Ptolemy Was "Right": The Basic Geocentric Model Examined

Think The Heliocentric Model The One That Better Explains Demonstarble Nature?

Think again.

Ptolemy Was "Right": The Basic Geocentric Model Examined

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Earth torus field electric geocentric model.gif

image source: The Earth Plan: The Torus ~ Nassim Haramein ~ 3 May 2016  •  The Earth and Society | University of Miami Cognate Search Engine

The motionless, geocentric, electric, model of the world.

An electric toroid model.

The celestial phenomena are the result of a electromagnetic (electrochemical) atmospheric interactions. The Earth's magnetic field, in this model, is the result of an active electrical environment just like the magnetic field around an active electrical circuit. In this model the Earth's magnetic field would not be attributed to some kind of permanent magnetic effect as much as it would have to do with the active electrochemical environment in which we dwell and without which we would simply not exist.