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Don't believe high level politics is just a scripted puppet show?

A September 11th Flashback

A staged mannequin Hillary Clinton stand in apparently fools everyone into believing Hillary was sick or something. Obviously this is a life sized doll that needs support to look like it is standing. It also lacks Hillary's grandmotherly figure. Compare to the video below. This is obviously staged, and my guess it is in honor of the collapsing towers from 15 years prior. By the way, it seems to me, Hillary threw this. That is, it seems she was scripted to lose. But who knows? Maybe they really do count the votes, as both sides are controlled, it makes little difference. What little discretion these people may or may not have, it more than likely isn't enough power to alter any major plan. Perhaps they can get pet projects through the system, but the overall agenda will remain the same as it has for over two centuries. Consider why the News nor Hillary were interested in stating the obvious when the headlines  proclaimed the candidate sick during the election. The Clintons were supposed to be master politicians and as all of Bill's seemingly scripted woes as President supposedly showed, the Clintons are made of mythical political teflon-like rumplestiltskin gold, so what happened?

SHOCK VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Collapses Leaving 9/11 Memorial  source: The Alex Jones Channel 

Please notice how the head of the mannequin does not seem to move like a real person's head and neck would.


"A video from September 11 this year showed Hillary Clinton swaying and stumbling as she entered a vehicle. Zdenek Gazda filmed it."

source: Newsweek Meet the Czech Donald Trump Supporter Whose 9/11 Video Likely ...

Fear Mongering, Propagandist and Mythic Trickster-like Alex Jones is Just Part of The Show Folks!

"Hillary Clinton attacks Donald Trump for posting Pepe the Frog meme"

"The green frog has recently been hijacked by extreme right-wingers and Mr Trump sharing it will do little to assure voters that he condemns fascism "

"Hillary Clinton has condemned Donald Trump for sharing a viral meme which has recently become associated with the white supremacist movement. Donald Trump, his son and a close adviser have all posted photos of Pepe the frog, a cartoon amphibian which became controversial late last year after a group of gamers worked to associate it with Nazi propaganda. This is horrifying,” the Clinton campaign said, referring to the images shared on social media by Mr Trump."

source: Hillary Clinton attacks Donald Trump for posting Pepe the Frog meme ...

Hillary Health Decline Headlines

"CNN) Hillary Clinton's campaign is regrouping after a weekend of stumbles left her looking vulnerable at a pivotal moment of her battle with Donald Trump.

Her wobbly exit Sunday at muggy Ground Zero -- captured on damaging video of Clinton lurching into the arms of her security detail -- followed by a belated announcement that she has pneumonia dramatically turned the state of her health from conservative conspiracy theory into a genuine campaign issue.

But Sunday's drama was merely a capstone on Clinton's rough 48 hours.

Clinton aides spent Saturday cleaning up her remark that "half" of Trump's supporters were "deplorables," meaning racists, sexists and homophobes. The remark, for which she later expressed "regret," suddenly united a Republican Party that has struggled to get behind its divisive nominee."

source: Hillary Clinton stumbles after pneumonia incident -- will ... -

Recovered Just Fine Four Days Later

Full Event: Hillary Clinton Rally in Greensboro, NC (9/15/2016) Hillary Clinton Greensboro Speech  source: TRUMP TV NETWORK

33 Year Old Trump Talks Twin Towers With NBC's Tom Brokaw

Donald Trump 1980 Interview  source: priority .one

gGrSXSw copy.jpg

Trumps Two Headed Eagle Coat of Arms

"A different coat of arms flies over Trump’s two golf resorts in Scotland. The lions have been replaced by a two-headed eagle, an image the company has said represents the “dual nature and nationality” of Trump’s Scottish and German roots."


Double-headed eagle - Wikipedia

Coat of arms of Russia - Wikipedia

"The double-headed eagle is the symbol of the 32nd degree Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret and is probably the best known. The double-headed eagle was probably first accepted by Freemasonry, as a symbol, in the year 1758. In that year the body calling itself the Council of Emperors of the East and West was established in Paris."

source: Explanation of Scottish Rite Degrees - Cedar Rapids Scottish Rite

Donald Trump interview 2 days after 9/11 at ground zero  source: Truther TV

This appears to be real video from 9/11/2001.

9/11 as it happened  source: George D

What seems to be a real photograph from September 11, 2001:

Please notice what appears to be some kind of construction wrapping around the tower.

The same kind of wrapping is visible in the photos of the towers' construction, (see below).


Compare to construction photos and the completed towers.

Twin Towers History.jpg

The Twin Towers Were Tourism Symbols For New York City & Were Symbols of America's Supposed World Wide Economic Power

The 220 combined floors have now been reduced to something like 105. I think the controlled demolition had to do with real estate space. No mythical explanation needed to explain mundane financial interests. Of course passenger jets are physically incapable of doing what only Superman can. The Twin Towers would seem to have been an economic loser like the Concorde passenger jet, which lost it's governmentally propped up existence not soon after 9-11. A backhoe easily takes apart aluminum and fiberglass passenger jets in airplane junkyard, graveyards. Huge steel structure cannot be so easily dismantled and require controlled demolitions. Jet plane fuel is no substitute for careful planning and the logical placement of explosives. The towers also fell in less time than it would take for us to get a large, town fair sized kerosene soaked charcoal filled grille ready. God would have had to put lower Manhattan into his furnace in order to achieve the feat we are to believe in. More than likely the towers were rigged to collapse in towards the empty center we can see in the photo above and to our right.

How Do They Do It? - Airplane Recycling  source: Hooray4ATC

Think a Bic lighter could melt steel?

"The temperature a butane flame could reach if it did not lose any heat -- called the adiabatic temperature -- is 4,074 degrees, but most butane flames actually burn at temperatures closer to 3,578 degrees due to their interaction with the surrounding environment."

"Wick pocket lighters, such as those produced by the Zippo Manufacturing Company, use a naphthalene-fuel-soaked wick instead of the steady stream of gas burned by butane lighters. While a naphthalene flame can reach an adiabatic temperature of 4,591 degrees Fahrenheit, the actual temperature of an individual flame is usually far lower, due to the same environmental factors that affect butane flames."

source: What Temperatures Do Lighters Burn At? | Sciencing

"Steel is just the element iron that has been processed to control the amount of carbon. Iron, out of the ground, melts at around 1510 degrees C(2750°F). Steel often melts at around 1370 degrees C (2500°F)."

source: Questions and Answers - What's the melting point of steel?

"Jet fuel burns at 800° to 1500°F, not hot enough to melt steel (2750°F)."

Peer reviewed government approved childish fantasy nonsense is just that. The passenger jets could never penetrate steel structure as claimed. There would have been passenger jet debris all over lower Manhattan. Computer effected photographic cartoons can't take towers down or hurt anyone. Both towers fell as if they were controlled demolitions within some two hours of being struck by planes. One after the other. There have been sky-rise fires that lasted all night long that haven't caused collapses like this. The official story is obvious garbage. That says it all, does it not? The government and so-called official mainstream "science" cares nothing about truth and actually promotes ignorance and cartoon reasoning over logical and demonstrable reality. Governments have always done this, so this is nothing new. The federal and state and county governments rely on our ignorance to survive and thrive. We trust these layers and their media minions when we should not. 

"FACT: Jet fuel burns at 800° to 1500°F, not hot enough to melt steel (2750°F). However, experts agree that for the towers to collapse, their steel frames didn't need to melt, they just had to lose some of their structural strength—and that required exposure to much less heat."

source: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories - Debunking the Myths - World Trade Center


"At 9:59 am, the South Tower collapsed, 56 minutes after being struck."

Absurd apologetics are needed to preserve an obvious fallacious idea. Passenger jets cannot replace careful controlled expert demotions teams. Passenger jets lack the mass and energy to do the damage that is claimed. Passenger jets cannot magically penetrate steel structure no matter how fast they were imagined to be traveling. It's also not likely passenger jets could achieve the high speeds claimed by official report as the thinner medium of the upper atmosphere is needed for such avionic feats as the Concorde Jet design and implementation shows. If you were driving your car 100 mph and you hit a bird, would you expect the bird to penetrate the metal front of your car? If you threw a can of soda against a brick wall would you expect the can to penetrate brick or to burst?

"The South Tower collapsed at 9:59 am and the North Tower collapsed at 10:28 am." "At 9:59 am, the South Tower collapsed, 56 minutes after being struck." "The North Tower collapsed at 10:28 am, after burning for 102 minutes." "Later that day, at 5:21 pm, 7 World Trade Center collapsed as a result of fires that had started when the North Tower collapsed."

source: Collapse of the World Trade Center - Wikipedia

see: London high-rise fire: May orders public investigation as death toll ...

Passenger Jets are no match for Steel or imagined Men of Steel.


Imagined super powers whether governmental or comic book, keep the world safe for us all to be free to go shopping and to be free to be forever consumers and worker bees, faithfully paying taxes for protection from a Big Tabloid Empowered Uncle Sam Brother who keeps us safe from Hollywood scripted and special effected, live action cartoon illusion.

Superman is a modern day Hercules or Samson. Superman is a modern Apollo and is the son of Saturn (Jor-El)

Superman is a modern cartoon Sun God.


The So-Called Political Alt-Right Is Being Trumped by Trump and Cartoon Frogs

Tax dollars go towards funding Military Industrial Political Theater Operations designed to slowly alter the human mind. It takes time to change generational behavior. Like the allegorical frog in slow boil pressure cooker, and unlike media hype to the contrary, social crowd behavioral contagion takes time, something along the lines of generations, as history does show. It seems to me obvious that Alex Jones, Neo-Nazi hate leaders, white supremacist pi in the sky, apple pie eaters and all the controlled liberal voices on the other side of the controlled and contrived false oppositional divide, are part of scripted CIA, military industrial entertainment, show. We need not resort to mystical reasoning to explain obvious university mythological literary reference and yellow journal cartoon embodiment. Synchromystic Nature of Pepe  and other occult memes that the so-called alt right consider are merely military industrial tabloid propaganda and part of an obvious social shepherding project with long term intent.


Hollywood Celebrity Promoted Pepe

"Long before 4Chan and Reddit made him an internet icon and the likes of Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj blasted his mug to the masses, the emotionally expressive amphibian meme known as Pepe the Frog was the work of a single man. After unveiling him on MySpace in 2005, artist Matt Furie officially debuted the character in the following year's Boy's Club #1, a collection of single-page comics chronicling the adventures of an anthropomorphic quartet of funny-animal stoners. (Two examples of Boy's Club comics he drew for VICE can be found here.) An answer to the "What if the Muppets vaped?" question that you were too afraid to ask, the series simultaneously satirized and celebrated the lifestyle of 20-something bros, capturing their lives full of junk food, catchphrases, and bodily fluids with horrifying and hilarious accuracy. But like all things of beauty, Boy's Club was fleeting: Its fourth and final issue came out in 2010, and it's been years since a new stand-alone strip surfaced. 

But like Frankenstein's monster, Pepe outgrew his creator. A strip in which the frogman peed with his pants around his ankles—"Feels good man" was his hedonistic rationale—took off among users of 4Chan, who started remixing both the phrase and the face in 2008. Over time, as people redrew Pepe to look sad or smug and attached his face to literally thousands of different scenarios, the character left the catchphrase behind and achieved LOLcat levels of ubiquity, while the self-parodying search for "rare Pepes" invited ever more bizarre modifications of the meme. 

Late last week, the artist quietly posted a new Boy's Club comic to his Tumblr—the first the world has seen since we reached peak Pepe. And he started off with a bang: It's Pepe, jerking off. Is this semen-soaked strip—surrounded by genuinely rare Boy's Club comics Furie made for The Believer, previously unavailable online—the start of a new burst of inspiration from the guy who planted the seed for it all? 

VICE talked to Furie about returning to the frog who made him internet famous, the inspiration he's drawn from the character's myriad memes, and how no matter how gross he gets, Pepe is for the children."


“Feels Good Man”

"“Feels Good Man” Pepe went viral, in part thanks to a brief stint on a bodybuilding message forum. Before long, Pepe had Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Reddit pages created in his honor. New permutations and combinations of Pepe’s iconic face, rendered by people across the internet, ran wild and free: Angry Pepe, Feels Bad Man Pepe, Smug Frog, Nu Pepe and Poo Poo Pee Pee being among the most popular spinoffs. 

Pepe enjoyed some relatively inoffensive glory, his likeness tweeted out by stars like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. And then, things got dark. A self-described white nationalist who goes by @JaredTSwift told The Daily Beast that, in 2015, there began “an actual campaign to reclaim Pepe from normies.” (”Normies” are mainstream individuals who don’t lurk in the shadows of racist chatrooms.)

As a result, white nationalists began depicting Pepe in a variety of grossly offensive circumstances. There was Hitler Pepe, shown reading Mein Kampf and sipping from a swastika teacup, and an anti-semitic caricature of a Jewish Pepe, suggesting he was involved in the Sept. 11 attacks. “We basically mixed Pepe in with Nazi propaganda, etc. We built that association,” @JaredTSwift said.

Before long, Pepe acquired Donald Trump’s signature cheese-colored coiffure and square-shaped face, too. His likeness emerged in wildly racist images showing him policing the U.S. Mexican border and operating a gas chamber. As the 2016 presidential election periodbegan, Trump swiftly took up Pepe as his own, tweeting a frog-inspired self-portrait last fall. His son, Donald Trump Jr., posted another image to Instagram showing Trump Pepe as one of “The Deplorables.” Some interpreted these gestures as a wink to white supremacist supporters, given how Pepe had, by then, become so intensely associated with bigotry.

Things reached peak bizarre for Furie when Hillary Clinton’s campaign published an indictment of the wayward frog. “That cartoon frog is more sinister than you might realize,” Elizabeth Chan, a senior strategist for the Clinton campaign, warned readers earlier this month. Finally, on Sept. 27, Pepe became an official hate symbol."


Of Mythic Frogs:

"Leto's introduction into Lycia was met with resistance; there, according to Ovid's Metamorphoses, when Leto was wandering the earth after giving birth to Apollo and Artemis, she attempted to drink water from a pond in Lycia. The peasants there refused to allow her to do so by stirring the mud at the bottom of the pond. Leto turned them into frogs for their inhospitality, forever doomed to swim in the murky waters of ponds and rivers. This scene, usually called Latona and the Lycian Peasants or Latona and the Frogs, was popular in Northern Mannerist art, allowing a combination of mythology with landscape paintingand peasant scenes, thus combining history painting and genre painting. It is represented in the central fountain, the Bassin de Latone, in the garden terrace of Versailles."

source: Leto - Wikipedia

Revolution Number 9 Meets Revelation 9-11

"Revelation 9:11King James Version (KJV) 11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon."

source: Revelation 9:11 KJV - And they had a king over them, which is - Bible ...

 (John le Bon made recent mention of this interesting passage, he deserves credit:, for pointing this passage out.)

Apollyon (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

Apollyon - Online Etymology Dictionary


"apo- before vowels ap-, word-forming element meaning "of, from, away from; separate, apart from, free from," from Greek apo "from, away from; after; in descent from," in compounds, "asunder, off; finishing, completing; back again," of time, "after," of origin, "sprung from, descended from; because of," from PIE root *apo- "off, away" (source also of Sanskrit apa "away from," Avestan apa "away from," Latin ab "away from, from," Gothic af, Old English of"away from," Modern English of, off)."


"Apollo  Olympian deity, god of music, poetry, medicine, etc., later identified with Helios, the sun god; the name is a Latin form of Greek Apollon, which is of uncertain origin. Beekes, after considering the alternatives, concludes, "In spite of repeated attempts, there is no IE etymology. ... The name is probably Pre-Greek, and Hitt. Appaliunaš, mentioned in a treaty between Alaksandus of Wilusa and the Hittite king, may well be the Pre-Greek proto-form Apal'un." The U.S. space program ran from 1961 to 1972.

Apollonian (adj.)  1660s, "of, pertaining to, or resembling the Greek god Apollo," from Apollo (Greek Apollon) + -ian. The Greek adjective was Apollonios. Other adjectival forms in English include Apollinarian, Apollonic, Apolline (c. 1600). Also sometimes in reference to Apollonius of Perga, the great geometer."


Apollo:  God of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge

The Celestial Intervention Agency Director of The Heavenly Choir

"Apollo... is one of the most important and complex of the Olympian deities in classical Greek and Roman religion and Greek and Roman mythology. The ideal of the kouros (a beardless, athletic youth), Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of music, truth and prophecy, healing, the sun and light, plague, poetry, and more. Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto, and has a twin sister, the chaste huntress Artemis. Apollo is known in Greek-influenced Etruscan mythology as Apulu.[1]

As the patron of Delphi (Pythian Apollo), Apollo was an oracular god—the prophetic deity of the Delphic Oracle. Medicine and healing are associated with Apollo, whether through the god himself or mediated through his son Asclepius, yet Apollo was also seen as a god who could bring ill-health and deadly plague. Amongst the god's custodial charges, Apollo became associated with dominion over colonists, and as the patron defender of herds and flocks. As the leader of the Muses (Apollon Musegetes) and director of their choir, Apollo functioned as the patron god of music and poetry. Hermescreated the lyre for him, and the instrument became a common attribute of Apollo. Hymns sung to Apollo were called paeans.

In Hellenistic times, especially during the 3rd century BCE, as Apollo Helios he became identified among Greeks with Helios, Titan god of the sun, and his sister Artemis similarly equated with Selene, Titan goddess of the moon.[2] In Latin texts, on the other hand, Joseph Fontenrose declared himself unable to find any conflation of Apollo with Sol among the Augustan poets of the 1st century, not even in the conjurations of Aeneas and Latinus in Aeneid XII (161–215).[3] Apollo and Helios/Sol remained separate beings in literary and mythological texts until the 3rd century CE."

Live at the Apollo - Wikipedia

Apollo Theater - Wikipedia - NYC

Hillary Clinton Full Speech At The Apollo Theater In New York. 03/30 ...

Hillary Clinton, Live at the Apollo | The New Yorker

How the Clinton Foundation Works With the Entertainment World to ...

Watch Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump at Harlem's Apollo Theater ...

Donald Trump at the Apollo Sounds Like the Recipe for a Race Riot

Bill Clinton Cracks Up Alec Baldwin with Not One, but Two Trump Jabs ...

Agents Are Acting (Con) Artists

"agent (n.)  late 15c., "one who acts," from Latin agentem (nominative agens) "effective, powerful," present participle of agere "to set in motion, drive forward; to do, perform; keep in movement" (from PIE root *ag- "to drive, draw out or forth, move"). Meaning "any natural force or substance which produces a phenomenon" is from 1550s. Meaning "deputy, representative" is from 1590s. Sense of "spy, secret agent" is attested by 1916."


9-11 Inside Job & Controlled Demolition Reference From Netflix's Marvel's Defenders Series, Episode Number One.

The character and private eye superhero kind of guy, Jessica Jones enters an apartment that contains some September 11th style clues.

A painting of the Twin Towers hangs on the wall and a box of explosives is on the table.

Defenders 9_11.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 1.23.02 PM.jpg