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Anonymous mask •  Wikimedia Commons  (Rainbow hacked.)

Anonymous mask • Wikimedia Commons (Rainbow hacked.)

Who better to hide the truth than those who concoct the lies?

Imaginative speculation can lead to creative solutions. We can produce tantalizing fiction based on this fact. If I were to write a story about conspiracy theories, what I would do is have those responsible for the conspiracy also be responsible for covering it up. In our era of post-truth news, this means something more than it used to. Someone would have to write the scenarios sold to the public as factual events. There would have to be some system in place to protect this authored reality. Would it be outlandish to assume that the authors would be best positioned to occult their deception? Of course, I am making no claims about anything in particular. I am exercising my imagination. Perhaps one day I'll use this idea for a work of fantasy of some type. For now, this idea exists as this paragraph.