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Podcast Episode 72: Beware of False Prophets


AA Morris Presents: The Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast


"The contrapasso of the sorcerers, astrologers, and false prophets, illustrated by Stradanus."

image and quote source: Contrapasso - Wikipedia

Podcast Episode 72 - Beware of False Prophets

“There is no delusional idea held by the mentally ill which cannot be exceeded in its absurdity by the conviction of fanatics, either individually or en masse”…Hoche

"A delusion is a belief that is clearly false and that indicates an abnormality in the affected person’s content of thought. The false belief is not accounted for by the person’s cultural or religious background or his or her level of intelligence. The key feature of a delusion is the degree to which the person is convinced that the belief is true. A person with a delusion will hold firmly to the belief regardless of evidence to the contrary. Delusions can be difficult to distinguish from overvalued ideas, which are unreasonable ideas that a person holds, but the affected person has at least some level of doubt as to its truthfulness. A person with a delusion is absolutely convinced that the delusion is real. Delusions are a symptom of either a medical, neurological, or mental disorder. Delusions may be present in any of the following mental disorders: (1) Psychotic disorders, or disorders in which the affected person has a diminished or distorted sense of reality and cannot distinguish the real from the unreal, including schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder, schizophreniform disorder, shared psychotic disorder, brief psychotic disorder, and substance-induced psychotic disorder, (2) Bipolar disorder, (3) Major depressive disorder with psychotic features (4) Delirium, and (5) Deme."

source: Understanding delusions - NCBI - NIH

"Conspiracy belief is also predicted by collective  narcissism—a belief in the in-group’s greatness paired with a belief that other people do not appreciate it enough..."

source: The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories - NCBI - NIH

"...conspiracy belief is associated with narcissism—an inflated view of oneself that requires external validation and is linked to paranoid ideation..."

"These findings suggest that conspiracy theories may be recruited defensively, to relieve the self or in-group from a sense of culpability for their disadvantaged position. In keeping with this defensive motivation, conspiracy belief is associated with narcissism—an inflated view of oneself that requires external validation and is linked to paranoid ideation (Cichocka, Marchlewska, & Golec de Zavala, 2016). Conspiracy belief is also predicted by collective  narcissism—a belief in the in-group’s greatness paired with a belief that other people do not appreciate it enough (Cichocka, Marchlewska, Golec de Zavala, & Olechowski, 2016). Groups who feel that they have been victimized are more likely to endorse conspiracy theories about powerful out-groups (Bilewicz, Winiewski, Kofta, & Wójcik, 2013)."

"Research generally supports this expectation. Experimental results suggest that experiences of ostracism cause people to believe in superstitions and conspiracy theories, apparently as part of an effort to make sense of their experience."

source: The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories - NCBI - NIH

Please keep in mind, the mainstream media and the mainstream news media are responsible for promoting conspiracy theories.

From UFO, Elvis and Bigfoot sightings to the Oliver Stone "Back and to the Left" conspiracy festival, the mainstream media is the source of many speculative conspiracies. How much money do you suppose the mainstream publishing industry has made from the JFK conspiracy maze? Conspiracy theories and those who promote such ideas are part of the show. Damage control and apologetics take many ad hoc forms and there are many witting and unwitting minds who propagate all sorts of ad hoc based apologetics that cannot honestly withstand scrutiny. Mainstream promoted reasoning is (often) just as superstitious as (most) conspiracy theorizing.

Some examples: 

For JFK Authors, the Truth Is, Conspiracy Theories Sell Lots of Books ...

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Release of JFK assassination files could fuel conspiracy ... - ABC News

"Hillary Clinton Is Serious About UFOs"

"Once again, Hillary Clinton has pledged that she will discover as much as possible about government involvement in UFO research and share the information with the American people. Clinton was on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show Thursday night, and Kimmel brought up the fact that he’d asked former President Bill Clinton about his efforts on UFO disclosure during his administration. (Kimmel has also asked President Barack Obama about UFOs.) “He said that he did do that and he didn’t find anything,” Kimmel said. Hillary Clinton replied, “Well, I’m going to do it again.”"

source: https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/03/hillary-clinton-and-ufo-thing-just-wont-go-away/

Rosie O'Donnell 9/11 Conspiracy Comments: Popular Mechanics ...  •  Jesse Ventura claims gov't involved in 9/11 - TODAY.com

I Would Ask About UFOs and Aliens If Elected to Congress - Esquire


As Advertisers Flee, Alex Jones Claims His YouTube Ban Will Come ...

"...conspiracy belief is associated with narcissism—an inflated view of oneself that requires external validation and is linked to paranoid ideation..."

source: The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories - NCBI - NIH

"How to speak to a narcissist"

"Granted, the narcissist's hold on reality is tenuous (narcissists sometimes fail the reality test). Admittedly, narcissists often seem to believe in their own confabulations. They are unaware of the pathological nature and origin of their self-delusions and are, thus, technically delusional (though they rarely suffer from hallucinations, disorganised speech, or disorganised or catatonic behaviour). In the strictest sense of the word, narcissists appear to be psychotic."

"The narcissists is usually fully aware of the difference between true and false, real and make-belief, the invented and the extant, right and wrong. The narcissist consciously chooses to adopt one version of the events, an aggrandising narrative, a fairy-tale existence, a "what-if" counterfactual life. He is emotionally invested in his personal myth. The narcissist feels better as fiction than as fact – but he never loses sight of the fact that it is all just fiction."

quotes source: Pathological Narcissism, Psychosis, and Delusions - Sam Vaknin

“Dr. Greg Hamlin explains the two major characteristics of the narcissistic personality type and offers some tips for how to communicate more effectively with people who show these characteristics.”