The History of The CIA


CIA Agent: Secret Warriors: Soldier Priest or Soldier Monks?

Layers of Theatrical Cold Wars Lies Cover Up The Fact That The CIA is A Cultural Manipulation Organization

Wars are scripted banker fictions. Nations states are convenient fictions used to keep us all divided and conquered into individual nation states. Borders are fake and are necessary tools of governance that allow for bogeyman puppet shows. One Nation's valued leader is another's Nation's greatest foe. Behind the scenes international banker managers and kings, princes and queens play live action role playing chess games with scripted acting lines. Hollywood produced images of war have long been used to convince the mass public that government is needed to protect us from existential threat that is nothing but celluloid fantasy. The CIA exists to shape and mold public opinion and subsequent behavior. The Cold War Atomic Age of duck and cover conditioning was a program designed to keep those on both sides of the proverbial Iron Curtain in their servitude positions. Images and talk of war and other kinds of existential threats have long been used as carrots and sticks to keep the mass forever tied to and turning the wheel of industry and continual social change. When all the lands of the world are explored there's always scripted and fictionalized war to fall back on as impetus for building brave new worlds of endlessly contrived enterprise.

This documentary is a mixture of protective layers of war like lies and small doses of theatrical truth.

Government relies on you believing it is needed. There has to be some kind of Platonic shadow cave like threat to justify the need to pay all the taxes we have to pay.

The mythic caveman would seem to be a reference to the Neanderthal like existence of Platonic shade fear based mental slavery most of us mistake for freedom. 

CIA: America's Secret Warriors  source:  Art Bodger

Most people don't know that wars are more simulated game than not.

Layers of Lies Protect The Theatrical Truth Of Special Effects War

Whatever the truth is or isn't. about legendary CIA operations, what the powers that be do admit is that the CIA employs actors and staged protests and others sorts of sleight of hand fakery as means to compel political change in order to maintain commercial business interests. The CIA has long been associated with banana republics. This brotherhood of spooks are more like Hollywood producers than real cold warriors. The CIA is legendarily associated with the JFK assassination which is appropriate, as the mythic assassination of the lunatic Camelot king turns out to be another scripted live action cartoon type of thing. The Zapruder film itself is nothing but a photographic cartoon. see:Faking World War Two: Ronald Reagan Targets Tokyo — A Proper ... for more. The CIA crafts fictional narratives that they use as psychological operation material to shape and mold public behavior and opinion. The CIA is all about cultural creation and manipulation. Presidents and other high level political figures are actual, literally scripted actors on a very real world stage. Such pied pipers leaders act as social shepherds to the mass of humanity who respond better to persona and emotional narratives than they do to reason and ideas. It is a very difficult task to focus humanity's effort into united effort. Building civilization requires such focus, and wars and the rest of the proverbial four horsemen threats are great tools, long used to keep everyone toiling away.

Crooks In Action

The CIA nickname of “Christians In Action”

"The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the successor to World War II’s Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The CIA nickname of “Christians In Action” was probably coined or at least popularized by George Washington Bacon 3rd (1946-1976), who was awarded the CIA’s Intelligence Star.  The CIA has also been nicknamed  “Crooks In Action” (since at least 2010), “Cocaine Importing Agency” (since at least 1989), “Capitalism’s International Army” (since at least 1995), “Capitalism’s Invisible Army” (by R. Buckminster Fuller in 1981), “Certified Idiots of America” (since at least 1996), “Virginia Farm Boys” (after its headquarters in Langley, Virginia), “The Agency,” “The Company”(since at least 1972) and “Pickle Factory” (since at least 1965). "


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