The Solar System To Scale

This is a great video that shows us the scale of the solar system. Consider how small we would be if the Earth was a marble in your hand. These people do a really nice job here and I am not trying to insult anyone. This model is obviously absurd. I don't think the people who made the video are trying to fool anyone. I don't think they see the logical problems. Gravity is never defined by anyone. Not Newton, not Einstein, not the poor soul in the wheel chair nor the guy in the bow tie. That would be logical problem #1.

There is no real explanation. Only mathematical icon to worship. An equation is not demonstrable Natural principle. Mathematical Equations worshipped as an idols are religious artifacts. 

Modern Cosmology is built on prior assumptions. Sir Isaac Newton, a Royal Moneyed Minting kind of accountant, is considered to have passed some kind of Laws that are inviolate. Kepler's ideas are also carved into stone. Neither man could provide any demonstration for their concepts of orbital mechanics, but the math and writing are nice and I think Kepler might have drawn some pictures or something,  so let's go with that. Can anyone show me the experiment they teach the children or the rocket scientists to perform? How could a sub microscopic sized rocket ship travel anywhere in such an immense vacuum? This model is very problematic. A rocket really can't work in the vacuum of outer space but if you had any doubt, consider the immense size of the solar system and the very real fuel requirements that would make exploration impossible, assuming these distances correct. The trip from the Earth to the Moon as one example; the NASA craft would be subject to the pull of the Earth's gravity up until the magical sweet spot where the Lunar pull would take over. The NASA rockets would need an incredible amount of fuel to achieve such a feat, assuming rockets work in such an imagined environment which is not a wise thing to do. Despite all absurd recited Newtonian catechism to the contrary, rockets cannot work in the environment outer space is described as being.

If it wasn't for television and special effect technology none of us would ever have considered this anything but fantasy.

One of the oldest snake oil salesman, freemasonry, Jesuit kind of Jedi mind trick is the old sleight of mind "These aren't the bots you are looking at."

A rocket really can't work in the vacuum of outer space but if you had any doubt, consider the immense size of the solar system.

To Scale: The Solar System   "On a dry lakebed in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits: a true illustration of our place in the universe. A film by Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh Feel like supporting more films like this?"

Gravity has to magically allow for orbits. All we can ever demonstrate here on Earth is that an apple falls back towards to the center of the roundish World we live on. How perfect a globe or whether it is a torus is beyond me. I see the passenger jets arc over my head in the same way the celestial bodies do. If we stood on a perfectly level plain a sufficient distance away, we'd each think we had the higher ground and this would be best modeled with a globe. Our senses and technology  tell us we live on a globe even if somehow we don't. Senses vs ultimate reality is Metaphysics of course and not the subject of this article.

God is supposed to be a Metaphysical concept. Gravity was supposed to be demonstrable science. Yet Gravity has replaced God as the magical binding force of the Cosmos, has it not? Gravity is not some kind of god or magic genie.