Think Experiments Can Prove The Earth Spins? Foucault's Pendulum Fails

Think Experiments Can Prove The Earth Spins?

Think again.

"And have you seen the Earth rotate?"

"Wherever it goes, Foucault’s pendulum and its sine of theta law are ridiculous, especially in Quito, Ecuador and along the whole equator. As George Berkeley correctly pointed out in “The Analyst”, division by zero is not an infinitesimal sign of infinity. It is completely undefined and has zero value. Division by zero has no meaning, it is nothing more than zero, since there is no number which multiplied by zero gives any value other than zero. Therefore, at the equator, they should just cut the cable or admit that it has all been only in some mischievous "New World Order" fun, and the sun orbits the earth ... and sorry for the damages and things arising from multivarious confusion.

If there could be any doubt, when it comes to division or multipilcation by zero, put the zero first to see what it really does. It does nothing. Nothing generates nothing There is no number that is multplied by zero that gives any value other than zero, therefore, division by zero is as meaningless, and so is Foucault's pendulum at the equator ... other than as a "scientific" materialist hoax and gateway drug into heliocentrism.

What a long strange trip it has been, as NASA continues to make fake trips to Pluto and Mars at the cost of billions upon billions of dollars, and the stuff inside the bag is smokey bad. If it is mathematically meaningless at the equator, and obtuse in terms of establishing any rotation of the Earth, then it is meaningless in those terms everywhere else, also on Pluto and Mars. A mathematical sign of absurdity like that, for irony's sake, would be universal.

From the North pole to the South pole, if it is not cranked up, driven, damped, and tuned in the first place, it eventually will come to rest, and remain at rest, as the earth is always at rest before it, under the influence of natural "gravity", simile gaudet simili, not the Newtonian inverse squared. Newton’s first law, “ … of uniform motion in a right line” is not correct, since all things loosed across the Earth tend to come to rest on the Earth, as the Earth is always at rest before them. But instead, heliocentric creditors of Newton and Foucault will claim the pendulum does remain in a greater "fixed-plane of cosmic oscillation along the Equator", not only as a joke, but as an infinitesimal sign of infinity, indicative of the theoretical infinite horizontal plane of Galileo and Newton.

By the strange lights of the Mendacitron*, then, and Foucault’s sine of theta law, by stepping carefully between grades in latitude, and in different directions within the two hemispheres, North and South,  if people can believe it, T = 24/sin(theta/latitude) --- and the Earth is flying around in space, at many different speeds at once, to orbit the Sun. 

(*mendacitron: a modernist, scientific materialist, liar's magic box. The Mendacitron would be the big one that has government education funding and is connected to a big switchboard.)"

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The Pendulum Pivot Point Would Get Dragged Along With The Experiment Were The Earth Really Rotating

If the experiment could actually work, the experiment would have to logically take place at the poles. No other location will work. I think that even at the poles this experiment may still be problematic, as the pendulum itself is supposed to posses the inertia of the rotating Earth. The mainstream likes to confuse some very basic ideas. This is a more involved subject best left to the next article in this series. The animation below simulates what would happen if we moved the pendulum from North Pole to Equator and back again. As you can plainly see, we would logically expect the pendulum to be dragged with the Earth at any point on its surface but the very center of the imagined poles. The sleight of hand Foucault mathematics are fallaciously applied, proving once again that math can be illogically premised and can be used to present incorrect views of reality like any language can. We would not logically expect the Earth to magically be able to turn beneath the pendulum at all. Not only not on the Equator but not in Paris or any other University or museum. All of these pendulums are logically hoaxes. The Foucault Pendulum experiment is nothing but nonsense.

A Harvard Study About Fudging Foucault Experimental Results:

" is difficult to obtain performance that obeys theoretical expectations."

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The Foucault Experiment Wouldn't Work On A Spinning Globe Anyway

The next part in this series will examine the Foucault Pendulum experiment in more detail. It seems that the university authorities were so intent on having some kind of experiment that they could use to prove their sun centered cosmology that they ignored obvious flaws in the underlying rationale. These men seemed to be quite desperate to have any shred of any kind of even half assed "experiment" to show off. It seems obvious that so-called experiments that are supposed to demonstrate the Earth moving do not show anything  of the kind and in fact would be useless even if the world were in motion as imagined. Einstein would not exist as cultural idol if real experiment could show the Earth orbited the Sun, for example. The reality is that there is no reason to believe the Earth spins or orbits or moves in any manner in the first place. The Earth is best described and modeled as a motionless globe. This also happens to be what we experience.