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Didn't Anderson Cooper Intern For The CIA? A Designing Mind’s newsroom exposé.

A Designing Mind’s newsroom exposé.

Snelgraphix’s Chief Imagination Officer, Patrick DelVecchio, spins a story.

Rumor and gossip are as much a part of human nature as fear and laughter. We know not all rumors are true. And that some gossip is more hot air than hard fact. Even the newsroom is not immune to the effects of a well-oiled rumor mill. Twenty years ago, I used to work in such an environment. Bloomberg Information Television employed many of us as on-air graphic designers.* We had to crank-out things like over-the-shoulder graphics for immediate broadcast. Twenty years ago, this was no easy task. No, not like today. Computer technology has advanced a long way since then. Now we can use this tech to do things like google news media mistakes.***

Broadcast design in cramped quarters.*

Back then, we were all crammed onto a single floor. Broadcast talent sat at desks right next to the graphic design team. We were all intermingled. We all worked on personal computers. None of us were using broadcast equipment like Quantel Paintboxes. The radio talent were using Windows instead of professional recording tools. All the parts and software programs were off the shelf. In many ways, it was ahead of its time. It was the Bloomberg way. Bloomberg Information Television (BIT) recruited talent and management from rival business media outlets. BIT poached from rivals like CNBC and MSNBC. It's what you do when you want to build a global financial information empire.*

Eventually, Bloomberg would buy the magazine Business Week, but that's another story.*

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