise and more of dismantling inhuman systems, like the obviously flawed healthcare and prison systems, and  even the factory farming of animals; these are disgusting examples that show humanity has no respect for Nature. We are all subjected to very real crowd psychology. But instead of focusing on these real things, most seem to enjoy parroting News headlines and repeating stories. People love story telling and just can't help themselves.

Georgia Guidestones - Wikipedia  •  Dopamine - Wikipedia

Next article preview: 

The Earth Is Not Flat Part 1: Insisting It Is Does Not Make It So

Two False (Masonic) Choices Offered

Two masonic like choices are we offered: a Flat Plane or a Moving Ball. Do you see the obvious stage magic mental sleight of hand at work? Do we really have only these two choices? Do either of these choices really describe what we Naturally experience and what our senses really tell us? We can only demonstrate that we live on a motionless globe. The heliocentric and the flat earth faithful rely on ignoring Natural reality in favor of occult ideas. Occult means screen and here what is being screened and distorted is the Natural real world in favor of the wold of more pure imaginings. Many of us might have the impression that virtual or augmented reality is new. It is not. Occult and esoteric and religious forms are all one and the same thing. These rituals and fictions are not different from today's comic book inspired cosplay conventions. Human beings love the imaginary over the mundane and the great celestial sphere makes for a great Platonic Cave. The founders of heliocentric thought and NASA have a lot of mystical musings in common. It might seem conspiratorial but the reality is that NASA and the Hollywood esoteric occult pulp publishing industry share much in common. I would recommend to not be afraid of cartoonish satanic ritual that is little more than pulp fiction promoted basal fare. Satanic symbols and other mythical witch craft artifacts seem to have explainable origins with freemason traditions. But people in general seem to be far more enamored with mythical tall tales of either ancient space men or magical ice walls, to care much for the down to Earth, pay attention to what's under your own feet, approach to life.


This Youtube Content is Worth Watching and Listening To

I Highly Recommend This Series

Occult Science 0.0 - Introduction & the Flat Earth Debate  source:  schism206

The Earth is not best described as flat. It is not best described as being in motion.

If we are to judge the state of the world by Youtube content, comments and view numbers, a lot of people have "awakened" to the Flat Earth.

Nothing like false choices. The Earth is best described in terms of what we actually experience and what our senses tell us. The Earth is best modeled as a motionless globe. The Flat Earth model cannot adequately reproduce how the Sun or Moon or other celestial phenomena rise and set. There simply is no working Flat Earth map and the fact of the matter is that despite all the obvious flaws with heliocentric based theory, the globe shaped world is demonstrable reality and the part of that theory that is correct. The "brilliance" of men like Sir Isaac Newton and Einstein is not that they discovered actual Natural principles, nothing could be further from the truth, the reality is that these men successfully used mathematics to model a system that could mimic Natural phenomena while pretending that it made sense to model these motions around a motionless Sun instead of the observable reality we all witness. The truth is that all the experiments that are supposed to show the Earth in motion are not as they seem. These experiments do not live up to scrutiny and things like Flat Earth seem designed to drown out what should otherwise be obvious criticism along the lines of simply stating the sky is blue or grass is green, with a whole lot of nonsensical noise that is easily shown to be incorrect.

Despite what Flat Earth apologists stubbornly insist, when we leave computer screen, and actually go outside into the real Natural world and pay close enough attention, our senses tell us the world is not flat. The way the clouds look on the horizon is simply not consistent with the actual perspective and lighting we would expect with a flat world; the next article will get into this further. There simply is no logical reason to believe the Earth is flat, or in motion at all. Both of these ideas are examples of religious, superstitious based thinking. Both of these ideas rely on us ignoring what we actually witness and experience in favor of augmented and virtual reality. We can describe this as a form of collective insanity that requires we accept fantasy over reality. This seems to be a very real fact of life,: most of our fellow human beings are suffering from a form of collective psychosis that is continuously, and generationally, socially, reinforced, apparently at all social caste layers of the great pyramid scheme.

Illogically premised mathematical equation is no substitute for experiencing and witnessing the Natural world.

Stubborn insistence that we not trust our senses and common sense is also no substitute for reality. If you want to experience and witness Divine Creation, get away from the screen and go outside.