The Flat Earth Model Does Not Work

Do you see a problem?

A lot more about this subject to come. This is a preview.

Consider the ramifications of a flat world and how many ad hoc explanations you would need to concoct to explain all the obvious problems that arise with this model. Consider how depending on where one was on the Earth's flat surface, one would see a different looking Moon or none at all. We can see the Moon during the day and on a flat Earth we'd would be able to see Lunar phenomena we simply do not see in the real world. I am going to get into this subject a lot further. I know that people always have another ad hoc explanation up allegorical sleeve and I will address these as well. I will model the various ways the flat world would work and will show how none of these models can accurately represent true nature as we experience it. What we experience and can demonstrate is a motionless spherical shaped world and not a flat pizza pie place. I know there are apologetics that attempt to confuse common sense but there would be no real night on a flat world. We can get into spot light suns and magical moons and the rest and we will. But for now consider how much simpler the stationary globe based model is and how planetariums made use of the Ptolemaic model for years. There is no reason to think the Earth moves and no reason to think it flat. Despite all peer reviewed ad hoc apologetics, official or otherwise, to the contrary, we do not experience a moving world and we do not experience a flat one. It really is that simple.

FlatEarth Eclipse v3

Flat Earth Model.jpg

On A Flat World Some People Would See A Different Phase of The Moon Than Others, Depending on Geographic Location

From the North Pole the Moon would look full, for example (see video below); but from a location on the equator it would look like a crescent Moon, and from the South Pole it would look different as well, The Flat Earth model lacks the simplicity of the globe based model. The spherical model has better explanatory power. We can easily model the natural motions of the Sun and Moon with a motionless globe based model as the next article will show, although, again, the geocentric model was long used as the basis for planetarium projectors and the geocentric model was always the one with better explanatory power, requiring less ad hoc guess work. In other words this is no great revelation. In fact the geocentric model was able to predict eclipses just fine, all apologetics to the contrary. The globe based motionless Earth model simply represents the more accurate description of the real world.

This is a very problematic model that needs further scrutiny. There seems to be room for plenty of problems with modeling a flat version of reality.

Without creating a more more complex model, which would not be based on any natural principle, the flat earth world cannot explain natural reality.

Flat Earth Full Moon v1

The flat earth model cannot correctly emulate what we naturally experience. The Moon would look like it was in a different phase depending on where we were on a flat world. Further complications have to do with viewing angle and will be further illustrated in the next part of this series of articles.

A Vanishing Flat Earth Point

In the next installment I will show the incorrect use of the Flat Earth's model use of artistic vanishing point and how there is a huge difference between what we'd experience on a flat world and what we actually do witness when we go outside and pay attention to the motions of the heavenly bodies. The rising and setting Sun and Moon show us the fallacy of flat earth model based reasoning.

What If The Sun and Moon Are Just Disks?

Flat disk lights in the sky do not work on a flat earth model. The next part in this series will show how things work when we use a globe based model. These animations (below) do show the problem with the flat earth model and it's use of artist vanishing point. If the Sun and Moon were rotating overhead we would not be able to go outside and witness things like sunrises and moon settings. The observable natural world is best described as a motionless globe. That is what we actually experience and what we can demonstrate. The rest is speculation that has no actual basis in the Natural world.

Flying Solar and Lunar Disks Flat Earth Model Fails To Correctly Model Reality

Spherical Sun and Moon on Flat Earth: