The Flat Earth Model Doesn't Work pt 2

The flat earth model fails to replicate the Natural reality we actually experience.

We can witness the Sun or Moon rise in the northeast and arc up towards south-westerly noon height and we then can watch the Sun or Moon set in the northwest after arcing back down. The flat earth fails to replicate what we can actually go and see for ourselves. Not only is the flat earth map in error, the flat earth astronomy does not replicate reality either. The entire concept is obviously incorrect. Flat Earth would seem to only exist to drown out the obvious criticism of fallacious heliocentric based cosmology and the equally obvious fact that we experience a motionless globe world and not one that is either flat nor in motion in any perceivable or measurable way.

The motionless globe model is the easiest one to understand and the one that best replicates what we actually experience.

The Sun or Moon rises in the north east part of the sky. The celestial object then reaches a noon height south and west of its starting point. It then sets towards the north west, arcing back like a boomerang. The flat earth model cannot replicate this Natural phenomena. A globe easily can.

image source: Stones of Wonder - tips on watching the sun and moon at the ...

The Sun and Moon do not make a merry go round loop overhead like a flat earth model would indicate. The flat earth model fails to reproduce the Natural reality we experience.

There would be no real night on a flat earth. The Moon would also appear different based on our location on the flat world. How would the Moon and Earth actually work on a flat world? We do not experience a flat world, the fact is we do experience a motionless globe based reality. No other model describes our existence as well as the basic motionless spherical shaped model. This is the actual Natural reality we do experience. We do not have any evidence to support a flat world based model nor do we actually have any evidence to support that the Earth rotates on imagined axis or orbits around the Sun.