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Social Media Spies

American lobby card for the German film  Spione  (English title:  Spies ) (1928). •  Wikimedia Commons  (Rainbow hacked.)

American lobby card for the German film Spione (English title: Spies) (1928). • Wikimedia Commons (Rainbow hacked.)

International espionage reimagined.

Cyberspace replaces physical space, but the modus operandi remains the same.* Secret communication still takes place.* The proliferation of security cameras means that international government agents need to use social media to communicate in code.* Believe it or not, but this is what the mainstream news media reports.* Modern James Bond wannabes have social media footprints that may or may not be able to withstand logical scrutiny.* These secret agents cannot leave coded messages in real-world locations like they used to do.* Countless security cameras make this impossible.* Now they use social media to communicate.*

International espionage agents have used radio as a tool.* Social media is no different.*

Of course, social media is also a powerful public relations platform. Messages matter and intelligence agencies know this.* But social media is a double-edged sword.* Everyone now has access to the same communication technology.* Espionage agencies no longer have the informational advantage they once did. Anyone can now play the role of an intelligence agency analyst too. The internet, with its hyperlinked research potential, ensures a level playing field. The game board may change, but the rules remain the same.

State-Sponsored Cyber Espionage Through Social Media

Exposing An Online Members Only Club

“Social media, chat rooms and gaming. An increasingly popular way of disguising messages in seemingly innocuous interchanges between online "gamers". Many online forums are encrypted and require passwords to join. Some may well be infiltrated by government intelligence agents posing as online militants.” • BBC NEWS

34C3 - Uncovering British spies’ web of sockpuppet social media personas

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