Unique, rare 9/11 material shot from the Hudson


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9/11: A Lot of Hot Air

Seems like this might just be a big cloud composed mostly of steam. Towards the middle (around 3:33 or so) of the video the cloud looks like it is dissipating how a huge cloud of water vapor would (evaporate). The basement level of the Twin Towers had a huge air conditioning system that sucked water from the Hudson River. The PATH and subway trains with obvious New York City underground steam-pipes were also located beneath the Twin Towers, at the shopping mall, subterranean level. As it turns out, New York City's underground is filled with steam pipes and electrical lines (see the second to last video).

Unique, rare 9/11 material shot from the Hudson   source: RTL Nieuws New York

The History of World Trade Center - Documentary  source: History Documentary


"The pipes, which are behind the walls of both twin towers and other office buildings, carry steam under a pressure of 150 pounds a square inch. A rupture could send steam into work or concourse areas, Mr. Goldmark said. About 50,000 people work in offices in the Trade Center, and 80,000 more pass through it daily. The center was officially opened in April 1973, but engineers said the heating system began operating three years earlier."

source: world trade center testing steam pipes after finding defective welds

video title: Lake Superior Steam Devils - Part 2 (time lapse video)  source:  RadiantSpiritGallery

"The Aerial Lift Bridge serves as the gateway to steamy Lake Superior on this frigid morning in Duluth. In the winter, when the lake temperature is much warmer than the air temperature, the rising warm air condenses after passing the dew point, and the evaporation creates steam clouds. They are also known as steam devils or sea smoke. We enjoy watching the steam devils gracefully glide across the dance floor of Lake Superior. It is an incredible sight at sunrise, and is worth braving the extreme temperatures to witness. Duluth was nearly 10 degrees below zero just before sunrise the morning of this time-lapse video. This time-lapse video was created with one image taken every two seconds, at a total of 791 photos."  source:  RadiantSpiritGallery

NASA Make Artificial Cloud - BBC Top Gear  source: HumanSayNo

Exploring New York's Amazing Underground World Of Steam

A City Shaped by Steam | Living City | The New York Times  source: The New York Times


What Appears To Be Real Video From 9/11: Notice The White Steam Like Cloud Trail