Rainbow Empowerment: Diversity Matters

Warning! This music video contains great motion graphic design.

“Defeat shall not alter this rainbow.” Robert Plant

Official music video for 'Rainbow' off Robert Plant's 10th solo album, lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar Website: www.robertplant.com Twitter: www.Twitter.com/RobertPlant Facebook: www.Facebook.com/RobertPlant Instagram: RobertPlantOfficial Tumblr: www.rpssstourdiary.tumblr.com Store: www.smarturl.it/RobertPlantStore

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Just a couple of songs we admire.

One song is from that transformatively fantastic year, 1969, and one song is from that wonderfully bicentennial year, 1976.

"Crystal Blue Persuasion" is a 1969 song originally recorded by Tommy James and the Shondells and composed by Eddie Gray, Tommy James and Mike Vale. A gentle-tempoed groove, "Crystal Blue Persuasion" was built around a prominent organ part with an understated arrangement, more akin to The Rascals' sound at the time than to James's contemporary efforts with psychedelic rock.
Awesome!! 1976.. :p