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AA Morris The Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast Episode 1- News From Nowhere (

History is not written by so-called and mythical "victors", history is propagandist scribbled and concocted conceit.

The JFK assassination has all the problem-reaction-solution, rush to judgment hallmarks and compressed timeline, contradictory accounts, continuity errors, we expect from prefabricated and contrived, scripted propaganda events sold as real life current events that evolve into an international depository of textbook school taught, historical fact.

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Debut episode: "News From Nowhere"

I thought it might be a good idea to add an audio component to what I am doing. This audio podcast is offered for free to those who are interested. The podcast is provided as a convenient audio version of the material presented in writing on this website. This premiere episode serves as an introduction and foundation for the information presented on this blog. This initial offering gets into the details of how the television news took over as the main source of information during the 20th century and how this same modus operandi is still in operation today. Fundamental modern international television journalistic practices are derived from the mid 20th century. The podcast includes excerpted reading from the book "News From Nowhere". I wish I could recall which blogger recommended this excellent resource, as I would happily credit them. Whoever you are, thank you! This book provides real insight into how and why fake news is concocted and contrived.

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About The AA Morris Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast:

Coming to you from one of the suburban metropolitan melting pots of international culture, outside of one of the multimedia capitals of the world, New York City, the Proper Gander at Propaganda podcast is meant to be a gatekeeping free look at our shared international cultural heritage, our shared social media infused and obsessed present, and what our children and their children could be looking forward to. Please excuse any amateur mistakes you may encounter, your host, AA Morris is not an audio engineer nor am I a trained radio personality. I am just a person who went to art school and who has worked for some of the well known New York City based media companies in the capacity of providing two dimensional and three dimensional animations and graphics for a variety of applications. I was born right around the time men were shown landing on the Moon for the first time, in all that analog broadcast, low resolution glory. I used to believe everything I saw on screens, heard over radio, and read in print, when instructed that what I was being exposed to was real, despite all the obvious Hollywood edits and other film making and editorial production techniques. I am a man and am married to a woman and happened to have children who were about the same ages as the Sandyhook shooting victims and I was very  much affected by what I thought was a real tragedy for months. I did have reservations about the 9/11 Twin Towers collapse and I remember too how I would start to realize something was wrong with the footage of the towers collapsing, but I would consider the idea, do no real research and simply go back to sleep, not thinking about it again as I bought into the rest of the story and figured I was wrong. After all, the experts and officials with lists of university degrees decreed otherwise. I recall believing and being affected by many of the high profile news stories and this did have a real effect on my relationships with real people in my life. Without getting into personal detail, let's just say I was as much an audience member and as much a duped consumer of the news and governmental propaganda as anyone. I was just  like anyone else who bought into the left right paradigm, believed in some kind of JFK assassination conspiracy as programmed by mainstream media to do so, with commercial products like Oliver Stone's JFK film being a perfect example that shows that mainstream media is clearly the source of the conspiracy nonsense so many of us buy into without critical thought. I spent more than forty years as a consumer of many forms of mass produced media that I now recognize as having important propaganda value. The internet has given us all a very real powerful tool we can use to learn for ourselves how to think for ourselves and we can share what we learn with each other on an international scale the average 20th century mind would deem impossible, or at least fanciful science fiction speculation. 20th century electronic media was a passive experience. 21st century electronic media is interactive in a way that the mainstream news media is not quite equipped to handle. They are used to passive audience viewing of their highly edited products offered as factual reality.

Black helicopters are just news copters and major mainstream, over exposed news, is always fake.

The government and multimedia promoted problem, reaction, solution, rush to judgment, revolution never ends.

The belief that real people, that even real children were slaughtered does really have emotional impact on our thoughts and behavior. I  personally experienced it. I also know how easy it is to fall into paranoid thinking especially after watching hours of Alex Jones and similar product. There are many numerological, zodiac and other occult mazes one can get lost in, and I have explored those mazes as well. Conspiracy rabbit holes are meant to lead you in circles. Conspiracy theories seem to be meant to be possible paranoid inducing entertainment more than education and it is all propaganda. Conspiracy theorizing is not much different than the typical major mainstream media news from which conspiracy theorizing is derived from in the first place. The fake JFK snuff films and stories concocted by the military psychological - fake news generating - operation that continues to this day, that most people mistake for factual history, are just deceptive, tax payer funded, governmental mythological fables, artifacts and relics with nation state and even international identity building purpose. In others words, propaganda inspired by obvious tabloid yellow journal practice. JFK is a propaganda cartoon artifact of a very immature and dumbed down culture that has spread across the world. In my opinion the educational system, which we pay for, is not anywhere near as much of a weapon of mass mental destruction as the mainstream news media that trumpets obvious scripted lies as truth, is. Good teachers can make up for Common Core inadequacies forced by federal and state government on local communities, good journalists are supposed to be paid liars who convince the public to believe in things the public really should reconsider having such solid faith in. The international mainstream and official alternative news media are examples of the very real weapons of mass destruction George W. Bush was supposedly looking for,

It all seems like a scripted theatrical surreal-comedy to me.

There was a mass of reporters supposedly following along with the investigation of Lee Harvey Oswald, the entire time, I really enjoy the television show Columbo, it is a well written example of entertainment product, I don't ever recall that logical little detective ever allowing a hoard of camera wielding spot light carrying reporters to follow along with his carefully conducted, patient investigation. The point I am making has nothing to do with another fictional television show, and everything to do with good old-fashioned common sense. Pre 20th century multimedia blitzkrieged commonsense, that is.



"Oswald being led from the Texas Theatre following his arrest"

image and quote source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Harvey_Oswald


They make all the same kinds of mistakes we all do.

All the evidence we can inspect reveals the startling truth that the people who concoct and manufacture all the propaganda and fake news are as human as you and I. The people in charge of obvious fake news are still using a 20th century playbook made for analog broadcast times and not for an era with social media, high definition television and Youtube. The bad crisis acting and obvious examples of rehearsed lines and all the other things that people think give the fakery away are more easily explained as normal human mistakes, production continuity errors, which are bound to come about as a result of getting away with the same modus operandi for about a hundred years, you get mentally lazy and pull something like 9/11/2001 on the eve of the social media and Youtube revolution. You forget that you are running plays from an old analog era playbook. You get sloppy and then people start to suspect that more and more of history is fake. And sure enough when they go check, with hyper-linked accuracy, even sacred world wars seem like nothing but scripted jest. There are numerous continuity errors that give the scripted nature of the high profile news story away. There are also many forms of deceptive damage control employed by mostly unconscious and unwitting apologetic agents both on screen and in real life.

The World dumbed down means even the leaders get generationally dumbed down.

The real meaning of Edward Bernay's words regarding the mass public:

".... If it never becomes weary of the old methods used to persuade it to accept a given idea or commodity, its leaders can mentally stagnate."

"The man who would most effectively transmit his message to the public must be alert to make use of all the means of propaganda. Undoubtedly the public is becoming ignorant of the methods which are being used to mold its opinions and habits. If the public is less informed about the processes of its own life, it will be so much the more receptive to emotional appeals to its own interests. No matter how unaware, how accepting the public may become about publicity methods, it will always respond to base appeals, because it will always need food, crave amusement, lust for shallow commercialized beauty, respond to fear and terrorism. If the public becomes even less intelligent in its commercial demands, commercial firms will meet the new lower standards. If it never becomes weary of the old methods used to persuade it to accept a given idea or commodity, its leaders can mentally stagnate."

somewhat  misquoted, quote source: Edward Bernays, "Propaganda (1928), History is a Weapon" •  http://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/bernprop.html#SECTION2


"In an age when the American public relies more on television for its news than any other medium, Edward Jay Epstein's detailed, probing analysis of the decision-making process in network news organizations has achieved the status of a classic. Mr. Epstein shows how internal corporate policy and budget requirements shape the direction of television news coverage. What we see on the network evening news, he demonstrates, does not mirror reality because TV's essential aim is not to inform but to excite viewers enough to induce them to "stay tuned." "The best book ever written about any aspect of television."―Richard Schickel. "The book is burnished with insights on virtually every page. Epstein's analysis seems to me incontestable, and is offered with great cogency, elegance, and sophistication."―Stephen J. Whitfield, Brandeis University. "A complex, fascinating book....Mr. Epstein shows that no educated citizen should rely exclusively or principally on TV news, but also that none should fail to watch it."―Wall Street Journal."


How the JFK assassination transformed media coverage


"The assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, was a transformative live, global TV news event. It swept an industry without a playbook for covering a breaking story of such magnitude and utterly changed how people receive their news. 

For four days, starting with gunfire in Dallas and ending with Kennedy’s funeral procession in Washington, major U.S. TV networks went live with wall-to-wall coverage, suspending commercials. 

Other live TV news events followed, and the next time networks devoted as much time to commercial-free news broadcasts came with the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. 

“The Kennedy assassination became the template for coverage,” said Bob Schieffer, who 50 years ago covered the event for the Fort Worth Star Telegram and is now a veteran broadcaster with CBS. 

“We were working in one of the worst moments of the nation’s life back then and we didn’t know what to make of it, much like what happened on 9/11,” he told Reuters. 

The technology was primitive in 1963, but the idea was born of broadcasting live from the scene, having an anchor for the coverage and letting the images do the talking when possible. 

Some of the tasks were daunting, such as moving studio TV cameras that weighed hundreds of pounds into places such as Dallas police headquarters and stringing heavy cables up a wall and through the police chief’s office. 

By the time the White House confirmed Kennedy’s death just after 1:30 that Friday, 45.4 percent of U.S. homes with a television had their sets in use, according to ratings agency Nielsen."

"On Monday, soon after the caisson carrying Kennedy’s coffin arrived at Arlington National Cemetery, 81 percent of U.S. homes with a television had their sets in use, one of the highest TV ratings in U.S. history, Nielsen said. 


"Mourning and a sense of loss were visceral, with a survey at the time saying about two-thirds of Americans watching the events fell ill or felt emotional distress. 

Newspapers and radio were the main sources of news the day before the assassination, but the pendulum had swung. 

“This is when America became a TV nation,” said Patty Rhule, a senior manager of exhibits at the Newseum, a museum for the news industry in Washington."

"In 1950 only 9 percent of U.S. households had television. By 1960 it was 90 percent, and the telegenic Kennedy family was part of the draw. 

The look of TV changed as well as the technology. At the time of the assassination, NBC and ABC anchors broadcast from studios that slightly resembled living rooms. 

Yet the enduring video image is of Walter Cronkite reporting on Kennedy’s death for CBS, which moved its camera to the newsroom - a decision that seemed to increase the authority of its broadcasts and which others would follow. 

Instant replay, a technology CBS planned to roll out a few weeks later for the Army-Navy college football game, made its national debut when Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby shot suspected assassin Lee Harvey Oswald dead in the basement of the Dallas police building."

Japan’s first satellite TV broadcast carried news of the JFK assassination. The initial plan was to receive a prerecorded message from Kennedy. Instead, Japanese learned of his death."


“The fact that the tragedy was brought live into people’s houses made for compelling viewing, no matter where you were,” said Gary Mack, curator of The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, housed in the former Texas School Book Depository from which Oswald shot Kennedy. 

“TV networks realized it was so much easier to connect to people and also that they now had to be prepared to cover everything,” said Mack, whose museum is the main holder of documents and artifacts surrounding the assassination. 

Reporters were given far more access than is imaginable today, walking up to the body of the president at Parkland Hospital, where he was taken. 

They camped out with police, demanding Oswald be paraded before them. Much was caught on camera, surprising many viewers with the rawness of how news was put together. 

After Ruby shot Oswald, the first murder broadcast nationally on U.S. television, Dallas police mostly ended the“perp walk” for cameras. 

American officials generally started to keep the media at a greater distance, with many other governments following suit. Cynicism also grew in the public, with many asking if the official version of Oswald acting alone were true. 

The Vietnam War, race riots in U.S. cities as well as the assassinations of JFK’s brother and civil rights leader Martin Luther King further disillusioned many Americans in the 1960s. 

“From that weekend, we began to question everything in the country,” said Schieffer,“even things that we had taken for granted.” "

source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-jfk-media/how-the-jfk-assassination-transformed-media-coverage-idUSBRE9AK11N20131121


Show Notes: CNN & Military Industrial Terrorism

This is an example of ROTC and CNN damage control and deception. It's all scripted! This is what modern propaganda looks and sounds like. Semi realistic government funded drills are sold as real events and the public is encouraged to rush to judgement, in endless news cycle promoted, problem, reaction, solution, loop, that only ends up with the tax payer footing more of the bill for it all. We pay taxes so government can use that to fund propaganda for the real terrorists - the news media.

CNN, ROTC, an example of military clearance possessing propaganda funded by you and me.

source: CNN Dumbed down damage control – Parkland Student Refuses CNN Scripted Questions •  Douglas Stewart • –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=_RtXfI1VXm0


image source: https://www.usarmyjrotc.com/JROTC_ProgramInfo.html  •  https://nypost.com/2018/02/20/army-honors-jrotc-cadets-killed-in-florida-massacre/


The government is recruiting very young military members.

"Florida School’s R.O.T.C. Lost 3 Cadets; Suspect Was a Member By NEIL REISNER and DAVE PHILIPPS FEB. 20, 2018"

"CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. — Cadet Peter Wang dreamed of attending the United States Military Academy at West Point one day, but he never got the chance. The 15-year-old was shot down last week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as he held open a door so others could escape. As he was laid to rest on Tuesday, West Point issued his family a ceremonial letter of acceptance. “One of U.S.M.A.’s priorities is to develop leaders of character who are committed to the values of duty, honor and country,” the academy wrote on Twitter. “Peter Wang’s actions on February 14 are an example of those principles, and the academy honors his dream of being a West Point cadet. The 17 people killed in the shooting rampage included three members of the school’s popular Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps: Mr. Wang, Martin Duque and Alaina Petty. Fellow students say the cadets acted valiantly, helping to usher others to safety. All three have been posthumously awarded the Medal of Heroism by the Army."

source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/20/us/jrotc-cadets-florida-shooting.html

"The accused gunman, Nikolas Cruz, 19, had also been a Junior R.O.T.C. cadet."

"The corps is one of the high school’s largest clubs, with nearly 300 students who take courses in subjects like military drill, leadership and shooting."

source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/20/us/jrotc-cadets-florida-shooting.html

"Their maroon polo shirts were a familiar sight around the school campus. Mr. Cruz may have counted on that. The police say he was wearing his maroon polo shirt when he was arrested, after having slipped away unnoticed after the rampage."

"Other cadets credited their corps training with helping to minimize the carnage at the school. But Mr. Cruz’s ties to the corps — The Associated Press reported that he had honed his shooting skills on its marksmanship team — raised troubling questions.

The Pentagon spends $370 million a year on Junior R.O.T.C. programs at about 3,400 high schools across the country, hoping to foster the next generation of military leaders. Some communities welcome Junior R.O.T.C., but in others, it meets resistance from parents and advocacy groups who say it promotes militarism among impressionable youths."

source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/20/us/jrotc-cadets-florida-shooting.html

"Junior R.O.T.C. has been criticized for focusing on poorer schools with larger minority populations, and for using scarce resources to steer students toward the military, rather than giving them skills for other careers. The program does not require students to commit to enlisting in the military, and its leaders say it instills discipline and integrity that can help students in any career."

"Mr. Wang’s funeral on Tuesday was attended by hundreds of people. He lay in an open coffin in the small chapel at Kraeer Funeral Home, dressed in a Junior R.O.T.C. uniform like the one he wore the day he was killed, with the Medal for Heroism pinned to the chest. A line of mourners, many of them in uniform, stretched out of the chapel. Gov. Rick Scott ordered the Florida National Guard to honor the three cadets. Veterans from all over the country began a campaign to mail military patches to Mr. Wang’s family. And those who knew him spoke in tribute.

“He was always looking to do things for others before himself,” said a classmate, Logan De Lima, 13. Ms. Petty, 14, whose funeral was Monday, saw the Junior R.O.T.C. program as a way to give back to the community, according to a statement from her family, who carried in her coffin covered by an American flag. “She loved to serve,” the statement said."

"Cadets were also among the wounded in the attack at the school. Samantha Fuentes, an 18-year-old senior, was shot in both legs and was left with a piece of shrapnel lodged behind her right eye."

"Ms. Fuentes said in an interview that she had known Mr. Cruz from the corps. She and other students were sheltering in a classroom, she said, when gunfire burst through the narrow pane of glass next to the room’s locked door. Two in the classroom were killed. Mr. Cruz then looked in to see what he had wrought, she said, and she saw his face."

"When the attack began, she said, the class had been discussing hate groups and the history of the Holocaust."

source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/20/us/jrotc-cadets-florida-shooting.html

ROTC member, complete with magical compressed timeline healing, another crisis acting victim, and witness.

"All right Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close- up,"


"Samantha Fuentes, a cadet in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s Junior R.O.T.C. program, was shot in both legs and has shrapnel lodged behind her right eye. Credit Carmen Cruz"

image and quote  source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/20/us/jrotc-cadets-florida-shooting.html

The Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)

"The Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a program offered to high schools that teaches students (Cadets) character education, student achievement, wellness, leadership, and diversity. Collectively, these lessons motivate students (Cadets) to be better citizens. In addition to promoting citizenship, JROTC also prepares students (Cadets) for post-secondary options including college or the workforce. ...The U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a program offered to high schools that teaches students character education, student achievement, wellness, leadership, and diversity. It is a cooperative effort between the U.S. Army and the high schools to produce successful students and citizens, while fostering in each school a more constructive and disciplined learning environment. The outcomes of the JROTC program are:

Act with integrity and personal accountability as they lead others to succeed in a diverse and global workforce

Engage civic and social concerns in the community, government, and society

Graduate prepared to excel in post-secondary options and career pathways

Make decisions that promote positive social, emotional, and physical health

Value the role of the military and other service organizations

With the school’s support, the JROTC program achieves these outcomes by using a world-class 21st Century, technology driven, student centered curriculum. The curriculum consists of education in citizenship, leadership, social and communication skills, physical fitness and wellness, geography, and civics. The curriculum is facilitated and taught by retired Army personnel. Qualified retired Army personnel are employed by the schools to teach the JROTC curriculum. JROTC teacher qualifications are based on military experience, maturity, stability, and leadership acquired over 20 years of service to our nation. To safeguard the viability of the JROTC program, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Education endorse the proposition that states recognize that JROTC instructors are certified to teach JROTC and the array of subject areas embedded (e.g., Physical Education, Health/Wellness, Civics, etc.). JROTC is a successful program, making substantial contributions to students, schools, and communities which benefit greatly from its presence. The benefits of JROTC are reflected in metrics impacting all schools in the U.S."

source: https://www.usarmyjrotc.com/JROTC_ProgramInfo.html



Police station becomes television station in order to dumb down many television watching nations across the world.

The Dallas police station needed to be turned into a television studio, complete with studio lighting and video cameras. They had to run electricity all through the police station. I wonder, do you think they needed to hire electricians to upgrade the police station's electrical system? There was a mass of reporters following along with the scripted assassination investigation the entire time, I really enjoy the television show Columbo, it is a well written example of entertainment product, I don't ever recall that logical little detective ever allowing a hoard of camera wielding spot light carrying reporters to follow along with his carefully conducted, patient investigation. The point I am making has nothing to do with another fictional television show, and everything to do with good old-fashioned common sense. Pre 20th century multimedia blitzkrieged commonsense, that is.

Why would they let a television assassin give a press conference from the police station turned into international reporting television station?





The mainstream news media is not proper forum for real investigations. It is proper forum for propaganda. Television news media is the most potent and mind altering form of weaponized propaganda humanity has ever been exposed to. The television news is responsible for dumbing down adult minds internationally. The bright white hot television media spotlight is no place for a real investigation of a real crime. Accused assassins of Presidents are only allowed to give press conferences if the event is a crisis play. Accused assassins would logically have potential to be part of a larger plot and this is not simple fanciful speculation. The JFK assassination has all the problem reaction solution, rush to judgment hallmarks and compressed timeline, contradictory accounts, continuity errors, we expect from prefabricated and contrived, and scripted propaganda events sold as real life current event that evolves into a depository of textbook school taught, historical fact.

image sources: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/572309065118451007/  •  http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2012/10/doorway-man-part-2.html

Normalizing the televising of absurd events during "National Crisis".

Accused assassins giving press conferences during an open police investigation is clear evidence of a coordinated propaganda event, despite our collective conditioning to believe otherwise,  I know we are supposed to believe the official apologetics ridden narrative and accept the idea that the police knew they had their sole assassin; they knew he worked alone and that he did it, or something to that effect. Whatever we are supposed to think, we are not supposed to consider the cartoonish nature of the scene itself. The fact that Oswald was allowed to have what is most definitely a press conference is illogical and absurd. The fact that the police allowed a news media circus that was supposed to lead to Oswald's own, high profile televised assassination, in the not secure police department parking garage, is equally absurd. We have been conditioned to uncritically accept many silly ideas as being representative of reality. If this is the case, the Dallas police in 1963 were a very troubled group of grown men. We are supposed to buy into the mythology of the trusted news journalist and the mythology of the police detectives who can solve mysteries as fast as the guys on the primetime, fictional, television shows do it. People are so used to watching the compressed timelines of scripted television productions, they fail to notice when the news makes use of the same Hollywood technique.


Never believe what you see on a screen without critical thought. This particular national myth reinforces belief in the office of Presidency. The fact is, the Presidency is a four to eight year limited gig, the real fun begins after the Presidency when the tax payer supported pension kicks in. All sorts of post Presidency perks await the elite actors who manage to make it to the Oval Office. JFK was just another world actor on world stage, his supposed death no more provable than the death of a character in a work of fiction. His supposed death even if real, however "tragic" would not change a thing. It wouldn't matter anyway and the idea that this man's death is some kind of historical event worth paying attention to in the first place, is part of the scripted contrivance. This is all about reinforcing the idea that we need international, national, state, county or other external forms of governmental leadership we do not really need. All of the multimedia noise machine is simply focused on promoting stories that only lead towards the call for more external governance, in one form or another. Politics is not about representing the will of the people and "We the People" is literally a corporate marketing slogan. High level politicians do not serve any of us, they serve the system itself and their role requires that they work to manage us. We are a human resource and considered to be a resource that should be exploited like every other natural resource.


Military men attack!


image sources: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/lee-harvey-oswald-arrested-accused-killing-jfk-1963-article-1.2431162• http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/hoover-worried-conspiracy-theories-jfk-killed-article-1.3593515


A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

This is snuff television. The Zapruder film is a yellow journal snuff cartoon and the poorly acted Oswald assassination is televised nonsense, that was played back over and over, an early example of instant replay.


see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snuff_film


Usually security clearance possessing military crisis acting assets have roles in other equally scripted and contrived and yes, fake, events. These people are role playing, life actors. We tax payers foot the bill for this kind of military industrial production. Fake war techniques for newsreel medium of darkened film theaters become fake news techniques for the medium of television.

Just a handful of examples from the JFK event:


"...homicide detective who was escorting Lee Harvey Oswald through the basement of Dallas Police headquarters when Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby."

"James Robert Leavelle (born August 23, 1920) is a World War II veteran and the former Dallas, Texas, homicide detective who was escorting Lee Harvey Oswald through the basement of Dallas Police headquarters when Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby. Several photographs—including one that won a Pulitzer Prize—were taken of Oswald just before Ruby pulled the trigger. The photos show Leavelle wearing a tan suit, in sharp contrast to the other detective (L. C. Graves), who is wearing a black suit. Leavelle was born and raised in Red River County, Texas. He served in the United States Navy during World War II, and was a former sailor on board the USS Whitney, and was on board the ship during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Leavelle


"...an American former Marine and Marxist who assassinated United States President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963."

"Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, 1939 – November 24, 1963) was an American former Marine and Marxist who assassinated United States President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. According to four federal government investigations and one municipal investigation,[n 1] Oswald shot and killed Kennedy from a sniper's nest as the President traveled by motorcade through Dealey Plaza in the city of Dallas, Texas."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Harvey_Oswald


The guy who started the conspiracy musings in the first place. The mafia guy who silenced the supposed assassin who claimed to the press " I am a patsy."

"...Dallas, Texas nightclub owner who fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24, 1963,"

"In the 1940s Ruby frequented race tracks in Illinois and California. He was drafted in 1943 and served in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II, working as an aircraft mechanic at U.S. bases until 1946. He had an honorable record and was promoted to Private First Class. Upon discharge, on February 21, 1946, Ruby returned to Chicago."

"Jack Leon Ruby (born Jacob Leon Rubenstein; March 25, 1911 – January 3, 1967) was the Dallas, Texas nightclub owner who fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24, 1963, while Oswald was in police custody after being charged with assassinating U.S. President John F. Kennedy and the murder of Dallas policeman J. D. Tippit two days earlier. A Dallas jury found him guilty of murdering Oswald, and he was sentenced to death."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Ruby


"...he performed autopsies on J. D. Tippit, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby."

"In the spring of 1944, at the end of his junior year, the 17-year-old Rose dropped out of high school and enlisted in the United States Navy where he served on a submarine, the USS Sea Devil, in the Pacific theater of World War II. According to Rose, at the end of hostilities his boat moored in Shanghai and Tsingtao, China, and served as a "military presence" patrolling the China Seas."

"Earl Forrest Rose (September 23, 1926 – May 1, 2012) was an American forensic pathologist, professor of medicine, and lecturer of law. Rose was the medical examiner for Dallas County, Texas, at the time of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and he performed autopsies on J. D. Tippit, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby. After being shoved by Kennedy's aides, he stepped aside and allowed Kennedy's body to be removed from Parkland Memorial Hospital without performing an autopsy."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_Rose_(coroner)


"J. D. Tippit (September 18, 1924 – November 22, 1963) was an American police officer who was an 11-year veteran with the Dallas Police Department. About 45 minutes after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, Tippit was shot to death in a residential neighborhood in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. Lee Harvey Oswald was initially arrested for the murder of Tippit and was subsequently arrested for the killing of President Kennedy. Oswald was charged with both crimes shortly after his arrest. However, Oswald denied involvement in either of the cases. Because Oswald was shot and killed by nightclub owner Jack Ruby two days after the killings, he could not be prosecuted for either crime."

"He entered the United States Army on July 21, 1944, and was assigned to the 513th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the US 17th Airborne Division. He saw combat in Operation Varsity, the airborne crossing of the Rhine River in March 1945, earning a Bronze Star, and remained on active duty until June 20, 1946."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._D._Tippit


"‘I am not a crisis actor’: Florida teens fire back at right-wing conspiracy theorists"

image and quote source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/02/21/i-am-not-a-crisis-actor-florida-teens-fire-back-at-right-wing-conspiracy-theorists/?utm_term=.7895142defd6

I think this is damage control. We can speculate all we like about video that shows this particular crisis actor apparently rehearsing his lines, for all we know it was a simple mistake, human error. Ot it could have be done by someone employed by the news media who is not part of the national security psychological operation, military show. Not everyone in the news media is in on it. Government and corporations are very compartmentalized.

The News media is not the investigative body its marketing claims it is.

The news media should not be interviewing witnesses to and victims of real crimes. It makes no sense. Victims and witnesses of real crimes do immediate celebrity level news and even daytime talk show rounds and all the adults are so dumbed down they do not notice how absolutely absurd this image is:


image source: Dr. Phil Daytime talk televsion show.

Since the JFK assassination, very bizarre television behavior has been normalized.

It is now normal to expect to see witnesses and victims of crimes on television, doing celebrity style talk show tours, after sitting through countless rounds of hair and make up and preinterviews with television production staff. Daytime talk shows and the television news, with all the high profile coverage, is obviously only proper forum for mind altering and behavior shaping, law making, propaganda that only serves the interest of tax hungry governmental beast.

"Vegas security guard was pressured to give interview to Ellen"

source: https://nypost.com/2017/10/19/vegas-security-guard-was-pressured-to-give-interview-to-ellen/

Dr. Phil and Ellen are not the proper forums for real investigations of real crimes. They are proper forums for public relations stunts.

Less then a week after the February 14, 2018 shooting these people are doing the daytime talk show rounds.

Multimedia damage control.

Most people, and I know this from personal experience, who consume the news media without critical thought and who allow it to literally program their perceptions do really tend to associate those of us who question media narratives with Alex Jones specifically. I do not believe that the world is changing anytime soon or that the system is in any real danger, not for the foreseeable and immediate future, at least. I do think however, that there might be concern that the rank and file news media and governmental employees are being exposed to ideas by way of social media that might erode their faith in the institutions they serve and make leaks of credibility damaging material more likely. By the way, if the government is electronically eavesdropping on anyone's private correspondences and browser histories, I'd guess that it would be the governmental and news media employees who would be under such glare. The crisis actors and the high level politicians themselves would seem to make for good targets for governmental surveillance as they actually have information worth spreading.