Sir Isaac Newton: Alchemist

Sir Isaac Newton Was Not A Scientist

Hearsay tales of mythical minds fill too many human heads with nonsense sold as reality. Legendary characters like Sir Isaac Newton are mystic idols sold to the masses as actual human beings who achieved God like statute, or so we are told over and over. The truth is these men were fallible human beings who made many mistakes and who pushed ideas that were nothing but speculative nonsense with no basis in reality. Sir Isaac Newton is such a man. These superstitious inclined minds would liberally mix demonstrable principle with pure fantasy to produce what most today consider to be astrophysical sciences, but which is in reality nothing but an absurdly based religious faith. Men like Newton proved only that mathematics can be used, like any other language, to lie. Mathematics can be as fallaciously applied as language can. Empty appeals to historical peer reviewed catechisms without real demonstrable proof is the order of the day. Obvious logical fallacy has been turned into solid logical foundational structure for all human reason. The work of heliocentric minded men like Newton would lead to a highly contrived and artificial  world extremely disconnected from Natural reality.

William R. Newman on Why Did Isaac Newton Believe in Alchemy  source: tvochannel

"Leibniz eventually accused Newton of regarding gravity as a kind of “occult quality”, that is, as a quality of bodies that is somehow hidden within them and beyond the philosopher's understanding. Newton's gloss on Rule 3 in the Principia, discussed below, only made matters worse from Leibniz's point of view, since it tacitly (or functionally) treats gravity as a kind of universal quality akin to extension or impenetrability. But unlike them, it was occult, imperceptible and unintelligible."

source: Newton's Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)