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Reaching Across The Flat Divide: An Editorial Interlude



Outer Space is not real. Heliocentric based theory is a long standing historical hoax and basis for a very real secular religion most mistake for science.

Orbits are just imaginary constructs with no basis in reality.

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image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dymaxion_map

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Modern Cosmology is Very Wrong

There are many more articles to come that will explain exactly why there are no experiments that can demonstrate that the Earth moves. I shall explain why all the supposed experiments that are claimed to prove the Earth moves do nothing of the kind. I shall show that the mainstream university educated mind is very mistaken. These people will repeat the names of legendary experiments they likely have never bothered to really study in depth, despite what they might stubbornly insist to the contrary, with what can best be described as irrational and unconscious religious fervor. I have studied all of the experiments purported to show the Earth moves and can tell you these experiments do not live up to reputation when scrutinized. It is important to read the original material and not subsequent text book summaries. It is important to realize that the educational system is an example of a system of Pavlovian style conditioning with original thought taking a back seat to well worded parroting of catechism.

Ritual Reality

Outer Space is a secular faith. It is a state sponsored religious artifact for post modern times. Outer Space is an idea that can only be embodied as art of some kind. The secular rituals of the unconscious members of this religion include collectively gathering around screens and participating in that place called "Outer Space" by the only means any of us really can. The faithful watch moving images of events like rocket launches and space walks and all sorts of "Zero G" shenanigans and mistake what they see on screens for reality in the process. People who believe that Outer Space is a real place tend to refuse to be reasonable and tend to resort to repeating all sorts of obvious and somewhat childish fallacies in order to avoid having to question their own belief systems. Most of these people do not think such a decades long "conspiracy" could stay secret and they seem to be under the impression that criticism of the news and governmental institutions like NASA is something new. Yet they fail to see that this is not the case as there always were people critical of the space programs and journalism itself.  If one uses the internet to do more than watch Space X and Tesla marketing videos, one can learn a lot. These apologists also conveniently tend to ignore the fact that we need no conspiracy to explain how governments of the world work. National Security law, death penalty for treason, military laws, compartmentalized institutions, non disclosure agreement contracts and endless streams of international tax payer resource, explains how this international scam is conducted with governmental protection.

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AA 'The Proper Gander' Morris

Judge not... lest you be judged  "abnormal"...

As far as a mainstream or normal type of person is concerned, all of us who question the validity of things like the heliocentric model, the official 9/11 governmental narrative, and of course the obviously fake space programs of the world, are "Flat Earthers". I don't think things like atomic bombs and huge rockets and ballistic missies are anything but cartoon artifacts. I don't believe that parabolic flights are real, as I do not buy into the so-called "scientific" explanation for what we are seeing on screen. I also do not believe that fighter jets and passenger jets can fly upside down, I don't believe that jetpacks are real, nor do I think the skydiving and upside helicopter flying, Red Bull publicity stunts are anything but examples of modern special effects work. I am extremely skeptical of military equipment like harrier jump jets. I don't buy into the newsreel adventures of live action cartoon characters like Admiral Byrd and Howard Hughes and the rest of the original reality show newsreel cast. I have come around to John le Bon's notion that Nikola Tesla was (more than likely) just a yellow journal, print era, fiction, more so than a real person. I do not believe anyone died on 9/11 as claimed, if people did die it was not as we were told. The official narrative is obvious nonsense and an example of an impossible event sold as real "science". Huge massive towers of steel cannot be easily demolished with puny aluminum and fiberglass passenger jet power, within an hour and half or so, for example. If this were the case, kerosene filled aluminum cans could replace controlled demolitions. I also do not buy into the mainstream accounts of wars and all the rest of the noise sold as reality. I would suggest not believing what you see on screen and what you hear by ear, without a whole lot of critical thinking. Aerospace fakery is not limited to the fake international space programs of the world that our collective tax money foots the bill for. And I think the "Top Gun" imagery we have been exposed to and told is real, is nothing but Hollywood-Military Industrial level, special effects work. I think wars and super powered war weaponry are more fake than most people realize. Most people would think the idea that Hollywood film studios are part of the Military Industrial Complex™ a questionable one, to say the least. Most "normal" people would probably think that my opinion that the United States is a corporate entity and that in many ways, it is still part of the British Empire, insane, or at least far from accurate, Most people probably never bother to read any fine print and never looked at the Treaty of Paris (one of many) from 1783.

The many treaties of Paris link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Paris

For some reason most people take people like Donald Trump seriously and do not see the scripted cartoon joke that the Presidency itself really is.

I am in no position to judge anyone else's belief system. We are all abnormal, compared to the norm.

I also, for instance, think the JFK assassination was nothing but a made for TV, multimedia, historical hoax. The Zapruder film is just a photographic cartoon.


image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/361836151282088348/

Glass House Sails Are Up

"Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones" is a proverb used in several European countries. It means that one should not criticize others, because everybody has faults of one kind or another."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Those_who_live_in_glass_houses_should_not_throw_stones


image source: https://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/b/breaking_glass.asp

We all might as well all think the Earth is flat as far as a normal person is concerned.

In other words, we are all going to be lumped in together anyway. The normal person will likely resort to name calling, whether they use the terms "Flat Earther" or "Truther", or something new, it matters little. The mainstream media pundits and talk show hosts make sure that the mass media consuming and television viewing public learn how to behave like illogical children. Normal people seem to think name calling and "mike dropping" evidence a person is correct. Too many of us seem to truly confuse empty posturing with substance.

For example, this bit of recent political spin and damage control, with the usual name calling, to cover for another obvious staged event:

"How the internet’s conspiracy theorists turned Parkland students into ‘crisis actors’ "

"The accusation that the students are paid "crisis actors" has gained the most velocity online, trending on YouTube at one point and racking up tens of thousands of shares on Facebook. The spread of disinformation comes as Silicon Valley faces increasing pressure to crack down on propaganda and fake news."

source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/how-internet-s-conspiracy-theorists-turned-parkland-students-crisis-actors-n849921 via pocketsofthefuture

This is a pathetic attempt at damage control and in my opinion not a good sign for those running these psychological operations against the public. The fact that the News media is acknowledging crisis acting in the first place is a problem. The News media seems ill equipped to deal with real criticism that can be posted with world wide social media immediacy.

Anyone remember 9/11?

CNN: Anderson Cooper, Crisis Actor & FBI Father

Imagine this sort of thing being discussed in the mainstream media the week of September 18, 2001. Imagine if people were claiming a week after the event that one of the 9/11 witnesses and survivors was a paid shill and script reading, governmentally employed, "crisis actor". It's unthinkable. It would have never happened. We've all collectively come a long way since that fine September 11, 2001 summer day. 


Maybe if NASA and friends did a better job faking "Outer Space" less people would be inclined to ponder a plane world.

It seems to me that if the feats of the space agencies were as real as claimed, there would be many less folk inclined to consider a flat earth in the first place.

"Normal" people will dismiss all of us as "conspiracy theorists" anyway. This is what they have been programmed by mass media to do. Normal people need not call NASA skeptics "flat earthers". They will find other names to call those of us who doubt things like space programs and who doubt the existence of nuclear weaponry or anything else the normal person simply assumes is true. The normal person assumes things are true because basically, they believe everyone else does. The normal person assumes that so-called conspiracies are impossible and yet they also assume the government capable of keeping all sorts of state secrets that might even include very fantastic claims like those of top secret alien autopsies and other imaginative fancies that support the mainstream cosmology. Normal people accept life on other planets, alien visitations, secret flying saucer technology, and all sorts of other seemingly absurd claims as real. They are in no position to judge flat earthers or anyone else.

I do not think the term normal or "normie" insulting. I agree with John le Bon's opinion with regards to the average or normal set of opinions most people have as a result of exposure to the multimedia noise machine in all of its many forms, from educational to governmental to entertainment. I don't believe in self identifying and applying labels to oneself. If I did, I would say that some of my preferences and beliefs are within the "normie" or normal range. Some of my views are abnormal, compared to the norm. I enjoy mainstream entertainment media as much as a normal person, despite knowing how the cultural sausage is made. Understanding propaganda has only allowed me to appreciate art more, not less. I simply tuned out the News. Without the news noise machine and all of its nonsense sold as reality, the entertainment media can be regarded as the cartoon based art it actually is and can be enjoyed and appreciated for its allegorical and artistic value. Of course this is my opinion, and I am biased as I attended art school, and am supposed to be making a living as an artist. The real modern art is not the abstract silliness sold on empty canvases, real modern art is in the form of highly crafted film imagery, some sold as entertainment and fantasy and some of this contrived and crafted imagery is sold as fact. The images of super powered nuclear artifacts and of war, the images of Outer Space and of huge rockets and ballistic missile threat, are all examples, in my "deluded" opinion, of impressive artworks sold as actual natural and demonstrable fact. In my opinion the fact that we collectively have been indoctrinated to believe in what we see, in highly edited audio and visual form, on screens for over a hundred years, is what allows so many of us to be duped into believing things we really should not.


Heliocentric Theory Was Never The Elegant Model of Existence We Have Been Indoctrinated To Believe It Is

If Copernicus had it right, Kepler's musings would not have been needed to patch an absurd concept in the first place. If Kepler was right, Newton's fallacious orbital theory would not exist. Einstein would not be the idol and icon he is supposed to be had Newton been right. Quantum nonsense, black holes and dark energy and dark matter Mandela multiverses would not be needed to act as ad hoc cement to patch an obvious house of cards if any of it bore any relationship to anything resembling demonstrable reality.

The Earth Is Motionless

Not only is the idea of a solar system simple mathematical invention, with no physical real world support,  there is also no experiment anyone can actually do to demonstrate the Earth spins. The Michelson Gale experiment does not live up to the advertising hype and university myth, for example. This "experiment" is nothing of the kind and makes use of a mathematical equation that is circularly reasoned to yield desired result based on the area of the interferometer set up. The math does not compare light paths. It simply makes use of area to provide the desired mathematical result. More about this and the rest of the history of heliocentric reasoning to come. Suffice it to say that there is no reason to not trust what we experience and what our senses tell us, the world does not spin, wobble, or orbit. There is no reason to intellectually adopt this baseless assumption in the first place. People who insist otherwise need a good reason to do so, if they want their personal metaphysics to be taken as demonstrable science.

People can imagine whatever they like. What they cannot do is make the unreal real and make their ideas into scientific fact. We logically need reason to ignore our senses and logic itself to accept the notion that the world is in motion, and to accept that the lights in the sky are best described and modeled as physical objects like apples and rocks. These ideas are not supported by any empirical evidence.

The onus is on those who make the claim to provide evidence for their claim.

The natural facts of the matter tell us the world moves not. All experiments and all demonstrable reality show us that there is no reason to assume the world can orbit or spin. There is no reason to assume apples and rocks can do anything but drop with accelerated velocity and roll to a stop. There is no reason to assume the Sun,, Moon, planets, fixed stars and the rest, anything but the natural and primary light phenomena they clearly are. There is no reason to even think that these rising and setting lights do anything but rise and set. There is no reason to model this phenomena with linear distances as if they were physical bodies. There is every reason to stick with a Ptolemaic geocentric style model that models the phenomena with angles, azimuth and altitude. There is no reason to avoid reason.


The Journalist as Educator

"Newspapers are the second hand [of the clock]  of history."

"It is necessary, therefore, not to pay too much attention to their alarms, and to realize in general that the newspaper is a magnifying glass, and this is only for the best: for very often it is no more than a shadow-play on the wall."

quote source: Arthur Schopenhauer


source:  The Journalist in Plato's Cave By Jay Newman


Normal people think it's normal for witnesses of crimes to immediately go on extremely high profile publicity tours as if they were celebrities selling new cookbooks.

Normal people accept transparent journalistic doublespeak as truth and let lame governmental apologetics distract them from noticing what is obvious. Bad acting and tearless high definition crying, along with recitation of political talking points designed to continue the media narrative of political divides, are all clear signs of a governmental style drill gone "live" to morph into a current event that will become textbook history. The gun issue and all the governmental school shooting drills that end up as evening news are profitable sources of high profile revenue streams for all involved. Gun rights may erode, but gun sales will rise and politicians and others sorts of social leaders can use emotional tabloid headlines to promote their agenda, no matter which side they take. These scripted and contrived events are designed to promote more growth of tax needing government. The news media is the real terrorist organization. These people have an agenda that involves demanding more needless layers of federal and state protection from demonstrably phantom threats of governmental creation. It's not very funny, how our tax money is spent, funding all sorts of enterprises that only create the problem, reaction, solution, paradigms that enable mass media promoted social justice warriors to call for even more tax hungry government.

All that crying and never a tear nor drop of snot in sight.

The lack of glistening tears and lack of running noses is very apparent today now that all the news video is high definition. I am of the opinion that the fake news modus operandi is neither new nor is it suitable for the high definition video age of YouTube and social media sharing. This television contrived news event, "problem, reaction, solution" format, was developed for 20th century low definition, analog broadcast television, and not for the kinds of screens and technology we have now. Human beings are far from perfect. Those who run the show are no more or less prone to mistakes than any of us. I think most of what we are seeing are the exact types of continuity mistakes, complete with the exact same kind of group think blind spots, we should expect from a scripted, Hollywood style, street theater level, production, which is what all major news stories have always been. The news was never the reliable source it bills itself as. Major news was always fake. High profile news stories with compressed timelines are obvious hoaxes.

The 20th Century Propaganda Modus Operandi Meets 21st Century Social Media Scrutiny


Deep State Damage Control

Media personas like Alex Jones, are employed to help do damage control in one way or another. In this example we have the classic false choice of fake political divide. I am not a Trump supporter and neither are many of us who understand that the news is made of many lies. News stories like these are meant to keep people thinking they need government. The idea is that there are good guys and there are bad guys and that we just need to elect the good guys and then the government would go back to being the good body it once was. It can then get back to serving "We the people". It does not matter which side of the political divide you take as long as you pick a side, even an alternative side. The mainstream media itself promotes the work of people like Alex Jones. The game they play is obvious. The News media acts to filter reality and it is not going to promote the work of real critics of the news events sold as reality. This is why there are alternative news personas, like Mr. Jones,  to choose from. 

image source: http://www.businessinsider.com/parkland-florida-shooting-survivor-david-hogg-fbi-2018-2

I Think All Major News Stories Have To Be Fake

The fact that the News media shows endless footage of what are supposed to be crime scenes, and does things like play police 911 calls, for me, is a huge clue major News stories are fake. The police would be inclined to keep the News media away from real crime scenes and would not want the News media broadcasting what would be evidence and 911 calls during their open investigation of a crime. We have been conditioned to think the News media coverage of things like crimes and terrorist events makes sense, but when you think about it critically you might notice that journalism is not the trusted source of information it advertises itself as. World of mouth gossip was never very reliable and neither is print or even radio or television, all of it tends to be used as medium for governmental propaganda. The News media is simply not the appropriate forum for the investigation of real crimes, that idea is absurd and is the result of News media marketing.

The bright hot white spot light that is News media coverage would make any real trials and any real criminal investigations impossible. All the major News is (pretty much) concocted and fake. All major News stories with loads of details and witness accounts and grieving widows and parents doing the talk show rounds, are obviously part of scripted governmental hoax. These are drills gone live to magically morph into history. Fake News is generated is to create cultural change and to create new laws and new paradigms for people to follow. The Fake News demonstrates how the media is the propaganda weapon of government. The News media targets your mind and seeks to act as a screen to filter the world for you. You end up buying into all sorts of ideas with little to no basis in reality and never notice you are a tax based wage slave and part of a very real and longstanding, world wide, historical, pyramid scam.


In My Opinion Even Controlled and Contrived Change Takes Time

Maybe one day centuries from now, people will finally realize that Outer Space is not a real place and that history is made of more mythic lies than they had realized. Change takes time. Technological and social change take a lot of time. If we look back at the last century and look to what we can demonstrate is the result of the last century of cultural and technological change, in the context of the industrial revolution, we can see this is the case, or so it seems to me. My view, based upon all the research I have done, is that wars are a cover for social and technological changes. Wars and talk of war, are used to keep us, the mass of humanity, toiling away at the wheel of industry. Wars and all sorts of fake existential "sky falling" threats are used to justify more taxes and unnecessary layers of government.




This man spent  years prior to 9/11 working for the CIA as a "terrorist expert". He then went to work for the FBI. This phony and charlatan has done things like testify before Congress. Who in their right mind would believe anything this guy had to say? What kind of fools do people elect to political office? How many lower level elected officials, not in the security clearance possessing know, are fooled by people like this?

The Name is Mudd, Phil Mudd, the role, manipulative propagandist.

Somebody has to script the crisis scenarios governments and the news media sells to the unsuspecting and trusting public.


The video explains his qualifications for the jobs he has held... all taken from the CNN website itself. Phil is an example of a governmental propagandist. Our tax dollars pay for the salaries of many people like this man. These people are paid liars that we foot the bill for. Their job is to present a very distorted version of reality to the public and to government officials out of security clearance loop. A version that supports calls for more needless government; creating more opportunities for people like this to do the same thing over again. They get paid sweet governmental tax money either by way of actual governmental paycheck, complete with the tax payer also paying for whatever awesome healthcare, governmental pension and other benefits that might go along with high level CIA and FBI employment opportunities. Or people like this get paid by means of sweet tax funded governmental contract as private sector freelance work pays well too, especially when one can also get a gig as a public opinion shaping pundit on a cable news network like CNN. People like this can transition into and out of governmental employ, back and forth many times, and we pay for it all.

source: CNN  •  Ex-FBI agent breaks down over Florida school shooting •   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG0a0...

Phil Mudd: Somebody has to script the crisis.

It seems to me Phil's two degrees in english would mean he could be quite the imaginative author. He would seem to be one of the people employed by government to create the scripts for the contrived events that government and the news media claim are real. Someone has to script the governmental propaganda sold as actual fact.


"The Head Game"

"We've all been there: faced with a major decision, yet overwhelmed by the very data that is supposed to help us. It’s an all-too-common struggle in the digital age, when Google searches produce a million results in a split second and software programs provide analysis faster than we could ever hope to read it. Adapting the geopolitical and historical lessons gleaned from over two decades in government intelligence, Philip Mudd―an ex–National Security Council staff member and former senior executive at the FBI and the CIA―finally gives us the definitive guidebook for how to approach complex decisions today. Filled with logical yet counterintuitive answers to ordinary and extraordinary problems―whether it be buying a new home or pivoting a failing business model―Mudd’s "HEAD" (High Efficiency Analytic Decision-making) methodology provides readers with a battle-tested set of guiding principles that promise to bring order to even the most chaotic problems, all in five practical steps:"

"Drawing deeply from his own harrowing experiences―and mistakes―in the line of duty, Mudd has spent years refining and teaching his methodology to Fortune 500 companies and government organizations. Now, in the best-selling tradition of Charles Duhigg's The Power of Habit and Oren Klaff's Pitch Anything, Philip Mudd's The HEAD Game can change the way you both live and work."

source: https://www.amazon.com/HEAD-Game-High-Efficiency-Analytic-Decision/dp/0871407884/ref=la_B00N9USI66_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1519435077&sr=1-1

"Takedown: Inside the Hunt for Al Qaeda"

"On September 11, 2001, as Central Intelligence Agency analyst Philip Mudd rushed out of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the White House, he could not anticipate how the terror unleashed that day would change the world of intelligence and his life as a CIA officer. Mudd, now a fellow with the New America Foundation’s National Security Studies Program, would later serve as deputy director of the CIA's rapidly expanding Counterterrorist Center and then as senior intelligence adviser at the FBI. Please join the New America Foundation’s National Security Studies for a conversation with Philip Mudd and Peter Bergen about Mudd’s new book, Takedown: Inside the Hunt for Al Qaeda, which provides a first-person account of his role in two organizations that changed dramatically after 9/11. The book also sheds light on the inner workings of the intelligence community during the global counterterror campaign."



source: John le Bon Published on Feb 12, 2018

"The term 'red pill' has become synonymous with myriad different kinds of 'truths', and one thing which many 'red-pilled' people have in common is a sense of isolation from the blue-pilled world."

"Fakeologist discord: See right-hand sidebar of their home webpage http://fakeologist.com/ Chat with Velocet (podcast): https://www.johnlebon.com/podcasts/jl..."

quotes source JLB – JLB1815 - The 'Red Pill' Problem (12-Feb-2018)"


It's like a game, don't you know...

In my opinion we simply need to follow the paperwork trail of constitutions, treaties and contracts to begin to understand how the world is truly run. I think we simply need to look no further than all the various forms of government to understand what we need to change in order to make things more fair. I do not think we need to worry about figuring out who to blame for all the long standing, snake oil, confidence games, as we should be concerned with dismantling the systems that allow the games to be played in the first place.

The Powers That Be Are Not So Smart

There's this idea that whoever runs the proverbial show has all the answers, is all wise and all powerful. In my opinion nothing could be further from the truth.

All the research I have done, available on this website, for free, leads me to the conclusion that the so-called "Powers That Be" are simply the descendants of early investors in what can best be described as a world wide commercial venture. This group of old money continues to rise up at the top of not so allegorical social and economic  pyramid structure as new money becomes old and old money starts to become "ancient". I am putting this in simple terms. If your grandparents invested in the right companies during their lifetimes, for example, and your parents only grew that initial investment into more wealth and you do the same, you begin to get the idea. Most of us live day to day and paycheck to paycheck and do not have the luxury that those with handed down wealth do. It is neither their nor our fault that the world is the way it is when we are born into it. None of us created any of the foundational systems that have led us to this moment in time. What we are responsible for us what we do with the allegorical hands we are dealt. We are responsible for what we do with our own individual lives.

I don't think the Earth is best described as flat. If you do, good for you.

As far as my senses and my own common sense assessment of both the natural world I actually do witness and the models and information we all have access to, my conclusion is that the world is best modeled as spherical or globe shaped. If you think otherwise and your senses and common sense indicates otherwise, I can't expect and insist that you perceive the world as I do. I don't want you telling me what conclusions to come to, so I don't think it fair to turn around and expect you to believe what  I do. I simply think that the Flat Earth model is more complicated than the unmoving globe based one. This is my opinion and that is all it is. All I can do is state what I think and why. The purpose of this editorial is not for me to explain why I do not think the Earth is best described as flat, so I will not stray off topic.

In My Opinion The Fact We Are Tax Based Wage Slaves Matters Most

It's not just international space that's a scam, it's all of the so-called military spending and the rest of all the needless layers of government and law we do not really need.

We are getting ripped off.

Our hard earned wages get sent off, away from us and our control, and sent as far away as possible in the form of taxes. County, state and federal and international layers of government need to "wet their beaks". We are an international neo-feudal human resource and are exploited and treated like all the other natural resources of the world. We allow each other to be fined and jailed for victimless crimes. The system survives and thrives and spreads like cancer and humanity ends up serving its inhuman demands. The people who work for the system tend to fail to notice all the very real damage they are doing and most probably have faith in the numerous layers of needless laws. After all, society would fall apart without a for profit legal system and prison industry. We don't want judges and lawyers having to get jobs at Home Depot do we? The judge has to pay for his summer house in the Hamtpons, or gambling debts, don't you know. The owners of the companies that supply orange jump suits to the mass prison industrial complex need to eat. We don't want to put all these people out of work do we? We need to have illogical Wars on Drugs to justify the legal, prison and police systems. We need to have a reason to think we need to pay taxes for all of this. We are not supposed to question any of it. We are not supposed to discuss things like jury nullification, for example. We are not supposed to deconstruct the legal system and notice it is little more than dinner theater, complete with people in costumes, up on what amounts to just another theatrical set. The judge plays make believe dress up in a black robe and we are supposed to take all the theatrics seriously. We are supposed to be impressed with the architecture and feel insignificant next to it all. A real system of justice would lack such theatrics and would look more like an arbitration hearing around a conference table. We allow ourselves to be treated like imbecile children and animals by the legal and governmental systems. In this manner we are marked as the collective and proverbial beast.

Even criminals should not be treated like mass produced corporate farm animals and neither should the animals.

The road to Hell is paved with best intent that creates more mind numbingly needless layers of government.

Living beings are not products meant to be massed produced in machine like fashion. We should resort to imprisonment only as last resort and even then the prisons should be more like bungalow colonies than the current inhuman system of disgusting and evil for profit prisons. Turning adult personal behavior choices from sins to crime is a profitable and evil idea. Evil is the word I would use to describe the effect of the system. I am not claiming I think the people involved in the system are themselves evil. I do think the effect of the legal and prison system a negative one. The War on Drugs, for example, is a complete failure in terms of common sense, and in terms of logical public policy; but it is a great success for the courts, the lawyers, judges, the prison industry, the governments, the politicians and everyone else who profits from making adult behavior choices into crimes.

Victimless crimes need no legal penalty and the tax payer should not be footing the bill for a system that not only wrecks lives, tears families apart, but also does not work.

There is clear financial motive and incentive to make more laws banning and controlling human behavior in order to generate more economic opportunity.


"Outer Space" Has All Four Propaganda Corners Covered

The same ballistic precision that is imagined to allow the self proclaimed "super powers" of the world to send artificial constructs to the far ends of the supposed solar system at fantastic, unimaginable and impossible speeds, is also the same make believe technology that is supposed to serve as medium for endless Cold War style, ballistic missile threat. "Outer Space" is also the home to imagined meteor rocks that are supposed to be able to rain fiery death down at any time, and other physical denizens of equal fantastic character; of course we are not supposed understand some very basic etymology and are not supposed to consider the rising and setting lights in the sky for the primary light based, natural phenomena they are. These lights are not best described as physical bodies.

The Sky is Always Falling: 

"meteor (n)  late 15c., "any atmospheric phenomenon," from Middle French meteore (13c.) and directly from Medieval Latin meteorum (nominative meteora), from Greek ta meteora "the celestial phenomena, things in heaven above," plural of meteoron, literally "thing high up," noun use of neuter of meteoros(adj.) "high up, raised from the ground, hanging," from meta "by means of" (see meta-) + -aoros"lifted, hovering in air," related to aeirein "to raise" (from PIE root *wer- (1) "to raise, lift, hold suspended"). Specific sense of "fireball, shooting star" is attested from 1590s."

"Atmospheric phenomena were formerly classified as aerial meteors (wind), aqueous meteors (rain, snow, hail), luminous meteors(aurora, rainbows), and igneous meteors (lightning, shooting stars)."

source: https://www.etymonline.com/word/meteor

fake nasa.jpg

"Weren't we supposed to use that chroma key green paint? And are you sure they said to only paint the floor?"

The Space X Fake Tesla Car Launch

Call me crazy, but it looks like the international space agencies of the world have painted themselves into quite the proverbial "world ending" (for them) corner. If only more of us would start to notice that the screens and multimedia noise machine tell us a whole lot of lies.

Maybe in nine hundred and eleven years from now most people will have noticed that they still can't wait on lines to take rocket rides to low earth orbiting Howard Johnson's motel chains in the sky. We aren't supposed to notice how fast the V2 rocket program of World War Two era fame became precise rocket science that could place satellites in orbit around Mars by the 1970's. We are not supposed to notice how this sudden advancement suddenly stalls, at least with regards to all the earlier promises made. We are supposed to ignore that our parents, grandparents and now ourselves and one day our children, foot the bill for it all. We are bound to pay our taxes so international government can do all the research and development it needs to, in areas of computer graphics and augmented and virtual reality.

image source: NASA and https://www.lds.org/media-library/images/mormonad-a-way-out-1118440?lang=eng

Damage Control.jpg

This is a form of damage control. This is not some kind of test to see who is "awake" and who is not.

Call me mentally irresponsible, but, I do not think the following headline a good sign for Space X.; and for NASA, international governments, and the rest. It does seem like more people are starting to notice some of the numerous problems and logical inconsistencies with the narratives we are sold regarding that place called "Outer Space" that none of us in the public, who pay for it all, can ever wait on a line to go to.

"This isn't photoshop. There is a Tesla orbiting Earth"

quote source: USA TODAY

Perhaps it's not Photoshop, I tend to agree, as the whole Space X Tesla car publicity stunt looks like nothing but studio based, bad live action style, special effects to me.

image source: This isn't photoshop. There is a Tesla orbiting Earth  •  USA TODAY   •   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1NJz56lxiU



"Outer Space" Is Not A Real Place

"Outer Space" is fake and can only exist as art of some kind. "Outer Space" is virtual, on screen artifact only. Space "science" itself is not very real. It is all make believe.

source: Flat Earth Man is back! - 'Puppet Show" - an ISS exposé - FUNNY :) •  Conspiracy Music Guru •  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS4jPjs6JPw


Heliocentric Theory Was Never The Elegant Model of Existence We Have Been Indoctrinated To Believe It Is

If Copernicus had it right, Kepler's musings would not have been needed to patch an absurd concept in the first place. If Kepler was right, Newton's fallacious orbital theory would not exist. Einstein would not be the icon that name is had Newton been right. Quantum nonsense, black holes and dark energy and dark matter Mandela multiverses would not be needed to act as ad hoc cement to patch an obvious house of cards if any of it bore any relationship to anything resembling demonstrable reality.



Ask someone who believes that the only explanation for things like the tides has to do with gravity and the Moon as the mainstream educational system and government claims, how orbits actually work.

The official, so-called "scientific" explanation for tides does not "hold water". Ad hoc assumptions are used as mental cement to patch all the problems with mainstream cosmological musing sold as scientific fact.

All explanation for natural phenomena has to be filtered and massaged to fit accepted paradigm. We have to ignore the more demonstrable possibilities in favor of dogma.

We have to ignore the obvious electrical nature of our reality. We are not supposed to consider the idea that the Earth's magnetic field is the result of an active electrical circuit like environment.


image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhWQ-r1LYXY

Parroting Peer Reviewed Catechism Is Not Science

This is obvious to al those that simply bother to interact with the source material for these claims with critical thinking minds, as opposed to those who seem to spend their time worrying about properly parroting peer reviewed and peer pressured catechism without considering all the assumptions that are simply ignored. Coincidence can mean a lot of things, but when it comes to what is sold as mainstream reasoning, we are supposed to only consider the peer approved set of ideas and no others, even and perhaps especially when, these ideas are apparently absurd.

1 + 1 Does Not Equal 9

Ask them to explain Sir Isaac Newton's cannonball thought experiment to you. Ask them to explain the official explanations for orbits to you. Ask them to explain why Einstein's work exists and how it is anything but more fallacious, imaginative, nonsense. Mathematical formula acts as magical mind bending spell and an equal sign can make people really believe that 2+2 = 5.

Do you believe you can fall in circles?

You have to ignore all real world demonstrable physics, all the ideas that make sense, and you have to take a leap of illogically applied faith to accept the Newtonian based idea that orbits are even possible in the first place. The fact of the matter is, orbits are impossible. All supposed real world values for things like the circumference of the Earth, the effect of gravity, the speed of imagined orbital body, real world ballistic physics and even real world centrifugal effect, all clearly demonstrate why "Outer Space" can only exist as art of some kind.

Divide & Conquer

I do not think the world best modeled or described as flat. I also don't think the shape of the world matters and think it is used as a wedge issue more often than not. I've been critical of this internet movement in the past and have posted articles that criticized the Flat Earth movement and model as well. I no longer have the same opinion of self proclaimed "Flat Earthers" and now consider the shape of the Earth an idea that is being used to divide an apparent growing group of people who have noticed all the obvious problems with "Outer Space" and the solar system model we are offered as an accurate representation of reality. If anything the only critique I would offer is to not self identify as an idea or theory. But if the Flat Earth is that important to you, and it works for you, I'd suggest going with that; not that you need my advice in the first place. One of the reasons why I maintain this blog is because I am an opinionated person. If I disagree with an opinion, my issue is with the idea and not the person.

Flat Earth As Gateway "Drug"

I own a copy of Eric Dubay's "Flat Earth Conspiracy". I looked into Flat Earth a few years ago; it was part of my own personal research route that led me to my current set of opinions. I looked into why people would claim the Earth flat. Instead of trusting what they were claiming or what forum posters were claiming, for example, I went and looked at the history of heliocentric theory, I looked into the supposed experiments that are supposed to prove things like the Earth's physical spin, and found out that there is a lot of nonsense sold as science and not many people seem to really notice. People do not seem to really go and read the work attributed to men like Sir Isaac Newton and the rest, preferring to repeat the university educational system's textbook catechism as trained to do so.

Flat Earth seems to get a certain amount of press. This could be a double edged sword.

If memory serves, I think Ab from Fakeologist suggested this idea. I would imagine at least a few people might start to look into why people would even consider a Flat Earth model in the first place. I know I did.

I know too, that there are others who also looked into the claims of people like Mr. Dubay to see what makes sense and what does not; who can see the problems with the heliocentric model but who do not think the world best described as flat. The Flat Earth material can be useful as educational impetus and a wake up call of sorts. I would be lying if I claimed otherwise. What matters is for you to interact with the material for yourself and not to rely on either blog articles or editorials like this one. Blogs and Youtube videos and podcasts are supplemental material and should not be confused with primary sources. The hyper linked internet makes it very easy to do Harvard University level research without needing teams of magical homunculus assistants. The internet is the real "Library of Alexandria".

The Puppet Rocket

I think many Flat Earthers have done a lot of really solid research into international space fakery and that they deserve credit for their work. I was recently watching a Globebusters YouTube stream and those guys came up with an interesting take on how rocket launches might be faked in real life. A high flying airplane with what appears to be a bright rocket like light, towed like a puppet on a string was the idea and the video they were looking at supported this idea. This is one example of many. I for one think it would be a lie to deny the value of this kind of critical thinking. For those of us interested in how the space agencies of the world fake it, this kind of thinking is like finding a pot of gold at allegorical rainbow's end. I do think the idea of a "puppet rocket" a good one that would explain what people could be actually witnessing. What I do know is that the official footage we are shown tends to look like nothing but miniature Hollywood special effects work, all in highly edited form, with magical cameras that can somehow fly along with what is supposed to be a huge rocket that is supposed to be accelerating towards the heavens with what is supposed to become an unimaginable speed many times faster than that of a speeding bullet. The footage of huge rockets, in highly edited form, is just footage of miniature rockets; and that is what the Space X footage looks like too.

Most people would think me crazy for thinking that huge rockets that can travel at 18,000 mph are pure fantasy. I think that the idea of such super speeding rocketry is "crazy". But that's me.

It seems to me that since these hoaxes have outdoor and real life, theatrical components to them. with 9/11, the Boston Marathon Fiasco, Sandy Hoax, the Vegas Shooting, being examples that easily come to mind, the space programs of the world would be no different. This kind of more modern fakery dates back to at least World War Two. The Ghost Army is one example of outdoor, live action theater sold as real, complete with Hollywood sound effects, stage illusionist magic and all sorts of live action role playing goodness. The Ghost Army's antics are a blueprint for the drills that morph into the fake news of today.

I believe "crazy" things, like the idea that wars are more fake and literal scripted theater than most realize.

I think stories about film directors like John Huston faking World War Two footage the tip of the propaganda iceberg of lies. People have been mistaking newsreel visual lies for reality for over a hundred years or so. Most people would probably think that we should trust the newsreels and the subsequent television news as the trusted sources of information they are advertised as being. Most people seem to confuse marketing sizzle with actual fact and would think me the one with a problem for questioning the official account of events like wars. Generations of human beings have been conditioned to not only believe what they see on screens without thought, they also think the print based news media a source of reliable information and do not understand how far back in time historical fakery and hoaxes sold as real events actually goes. In fact it would seem that fakery and lies are integral to the creation of culture and civilization, It seems to me that governments have always relied on lies to create the impression and belief that such systems of control are needed in the first place. I believe in more locally controlled forms of limited bureaucracies that actually serve humanity. I do not believe we need all the endless lists of laws and layers of government, all the border patrols and need for passports and the rest. Most people would seem to disagree.

Existential threats like war are used to keep us thinking we need to keep paying taxes to be kept safe.


The Ghost Army: Classified For 40 Years

I believe the official story is absurd and think the mission of the Ghost Army was to fool the European public and not to fool the Nazi military as claimed. These guys were supposed to have used balloon tanks. How long do you think they would fool the Nazi army with a balloon tank? Wouldn't one bullet pop the charade?

The Ghost Army

"They staged more than 20 battlefield deceptions, often operating very close to the front lines. Their story was kept secret for more than 40 years after the war, and elements of it remain classified."

"Inspiration for the unit came from the British units who had honed the deception technique for the battle of El Alamein in late 1942, as Operation Bertram. The unit had its beginnings at Camp Forrest, Tennessee, and was fully formed at Pine Camp, New York (now Fort Drum), before sailing for the United Kingdom in early May 1944. In Britain they were based near Stratford upon Avon, and troops participated in Operation Fortitude, the British-designed and led D-Day deception of a landing force designated for the Pas-de-Calais."

"Ghost soldiers were encouraged to use their brains and talent to mislead, deceive, and befuddle the German Army. Many were recruited from art schools, advertising agencies and other occupations that encouraged creative thinking."

"In civilian life, ghost soldiers had been artists, architects, actors, set designers, and engineers. Although the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops consisted of only 1,100 soldiers, the contingent used equipment pioneered by British forces such as dummy tanks and artillery, fake aircraft, and giant speakers broadcasting the sounds of men and artillery to make the Germans think it was upwards of a two-division 30,000-man force. The unit's elaborate ruses helped deflect German units from the locations of larger allied combat units. The unit consisted of the 406th Combat Engineers (which handled security), the 603rd Camouflage Engineers, the 3132 Signal Service Company Special, and the Signal Company Special."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_Army


Absurd "war" stories, like General Eisenhower's "urgent request" for the building of Coca Cola bottling plants on the front lines during the North Africa campaign, give the cartoonish virtual reality version of history away, revealing the real way the world has long been run. It's one big world wide corporate monopoly style game, played on an international map.




The Theatre of The Absurd Presents: Coca Cola – "1940s … Post-war growth"
"During the war, 64 bottling plants were set up around the world to supply the troops. This followed an urgent request for bottling equipment and materials from General Eisenhower's base in North Africa. Many of these war-time plants were later converted to civilian use, permanently enlarging the bottling system and accelerating the growth of the Company's worldwide business."

source: http://www.coca-colacompany.com/our-company/history-of-bottling

1943: "Gen. Dwight Eisenhower sought to make the soda available to his soldiers as close to the battle front as possible."

"By the time the United States entered World War II in December 1941, Coca-Cola was already established as a symbol of the American way of life. In countless letters home, soldiers serving abroad spoke of fighting for the little things, like an ice cold Coke, rather than politics or ideology. In a mutually beneficial edict, Coca-Cola Company president Robert W. Woodruff declared that any American in uniform could get a Coke for 5¢, regardless of the listed price or cost of production. For the men serving overseas, however, a soda fountain had become a foreign concept; foreign, that is, until 1943 when Gen. Dwight Eisenhower sought to make the soda available to his soldiers as close to the battle front as possible. In an attempt to raise and maintain morale, Eisenhower sent an urgent telegram to the States requesting 3 million bottled Cokes to be shipped to North Africa—where at this time he was serving as Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force—along with the equipment and supplies needed to wash, refill, bottle, and cap that same amount twice monthly without, of course, displacing necessary military cargo. Once approved by Army Chief of Staff George C. Marshall, the Coca-Cola Company was more than happy to comply with Eisenhower’s orders. Treated as a wartime necessity, the Coca-Cola bottling plants established near the front lines were allotted considerably larger sugar rations than the half-share allowed to the company for production of the beverages intended for civilian consumption in the States.."

source: http://www.nww2m.com/2011/08/coca-cola-the-pause-that-refreshed-2/



I am far more interested in exploring all the numerous flaws of the mainstream cosmological model and looking into how the space fakery magic is done than arguing over the shape of the Earth.

Gravity or gravitation is not the magical glue holding the Universe together as we've been indoctrinated by what is best described as a secular religious belief system to believe.

I Don't Believe in Sir Isaac Newton's Concept of Gravity


The rising and setting Moon is nothing like a falling apple.

The explanations for tides, for example, does not live up to scrutiny, it is more ad hoc assumed nonsense. Many of the supposed experiments that prove heliocentric based theory are nothing but examples of propaganda artifacts and not real science. Mainstream astronomy is a superstitious joke.

Rocks can do nothing but fall and roll to a stop. Rocks do not fall in magical circles. One has to believe the absurd, that physical bodies can fall in circles and not towards the surface of the Earth.

The Cavendish experiment, for example, is an obvious canard. Even if one could prove that mass attracts mass, (which one cannot do), as Newton posits, that does not prove orbits are real. The Newtonian idea that the falling apple is like the rising and setting Moon is, in my opinion, absurd. This idea is not even a theory. It is pure fantasy with no basis in demonstrable reality. When I use the term "gravity" or "gravitation" I am referring only to the falling object, the falling rock or apple, and not to an imagined magical force that acts across "space-time" and can magically combine with a tangential (ballistic) velocity that would be otherwise linear into magical merry go round orbits. Orbits are not real. Newton's cannonball thought experiment explicitly ignores the actual circumference of the Earth and the actual speed of projectile, along with real world ballistic physics. Most people would question how everyone could be wrong for so long and consider that question reason to ignore what should be obvious. Most people also believe "Outer Space" is a real place and the Earth is essentially a space ship. Most people are Pavlovian conditioned by peer pressure and peer reviewed university and governmental promoted grades and subsequent salaries, into truly having faith in propaganda nonsense sold as valid science and history.


source: Don't Believe in Gravity - Flat Earth Man  • Conspiracy Music Guru•  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIT_SbigQ3c


Do you really understand the "gravity" of the problem?

A grave answer awaits. Did anyone ever tell you Big "G" is fake?

xG_the_letter_G_254x393.gif.pagespeed.ic.2wM3zPuhPf (

image source: http://www.masonic-lodge-of-education.com/letter-g.html


Do you think the celestial rising and setting (primary) lights in the sky best described as being "heavy", is that really what your senses and common sense logic tells you?

Does it really make sense to apply the demonstrable concept of weight to the lights in the sky?

A "Don't Bring Me Down" Kind of Fact: of Life: Gravity & Grave Share The Same Meaning

"gravity (n)  c. 1500, "weight, dignity, seriousness, solemnity of deportment or character, importance," from Old French gravité "seriousness, thoughtfulness" (13c.) and directly from Latin gravitatem (nominative gravitas) "weight, heaviness, pressure," from gravis "heavy" (from PIE root *gwere-(1) "heavy"). The scientific sense of "downward acceleration of terrestrial bodies due to gravitation of the Earth" first recorded 1620s."

source: https://www.etymonline.com/word/gravity

"grave (adj) 1540s, "influential, respected; marked by weighty dignity," from Middle French grave (Old French greve "terrible, dreadful," 14c.), from Latin gravis, "heavy, ponderous, burdensome, loaded; pregnant;" of matters, "weighty, important;" of sounds, "deep, low, bass;" figuratively "oppressive, hard to bear, troublesome, grievous," from PIE root *gwere-(1) "heavy." "

source: https://www.etymonline.com/word/grave


The sky is always falling.

"Outer Space" is metaphor for both hope and horror. "Outer Space" is the imagined medium for ballistic nuclear threat and possible magical meteor strike, and the eternal and nonsensical promise of space exploration and colonization for the mass public that will never occur. Endless streams of tax based resource continues to flow into governmental and private corporate coffers; and all we end up with is video game technology and green screen film special effects to interact with. "Outer Space" is only an extremely expensive, special effect.


The shape of the Earth approaches metaphysics . We are too sub-atomically small relative to what we observe to easily discern the shape of our world. If we assume the near 25,000 mile circumference globe, the world appears to be flat compared to our (relative) sub-atomic size. Zoom in on a circle in a post script drawing program and you can see that size matters when it comes to observable curvature. This even applies to high flying passenger jets. When it comes to things like atmospheric refraction and looking out to sea and all the rest, it is not my place or anyone else's to tell you what your senses tell you. If you think the Earth best described as flat, or if you think it best described as a doughnut, or even an asteroids game, that's all well and good and none of anyone else's concern. Instead of endless and useless debate, people only need to state what they think and why and leave it at that. This is not a competition and there is no reward for "being right". There is also no Monty Haul style game show host to reveal the true answer at then end of the questioning round.

We Are Simply Too Small Relative To The Earth Itself

Centrifugal Effect = Rapidly Changing Degrees

If we assume the Earth a globe, like Sir Isaac Newton does, we then have to consider our size relative to this curvature. Even at some 18,000 miles an hour and some 250 miles up in the sky, the imagined ISS or even equally imagined orbiting Moon, much further up in the sky and imagined to be moving at some 2,288 miles per hour, would not be moving anywhere near fast enough to experience any kind of real centrifugal type of effect. Centrifugal effect, by the way, would mean that the imagined orbiting body would be shot off, along what would be a linear path, like a stone from a sling. In any case, for us to achieve anything resembling centrifugal effect, we need to have a rapidly changing angular (not linear) based velocity. The imagined orbiting body like ISS or imagined orbiting Moon do not follow anywhere near a tight enough imagined circular path to allow for any kind of centrifugal effect, which might be why Newton ignores it. In five minutes of time the imagined space station would only have an angular change of about 22.5 degrees. Try taking a bucket of water and slowly swing it above your head and see what happens. It is important to read the works attributed to people like Sir Isaac Newton for yourself.

The Moon is not supposed to move as we see when we watch it rise and set like any other celestial light in the sky.

The slow imagined circular like motion of the Moon is far too slow to allow for any kind of real centrifugal effect; but you can imagine whatever you want to. Sir Isaac Newton does not make use of centrifugal effect to explain his idea about orbits; he imagines that gravity can act as centripetal effect that magically mimics a clock arm or solid bar that can reach across unimaginable distances. Today so-called "scientists" claim gravity is essentially acting instantaneously across even "infinite" distances, while also claiming there's some kind of Universal speed limit. Never mind that infinite space is just an idea. Never mind too that the falling apple falls with accelerated effect that proves all of this wrong. Never mind that real world demonstrable ballistic physics gives us no reason to contemplate any of this in the first place. We must ignore any math that would actually model what the claim really is putting forth and instead we must only resort to Newton's absurd math as "proof". The Earth's circumference is supposed to be near 25,000 miles. When we plug in all the numbers, we see that the space station would fall after traveling about five minutes of time or 1/16 the circumference of the assumed globe shaped Earth.


Astrology & Astronomy Are Imaginative Fantasies Only

Using the heavens and mechanical clocks, to figure out lines of longitude in order to navigate the world, is real demonstrable science. Anything else is superstitious nonsense used to literally craft and forge ego based identities for human resource management purposes. All of the supposed "settled scientific experiments" that are supposed to show that the Earth spins and orbits the Sun, all the math and all the theories and ad hoc based apologetics in the world and all the peer reviewed, peer pressured, crowd psychology to the contrary, can't hide the obvious flaws that are simply overlooked and ignored by  those long indoctrinated to believe the impossible not only possible, but very real. There's a good reason why absurd theories like Quantum Mechanics exist in the first place. Quantum foaming nonsense is the ad hoc cement used to patch Einstein's absurd and imaginative musings.

If you want to really understand a subject, you need to go back and start from the beginning and work forward. The Devil is in all the proverbial and assumed details that most simply do not examine.

The educational system literally conditions us into believing in textbook based learning when we should be reading the original source material and learning the subjects in proper logical order and context.

The education system indoctrinates us into buying unreason and backwards fallacious thinking as legitimate, all thanks to Pavlovian peer review and grades.

Who, what, why, where, when and how are important questions that need answering if one desires to truly understand a subject matter.

I Do Not Believe Outer Space is A Real Place

The fact that NASA is stupid enough to show us something that could only be the result of harness work reveals a profound truth about governmental authority.

It is mostly advertising hype and myth. The astronaut is supposed to be in free fall, not really "Zero Gravity". He is supposed to be falling. This is the official explanation.

Would you expect a falling man to be able to effortlessly do a backwards somersault?

I'm inclined to believe such motion impossible for a falling or magical floating human. The footage of astronauts doing effortless somersaults is evidence of harness work; this reveals the lie. The official explanation defies common sense, and demonstrable reality. The somersaulting astronaut gives the illusion away. The astronaut is like a marionette puppet on a screen. One cannot even do what the astronaut is doing underwater. Even underwater, which is one of the "weightless" environments used for astronaut training and "Outer Space" fakery, we would not expect anyone to effortlessly perform a backwards somersault. The astronaut is seemingly performing an impossible feat of acrobatics. He does not move his arms, like the woman on our left or someone performing a forward somersault underwater would. In fact he does not even appear to move a muscle.

The woman on our left is making an effort, and we can see she needs the harness to act as pivot point. The guy on our right can magically defy reason.

Only harness work can explain the astronaut's acrobatics. Parabolic flights cannot. Someone we cannot see is likely the astronaut's puppet master.


You might think me crazy for being skeptical that a human being could possibly do a backwards somersault while falling in what is supposed to be circles around the Earth.

The explanation for Newtonian orbits is cartoonish and absurd. It is that the space station is falling at a speed that allows it to miss the Earth.

The supposed "Zero Gravity" effect is supposed to be equivalent to falling in free fall. This would be straight towards what is supposed to be the center of the Earth, of course, and not in magic merry go round circles. The fact is that real world ballistic physics demonstrates that the horizontal, fixed forward velocity of a projectile is an independent motion from the accelerated effect of gravity. Falling objects fall towards what is supposed to be the center of mass, not in circles around such a center. Newton did no experiment to prove his fantastic musings correct. The work of international space "science" is supposed to be the evidence and the empirical experiments that prove Newton's lunatic like daydreams right.

Most People Would More Than Likely Find It Odd That I Would Dare Question The Work of An Advertised "Genius"

A cannonball fired from cannon strikes the ground at the sane time as one dropped from barrel height. The forward motion is independent from the downward one. Physical bodies do not orbit, they fall.

I do not accept the below quote as a valid scientific explanation.

"The same thing happens when the Space Shuttle or a satellite is launched into orbit. The rocket boosts the spacecraft up to the height of a "very tall mountain" and also gives the spacecraft its forward speed, like the gunpowder gives the cannonball. So the spacecraft just falls all the way around the Earth, never hitting the surface. The curve of the spacecraft's path is about the same as the curve of Earth's surface. So astronauts orbiting Earth aren't really weightless, they are just falling . . . and falling, and falling!"

source: https://spaceplace.nasa.gov/how-orbits-work/en/

When we plug in the real world values and use real world gravitational acceleration, and the supposed circumference of the Earth, we can easily see that Sir Isaac lied. Even at the speed of the imagined space station, which is some 17,170 or so mph, the space station could do nothing but fall, in about five minutes time, after covering only something like 1/16th of the Earth's circumference.

All explanations for orbits ignore real world gravity and its accelerated effect.

Another NASA favorite is to compare the rising and setting Moon to an apple tied to a string that is swung in circles. We are supposed to ignore the fact that to correctly model their claim we must assume gravity is a centripetal force; and in order to do so we'd have to have someone pull on that string with accelerated effect. The apple would end up hitting our hand with accelerated impact.

See the end of this article: SPACE X ROCKETS ARE NOT REAL: OUTER SPACE IS NOT A REAL PLACE for more.

"Zero Gravity" is officially described as falling in circles or free falling towards what is supposed to be the Earth's center. I doubt that a person could somersault like we see in the above animated gif without a harness. If someone really were to jump out of an airplane or off a building top, would we really expect to see them be able to seemingly somersault backwards with such ease? More than likely the "astronaut" on our right is not just attached to a harness, just like the woman on our left, but I would wager the man on our right is a lot more like a wired puppet on a green screen than the woman on our left. I would wager there is an assistant invisible to camera eye, and this is the key to the secret of the so-called "Zero-G" magic trick. A green screen ally can help make things like microphones float and fly.

image source: YouTube Stunt Training Wire work Vickyhahaful and NASA film special effects work.


An Invisible Assistant Will Enhance All "Zero Gravity" Productions

The secret green screen "key", an invisible ally. Believable "Outer Space' imagery can be created from the safety of the green screen studio. In the hands of the skilled team of artists, fantastic ideas can be realized. Only but a handful of creative staff would be needed to complete the production. Of course, non disclosure agreements and National Security Clearances, cover for many special effected sins. National Security Law and Federal and Military prisons, and death penalty punishment for traitors to the cause, are real, "Outer Space" is not. Government funded projects of this caliber would pay well; and getting a governmental propaganda based contract would seem to be like finding the proverbial leprechaun's pot of gold at the end of allegorical rainbow.

The tax payer foots the bill for the creation of powerful visual propaganda that Governments of the World sell as real. All part of a very real and very profitable Atomic era Cold War hoax that continues to this day.

image source: International Space Fakery and http://chromagreen.ca


This video has some really great flying and harness wire work clips that really show off some impressive "zero gravity", wall walking and even upside down walking.

"Outer Space" is faked from the safety of green screen or blue screen style, special effects studio.

"I was watching the latest NASA "live" feed and noticed something strange about the tilt of the astronauts' heads.  Why did they tilt upward?  Why do astronauts in "space," who have no head sensation of what direction is up, still try to maintain their heads vertical as though they were on the ground?  There's no reason why astronauts would do this except for the fact that they are on the ground and are using Hollywood wires and harness technologies.  Apologies to anyone who may have discovered this issue before me."

video and quote source: The International Space Station is Fake!!! NASA Lies!! NEW  •  Taboo Conspiracy  •  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIMf5fgUU_4



This is from the recent Netflix "Trailer Park Boys" Series. The boys visit NASA and witness a rocket launch. Please take special notice of the difference between the close up shot of the rocket launch pad and rocket and the long shot of what is supposed to be the same rocket launch. The close up b-roll footage looks like the usual miniature rocket launch footage. The long shots which appear to show us what the witnesses and the cast members saw, appear to show a somewhat different rocket launch.

Assuming* the footage represents what one would actually witness, from a distance, were one to actually attend an official NASA (or similar launch), it would seem that any real world rocket would not be anything near what is advertised and would fly up into the sky no higher than high flying passenger jets, which can be sighted by eye, and which is up to 6 or 7 miles or so. It's likely these rockets do not even reach this height. If we can trust the eye witness accounts, the long shot footage might represent reality. I do not think it wise to trust what we see on screens, so with that caveat in mind, I think if anyone is witnessing rocket launches in person and they are able to follow the rocket fly straight up in the sky and then they can also see it turn and do its parabolic arc, what they are witnessing is not some huge rocket being precisely manipulated into some kind of orbital trajectory, what they are seeing is rocket that is a lot more like a big firework arcing back down to Earth again, into the nearby ocean, as many NASA critics have speculated is the case. I think I would have to agree with these critics that there is a very good chance that if anyone is witnessing a rocket launch this is what they are seeing.

This is a Hollywood propaganda product, after all, and augmented special effects are easier to create today than at any other time in history, so there's a chance we are watching nothing but special effect wizardry. Even if we assume* the close up shots of the rockets are of the actual launches and are not the result of special effects work like I tend to think, we still have only evidence of rockets being fired into the nearby ocean and nothing more. There is no reason to believe in claims of huge rockets with precise control, incredible range, and the capacity to reach fantastic and unimaginable speed, defying demonstrable gravity and reason.

( * It is not a good idea to assume something is true. It is especially not a good idea to assume that what you are seeing, on a screen, and in highly edited form, necessarily represents reality. )

Trailer NASA HOAX 2.jpg

"Close Up Shot"


Trailer NASA HOAX 1.jpg

"Long Shot"


images source: Trailer Park Boys | Netflix Official Site  •  https://www.netflix.com/title/70153385

"Close Up Shot"

I've watched countless videos of rocket launches from the World War Two era V2 ballistic missiles, to obviously fake Space X rocket landings that appear to be nothing but the result of modern cartoon work; all the close up shots of rocket launches have telltale signs of being nothing but Hollywood style, special effect, miniature work. The huge plumes of smoke usually move faster than they should were these clouds examples of huge rocket exhaust as they are supposed to be. The older footage from World War Two and the Cold War era is very revealing. I recommend using YouTube to check it out for yourself if you are unfamiliar with this idea.  I've also spent years now researching this subject and can tell you that NASA and the other space agencies of the world are essentially special effects studios and computer graphic and video game research and development facilities. In many ways, the (military) aerospace industry and Hollywood are twin heads of the same, governmental, propaganda spewing, beast,


images source: Trailer Park Boys | Netflix Official Site  •  https://www.netflix.com/title/70153385

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close-up  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_shot

The Trailer Park Boys Promote NASA on Netflix

"Orlando After finding out that Bubs misread the fine print about their hotel situation, the Boys head to the astronaut training program at NASA."

images source: Trailer Park Boys | Netflix Official Site  •  https://www.netflix.com/title/70153385


Look Up In The Sky... While NASA Picks Your Pocket

If people are really witnessing rockets launches, as countless videos depict, in highly edited form, then these people are likely witnessing a much lighter rocket, perhaps of even a different design, that lacks all advertised power and simply rises up so many miles in the sky to then fall out of sight into the ocean, some miles away. Consider the claims of "Outer Space exploration" to scale. Consider how subatomic a huge rocket would be compared to the size of the Earth and to the distance rockets are supposed to travel. Consider the Earth and Moon distance to scale and in proportion and also consider the solar system model to scale an in proportion and you are bound to notice it is a model of mostly empty space.

"Long Shot"


images source: Trailer Park Boys | Netflix Official Site  •  https://www.netflix.com/title/70153385

Hollywood Product Is Proof Of Nothing But Visual Propaganda

This was part of a very rapid camera zoom out and pan. We can't trust what we see on screens. Today, special effects are easier to produce with digital precision; and believable visual augmented reality is as old as photography itself. Most people would never question what they have seen, even when they know the video they are watching is literally nothing but scripted comedy. Most people do not seem to understand the importance of the connection between Hollywood and the Military Industrial Complex.

"Miniature" Rockets


image source: http://nzpetesmatteshot.blogspot.com/2010/07/meddings-magic-miniatures-journey-to.html

"Long Shot"

How high up does this look? What are we looking at? The problem is that all we have as evidence to examine is in the form of highly edited video product.


images and quote source: https://www.netflix.com/title/80198545

Rocket Launch in Augmented Reality

Imagine military or governmental grade augmented reality. Our tax money can be used to fund all sorts of very expensive ventures no other corporate entity could ever possibly afford.

What we can watch in this video is the tip of the allegorical iceberg.

source: ARiane - Rocket launch in Augmented Reality  • Guillaume Ktz •  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgjY8P2WkgM

"Long Shot"


Hollywood has always been the propaganda ally of government, aerospace, and the military.

images and quote source: https://www.netflix.com/title/80198545




7 Miles of Space

The Solar System Model is A Work of Fiction Like All other Religious Artifacts

In this video the Earth being represented by a marble. And these guys needed seven miles of space to use to emulate the Solar System to scale.

To Scale: A Model of Empty Space

"On a dry lakebed in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits: a true illustration of our place in the universe. A film by Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh"

source: To Scale: The Solar System video and quote source: To Scale: 

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zR3Igc3Rhfg

These people did not bother to model the effect of the Sun as the amazing light source it is supposed to be.

The planets are represented with light bulbs.


Please consider how much smaller than an atom's imagined orbiting electron, even the largest man made rocket would be in the context of this model.

If you draw the solar system to scale on a sheet of paper the planets would be microscopic.


image source: To Scale:


"Outer Space" is not a real place.

The next article to be published will begin to examine exactly what that light in the sky that is supposed to be the International Space Station really could be and what it cannot possibly be.

"There's just one more thing..."

frontpagecolumbo1 (

The 911 on not getting fooled again.

Always ask a lot of questions. Always question underlying assumptions.

image source: http://www.columbo-site.freeuk.com/


source: Felix Unger Assume  • shortvideos •  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEP1acj29-Y

Where are you on this spectrum?

Can you demonstrate what you believe or do you rely on others to do that for you?

I'm not judging anyone. If you are comfortable following others and hanging on every word someone else has to say and that works for you, then keep at it. If you think that listening to or watching endless hours of talking and debating heads equates with a thorough course of self education and that really makes sense to you; don't let anyone get in your way.

"Averroes classified people as of three categories:

1. the demonstrative class, which is capable of strict reasoning and demonstration according to Aristotle’s laws of logic;

2. the dialectical class, which is satisfied with the plausible opinions general to thoughtful people; and

3. the rhetorical class, who are persuaded simply by what they are told and whose views cannot stand up to criticism.

It is to the last and second, according to his view, that the apparent readings of Scripture are addressed, and not so much for their enlightenment as for their moral control and improvement. For such folk cannot grasp philosophical demonstrations and, if unsettled in their minds, would be morally undone."

source: Creative Mythology page 142 (Joseph Campbell)

200 (1975 US Information Agency Propaganda Short Film By Vincent Collins)

"This tribute to the US's 200th birthday was funded by a Bicentennial Project Grant and animated by Vincent Collins who made other psychedelic cartoons. This film was produced by the United States Information Agency -the government's propaganda agency. Can you imagine the government producing something like this these days!?"

source: secabol

History is a Weapon

"THE media by which special pleaders transmit their messages to the public through propaganda include all the means by which people today transmit their ideas to one another. There is no means of human communication which may not also be a means of deliberate propaganda, because propaganda is simply the establishing of reciprocal understanding between an individual and a group. The important point to the propagandist is that the relative value of the various instruments of propaganda, and their relation to the masses, are constantly changing. If he is to get full reach for his message he must take advantage of these shifts of value the instant they occur. Fifty years ago, the public meeting was a propaganda instrument par excellence. Today it is difficult to get more than a handful of people to attend a public meeting unless extraordinary attractions are part of the program. The automobile takes them away from home, the radio keeps them in the home, the successive daily editions of the newspaper bring information to them in office or subway, and also they are sick of the ballyhoo of the rally." 

Edward Bernays Propaganda: History As A Weapon, 1928.

 source: http://www.historyisaweapon.org/defcon1/bernprop.html#SECTION10

The Proper Gander: "There was a white mouse consultation down at the country fair..."

200 (1975 US Information Agency Propaganda Short Film By Vincent ... source: secabol  (*Proper Gander song version- Please note this is not the original music, I edited in what I deem to be appropriate musical song score.  AA Morris)

The Proper Gander

"Then a mighty strange thing happened
Guess you could call it fate
You see, a gust of wind blew the picture
frame down
And it landed on the muckidy muck's head
And the mice they all went crazy
For the first time they saw the lie
It was all a hoax on just simple folks
And the muckidy muck must die
And die he did
The members of his staff they just fled
They were scared
Just not prepared."

source: Bobby Darin - The Proper Gander Lyrics | MetroLyrics 




The next article I publish will eliminate the impossible. Orbits are impossible and are mathematical artifacts only. We shall examine the mathematical equations used as "proof" these ideas are valid, despite the fact that orbits as a concept have no real world support and in fact contradict all real world physics and the parts of Sir Isaac Newton's work that make sense. We shall see how F=MA (in the context of Newtonian gravity and orbital "theory"), and variations are not the proofs were are told and in fact are only evidence of math being used to model fantasy that cannot by any means be termed science. We shall see why "Outer Space" is special effect and augmented reality relic only.


Subsequent articles will also examine aspects of the international space station hoax that reveal this long standing spaced out farce for the lie it is. An upcoming article will examine the sighting times of the space station and will consider what that light in the sky could possibly really be. Is it a high flying military jet? Or could it be a natural light, like the other celestial phenomena?