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The Clockwork God: Isaac Newton and the Mechanical Universe


Newton's religion explored.

Isaac_Newton's_Temple_of_Solomon copy.jpg

Sir Isaac Newton would appear to be a superstitious, freemason kind of guy. This makes sense as in later life he went to work at the Royal Mint.

image source: Isaac Newton's occult studies - Wikipedia  •  File:Freemasons structure.jpg - Wikimedia Commons  •  Masonic ritual and symbolism - Wikipedia  •  Personal coat of arms of Sir Isaac Newton

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Religious views of Isaac Newton - Wikipedia   •  Isaac Newton's diagram of part of the Temple of Solomon, taken from Plate 1 of The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended (published London, 1728)  •  Master of the Mint - Wikipedia  •  Later life of Isaac Newton - Wikipedia

Solomon's Temple - Wikipedia

Video Lecture

The Clockwork God: Isaac Newton and the Mechanical Universe - Professor Alister McGrath

“Isaac Newton saw his demonstration of the regularity of the universe as having great religious significance. Newtons ideas were initially seen as very supportive of religion; yet within 50 years, they were being seen in a very different light. So what are the religious, aesthetic, and scientific implications of Newtons approach?”

Video Lecture

Newton on the Beach: Principia Mathematica

“Historian Simon Schaffer, the 2008 Harry Camp Memorial Lecturer, spoke on Newton's fascination with discoveries about ancient Indian philosophy and discussed the global network of information on which Newton relied for his Principia Mathematica. Schaffer is the co-author, with Steven Shapin, of "Leviathan and the Air Pump" (1985) and joint winner of the 2005 Erasmus Prize.”

via: Stanford