Who Built The Moon? Lunar Problems Explored.

There are so many problems with modern heliocentric based cosmology. Here is but one set of problems. The tip of an iceberg.

"Who Built the Moon?" By Christopher Knight, Alan Butler

(via Fakeologist: http://fakeologist.com/2017/09/21/fe108-odd/)

MOON Problems.jpg

The authors of the work sited seem to think the Moon an artificial creation or something to that effect. I do not think there is any reason to believe in such fantastic ideas. The Moon is a metaphysical mystery and might always remain one. As far as I can tell it might be some kind of Naturally occurring ionized gas based, luminance effect Of course this is speculation. These authors also erronueasly assume the NASA lunar missions real and not just the product of Hollywood style production work. Assumptions like these that go unquestioned are problems that demonstrate that much of what is labeled as science by the mainstream is no such thing. Real science requires questioning all underlying assumptions. If one does that with modern "scientific reason' one will unravel the whole tangled web of nonsense, revealing the religious and faith based truth that a cultish obsession with the Sun, backed only with fallaciously applied mathematics and peer reviewed, crowd controlled blessing, lies at the foundation of modern scientific reasoning and is the source of the obvious flaws and fallacies most mistake for profound scientific discovery.