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Mythology: Poetry Not Prose


image source: File:Apollo and the Muses by John Singer Sargent (1921).jpg ...

17. Mythology as poetry, not prose

Society relies on ego defining mythology. Mythology is just allegory or metaphor. It is artificial.

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Metaphor and Allegory: Build Civilization

"metaphor (n.) late 15c., from Middle French metaphore (Old French metafore, 13c.), and directly from Latin metaphora, from Greek metaphora "a transfer," especially of the sense of one word to a different word, literally "a carrying over," from metapherein "transfer, carry over; change, alter; to use a word in a strange sense," from meta "over, across" (see meta-) + pherein "to carry, bear," from PIE root *bher- (1) "to carry," also "to bear children." "

source: https://www.etymonline.com/word/metaphor

"allegory (n.)"figurative treatment of an unmentioned subject under the guise of another similar to it in some way," late 14c., from Old French allegorie (12c.), from Latin allegoria, from Greek allegoria "figurative language, description of one thing under the image of another," literally "a speaking about something else," from allos "another, different" (from PIE root *al- (1) "beyond") + agoreuein "speak openly, speak in the assembly," from agora "assembly" (see agora). Related: Allegorist."

source: https://www.etymonline.com/word/allegory

"myth (n.) 1830, from French Mythe (1818) and directly from Modern Latin mythus, from Greek mythos "speech, thought, story, myth, anything delivered by word of mouth," of unknown origin. Myths are "stories about divine beings, generally arranged in a coherent system; they are revered as true and sacred; they are endorsed by rulers and priests; and closely linked to religion. Once this link is broken, and the actors in the story are not regarded as gods but as human heroes, giants or fairies, it is no longer a myth but a folktale. Where the central actor is divine but the story is trivial ... the result is religious legend, not myth." [J. Simpson & S. Roud, "Dictionary of English Folklore," Oxford, 2000, p.254]"

source: https://www.etymonline.com/word/myth

20. An important function of myth: how to live a human life

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Alan Watts - We Are All Hypnotized

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