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Who wants to travel back in time with British Pathé?


Decades before 24-hour cable news; and well before social media was even a glint in anyone’s mind, there were newsreels.

Charles Pathé invented the newsreel. The French multimedia company he created would become a global business.***

Newsreels and radio news broadcasts would eventually merge to give birth to television news. British Pathé is still around, despite the demise of the newsreel during the latter part of the 20th century. British Pathé has recently launched an online documentary and classic cinema streaming service. British Pathé’s website and Youtube channel allow us to travel back in time to the summer of 1968, one year before the year that would change the world forever.****

Vive Torbay: Travelling to the British Seaside (1968) | British Pathé

British Pathé TV - our new online documentary and classic movie streaming service