Occult Science 9.1: The Origin of Infinite Worlds

Occult Science 9.1 - Giordano Bruno the Alchemical Martyr

Modern Cosmology is just based on assumptive fantasy and nothing more.

It is not based on any demonstrable Natural reality. These men simply looked up at the sky and made a whole bunch of shit up. (pardon my astronomy) Modern astrophysics is founded on mystically reasoned absurdity. There were never any real experiments these religious zealots could do to prove their ideas valid. All they could do were fallaciously based thought experiments. These men were not real scientists at all. They were superstitious men who needed to make the Sun the center of the Universe. The men who are credited with founding modern cosmology were nothing but alchemically minded mystics obsessed with the zodiac and all sorts of superstitious nonsense. NASA and the world space programs were supposed to be the actual experiments done to prove heliocentric based ideas correct. As it turns out these so-called space programs are nothing but Hollywood stage magic illusion. There is no reason to defy reason and demonstrable reality and assume the Earth spins, orbits the Sun or is anything but the motionless spherical world we actually experience. Modern cosmology as represented by the work of NASA and others is a religion. It is a form of state religion. The space programs of the world really exist to be the medium for nuclear annihilation. Artificial existential threats have always been used to keep the mass public in its place believing it needs governmental protection it does not need.

Occult Science 9.1 - Giordano Bruno the Alchemical Martyr  source: schism206