Total Solar Eclipse: To Scale


Think This Is It?

deceptive image source: NASA

Some Solar System Perspective

Size and perspective matter. The Solar System to scale shows us that space is supposed to be filled with an infinite amount of nothing or maybe it is something, depending on who you ask. In any case outer space is clearly supposed to be filled with something that seems both illogical and impossible, a vacuum. If we take this fallacious assumption as holy writ, we then have a Universe of infinite nothingness to play with. And from this naught we can bring forth endless supply of hot gas based nuclear distraction that the few can use as weapon of mass terrorization. Got to keep people believing in states and wars, governments and nations. God forbid anyone wake up and realize that our money would be better spent not paying for endless atomic era space war lies. The space race is not some kind of metaphysical F U to people. The space race was meant to show off the powerful reach of Soviet strength to the "free world" republics in order to justify more taxes and layers of government. I think it wiser to keep such funds closer to home. I think we pay an awful lot in taxes and social security and all the rest and we get little in return. People might believe otherwise, if, and only if they believe that our federal governments actually does protect us from existential threat. This is an old , historically provable, game. One person's enemy government is another's Soviet Uncle Grandpa and very best friend. Nation States are fake, these borders only exist in imagination. Wars and fake news crowd controlled stylized and staged events are crafted with social manipulative intent. There should be no mystery to the idea that the system of external governance itself is the problem and not the role payers in it. The Total American Solar Eclipse is not just going to happen on the 21st of August 2017, America seems bound to a fate of eternal mental eclipse. Change takes time. It has taken industrialized and collectivized centuries for technology to develop to where it is today. Social change also takes time. Who knows, perhaps some few centuries from now people might have finally figured out that they will never catch a Moon bound ride. Or perhaps by then, various inconvenient facts of history will have been conveniently "taped over".

Why No (Physical) Total Solar Eclipse Model Built To Scale?

Computer modeled math is one thing. Why not a "live" interactive domed auditorium style display? Why can't anyone make a beach ball sized light as Sun and set up a model of the Solar System that anyone could go and examine and play with and even move around in? In the video below, planets are represented as lights. I'd like to see this same set up done with the planets as they are supposed to be and the Sun as well. I'm hazarding a guess but I'm of the opinion that the Moon and Earth interaction would not be like observable eclipses. I have a feeling that it is impossible to actually and physically model the solar system and to get it to work without a large helping of fudge.

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An interesting thing about the Sun and Moon has to do with the number of the Goddess, the number 108. 108 is a great mnemonic. 108 represents the number of Sun diameters (on average) between Earth and Sun and it also means the same for the Moon. These numbers are not far off from mainstream modelingAccording to this the Sun and Moon could be the same distance from the Earth. The Sun need not be as far away as modeled. Or the Moon could be further. It's all kind of relative and when it comes to the relative distances the Sun and Moon are nearly 90 degrees away, trigonometrically speaking. As we can see when 

The Sun and Moon appear around the same sizes.

The Moon can be larger than the apparent size of the Sun or smaller. Plenty of room for fudge, want some?

"The point on the Moon's orbit closest to Earth is called the perigee and the point farthest away is the apogee."

source: Lunar Perigee and Apogee - Time and Date

666 = The Number of The Breast = 108

"The distance of Earth from the Sun is about 108 times the diameter of the Sun"

source: 108 (number) - Wikipedia

It's Difficult To Actually Measure Things Like Sunrises and Moonsets and the Rest

There's a lot of land in the way, and there's atmospheric refraction to take into account. There is also an official source of the data. If we were on a small island at sea we would be in a position to be able to see sunrise to sunset. Even then there is atmospheric refraction which when taken into account as we can read, allows for some more wiggly fudge filled room, yummy, yum - yum, oh what joyous fun!

"Aside from the sunrise times determined by HMNAO, most of the sunrise times given elsewhere for these places are later than the times given here, which indicates those determinations of sunrise do not include the effects of refraction. The atmosphere of the Earth bends the light of the Sun, on average, by about 34' at the horizon at sea level, making the Sun appear above the horizon when it is geometrically below the horizon. In January, the angle that the Sun makes with the horizon as it rises and sets becomes shallower as you go farther south, so the effect of refraction on sunrise and sunset times becomes more pronounced. That is, as you go further south, the Sun is skimming along the horizon, just below the geometric terminator, but can be seen above the horizon. At some extreme southern latitudes (near the Antarctic Circle), the Sun stays in the region between the geometric terminator and 34' below the geometric terminator and never appears to set. The amount of refraction is a function of the density of the atmosphere, so the lower temperatures near poles increase the amount of bending of the light by the Earth's atmosphere. Consequently, the Sun does not appear to set 25-30' north (outside) the Antarctic Circle on January 1. However, at the equator, the Sun rises nearly perpendicular to the horizon, so the difference between time the Sun rises and when it is above the geometric terminator is only a few minutes. Once refraction is included, the Sun is seen earlier in the Antarctic and at Pitt Island than it is seen at Caroline Island and Christmas Island, respectively.

The value of 34' for refraction at the horizon is its average value; the actual value can vary depending on the local temperature, atmospheric pressure, and other weather-related variables. For example, someone watching the sunrise where the temperature is 32°F (0°C) will see the Sun approximately 25 seconds earlier than someone watching it where the temperature is 86°F (30°C), but otherwise identical weather conditions. In addition, the amount of refraction is color dependent. Suppose two people are standing side by side watching the sunrise. One person is wearing glasses that only admit blue light while the other is wearing glasses that only admit red light. The person wearing the blue glasses would see the Sun rise a few seconds before the person wearing the red glasses. This difference in refraction with color is also the source of the green flash.

A change in the amount of refraction near the equator will only change the the time of sunrise. There is a 32% chance that the time of sunrise will be off by more than 38 seconds. Consequently, times of sunrise are calculated only to the nearest minute. Near the northern and southern extremes where the Sun is skimming the horizon, a change in refraction can cause the Sun to appear further north or south than expected either delaying an expected sunrise by several minutes or eliminating it because the Sun never set! At the extreme southern limit of the terminator in Antarctica, the January 1 sunrise has a 32% chance of occurring more than 18 km north or south of its predicted position."

"Aside from the sunrise times determined by HMNAO, most of the sunrise times given elsewhere for these places are later than the times given here, which indicates those determinations of sunrise do not include the effects of refraction."


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It's Al About An Empire of Angles

Moon To Earth Distance = 89.85°

Consider that the Sun is thought to be many times further away than the Moon, meaning that the 89.85° infinitesimally approaches 90°. Please keep in mind that the Sun is supposed to be some 400x a greater distance from the Earth than the Moon is thought to be; and this is considered simple and 'elegant' cosmic coincidence. and not circular reasoning. It's pretty obvious that it is easy to play with the numbers to get the result one desires, based upon one's preferences. We can easily model the Sun and Moon to be at about the same distance from the Earth. There is plenty of room to make a lot of cosmic fudge in the solar system, no? 

149.6 million km Is Sun to Earth distance and 384,400 km is the Moon to Earth distance. That is a 150 to 0.4 ratio (rounded). Do the math, divide the Sun distance by Moon distance and the result should be somewhere around 389. The Sun is supposed to be some 400 times as far away from the Earth as the Moon is.

"When the moon is exactly half full, the earth, moon, and sun form a right angle (see the figure below). At that time the angle formed by the sun, earth, and moon (using the earth as its vertex) is measured to be 89.85°."

source: SOLUTION: 4. When the moon is exactly half full, the earth, moon, and ...

"A star fall, a phone call, It joins all, Synchronicity"

"The average distance between Earth and Moon is approximately 30 times Earth's diameter. ... The Sun happens to be 400 times the Moon's diameter, and 400 times as far away. That coincidence means the Sun and Moon appear to be the same size when viewed from Earth."

source: Earth-Moon size and distance - Free Mars

All Together We Can Fall

Whether we like it or not, platonic troglodyte or empress of the world, the truth is that our artificial world is obviously of our own collective doing. Each generation has a moment on the stage to do what they can to change the play. We might agree with such change or not, and the change may be more contrived or less contrived than we think, the fact remains that little by little things change. No matter how it goes moving forward, the future has to be built by taking baby steps today.

"And the men who hold high places Must be the ones who start To mold a new reality The blacksmith and the artist Reflect it in their art They forge their creativity Philosophers and plowmen Each must know his part To sow a new mentality"

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Playing Space With Bubbles - Col Chris Hadfield Preview  source: Trailer Park Boys

Chris Hadfield and Barenaked Ladies | I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing)  source: CBC Music 

Even if Outer Space Were A Place Man Made Items Could Find Secure Orbit In, This Event Would Still Have To Be Faked

Of course true believers would probably rather buy into the contradictory idea that St. Einstein's speed limit was wrong. (Please note I am not claiming the so-called speed of light a real thing, it is an idea and mathematical fiction.)

"The delay for Earth-Moon communications is about 1.25 second (distance is ~ 380,000 km, the speed of light is ~300,000 km/s). You'd notice this delay only in conversations: every time ground control says something, it takes 2 seconds for the astronauts to respond."

source: Why wasn't there a delay when Neil landed on the moon? - Space ...